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    • Pacers Gaming Preps For Virtual Championship Run

      With a week until the NBA's official NBA2K esports league debuts, team members of Indiana Pacers Gaming are honing their skills and strategies. Pacers Gaming Director of Esports and Head Coach Cody Parrent, an Evansville native who has experience coaching basketball and soccer, says the training and teamwork involved in the digital world are the same.

    • Forum to Focus on Growing Micropolitans

      The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will be in Indianapolis Wednesday for a policy forum focusing on "micropolitans" in Indiana. The event aims to help smaller communities expand their economies and innovation-led job growth. 

    • Reaction to Vectren Merger

      A utility industry observer says he does not think the planned $6 billion merger of Evansville-based Vectren Corp. (NYSE: VVC) and CenterPoint Energy Inc. will have a major impact in Indiana. Doug Gotham, who serves as director of the State Utility Forecasting Group at Purdue University, says he is not aware of any recent mergers that have been shut down by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a key hurdle that remains to be cleared.

    • 2018 State of Downtown

      How is Downtown Indianapolis performing? Is it truly a talent and residential attractor? Leadership from Downtown Indy Inc. share data on the 2018 State of Downtown.

    • Spensa Technologies Acquired by DTN

      A West Lafayette-based precision agriculture tech startup, has been acquired by Minnesota-based DTN. The CEO of Spensa Technologies shares what the deal means for the company and the state of Indiana.

    • Healthy Hoosier Oil Rethinking Traditional Crops

      A sixth-generation farmer in Converse has found a new use for his crops, instead of traditional row crop farming, he’s growing canola and sunflowers to make healthy oil! How Healthy Hoosier Oil is also helping sixth-generation Hunt Family Farms in the process!

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    • (i) on Economic Development: Tourism

      Tourism remains the fastest growing job sector in Indiana… and the 9th largest industry in the Hoosier state. In 2016, more than 79 million visitors fueled spending of more than $12.2 billion…both records. How can we use tourism as an economic development tool?

    • Purdue Polytechnic H.S. Moving into Circle Center

      A major transformation is happening inside Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis. The mall announced this week it will add six new businesses by the end of summer and students at Purdue Polytechnic High School are moving in!

    • Upper Hand Scores Funding

      Upper Hand Sports Software is helping coaches and trainers spend more time on the field, court or gym and less time behind a desk. CEO Kevin MacCauley explains how $1.5 million in funding will help fuel growth.

    • Culture Matters: BSA LifeStructures

      An Indianapolis-based architecture and engineering firm says it has developed its headquarters around the collaborative needs of the industry. In this month's Culture Matters segment, FirstPerson Managing Director Mark Minner profiles BSA LifeStructures.

    • First Woman President at ISU

      Indiana State University has a new president and she is the first woman in charge of the more than 150-year-old institution. Deborah Curtis shares her vision for the university.

    • Stutz Marking 25 Years

      The rebirth of the historic Stutz building in Indianapolis is celebrating its Silver Anniversary. It’s been 25 years since Turner Woodard transformed the former automobile factory into the Stutz Business and Arts Center that now is home to artists and high-tech startups.

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    • Meet Odyssey Co-Founder Evan Burns

      At just 28-years-old he is running one of the nation’s fastest growing online and mobile platforms for millennials. Meet the mastermind behind Odyssey, and how he recently snagged a $25 million investment.

    • Infosys Targets Tech Teaching Gap

      Infosys Foundation USA used today's Hour of Code events to announce a program designed to address what its chairperson calls "one of the biggest gaps" in education. Kaustav Mitra says the Pathfinders Summer Institute will bring hundreds of K-12 teachers from throughout the United States to Indiana University in Bloomington for computer science training. 

    • TutorMate Tackling Literacy with Tech

      If you have a phone and Internet access, you can tutor an at-risk first-grade student in reading with the help of TutorMate. An educator and an ambassador for TutorMate explain how easy it is to get involved.

    • First Woman President at ISU

      Indiana State University has a new president and she is the first woman in charge of the more than 150-year-old institution. Deborah Curtis shares her vision for the university.

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    • Putting Your Best Foot Forward, And Not in Your Mouth

      Once every quarter, CEOs and CFOs of public companies feel their pulses quicken and their temples throb as they stare at the boardroom's speakerphone. In moments, they'll be connected to dozens of analysts and investors, many who are eager to question their competence. Even the savviest, most confident C-level leaders dread those calls. So much rides on what they say and how they respond to the questions they'll receive.