About a dozen organizations are set to take part in an Apprentice Fair next week in Fort Wayne. The apprentice programs involved are in partnership with Ivy Tech Community College.

June 16, 2014

News Release

Fort Wayne, Ind. — Jack Morris, District 15 State Senate candidate; Kent Prosser, President of the Northeast Indiana Building Trades; Joe Jordan, President and CEO, Boys and Girls Club of Ft. Wayne; Jonathon Ray, President and CEO, Ft. Wayne Urban League; Stephanie Hilton, Apprenticeship Coordinator for Ivy Tech Community College along with other public officials will join to announce an Apprentice Fair to take place at the Boys and Girls Club 2609 Fairfield Ave., Ft. Wayne on June 25th and 26th from 12:00 P.M. to 5 P.M. each day and is open to everyone.

Workers in the skilled trades are in demand and that demand will grow as the baby-boomer generation reaches retirement. These jobs are valuable for a variety of other reasons, including: 1. A license in a skilled trade is portable and industry recognized, meaning it is effective in all 50 states; 2. Skilled trade jobs pay wages sufficient to support a family and provide benefits including health insurance and retirement plans; 3. Apprentices earn money while undergoing their training; 4. The apprentice programs work with Ivy Tech Community College so the worker earns an Associate's Degree selecting from a variety of fields which will open additional job opportunities; 5. There are no tuition fees and therefore at the conclusion of the apprentice program there are no education loans to repay; 6. These are jobs which cannot be outsourced to another country.

This Apprentice Fair is consistent with how Jack Morris wants to use the energy of his campaign for State Senate to make a positive difference even before being elected. Knowing the need for jobs that pay a living wage and having heard at various economic discussions the expected shortage of skilled workers, Morris approached Kent Prosser of Northeast Indiana Building Trades which led to this apprentice fair. The plan was discussed with and enthusiastically joined by the many other public officials all who join in embracing the goal of educating the public about the availability and value of apprentice programs. Morris indicated the more he hears about the building trade apprentice programs the more he considers them the best kept secret in Northeast Indiana.

Currently there are twelve different building trades and Ivy Tech Community College committed to participate.

Source: Northeast Indiana Building Trades

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