Huntington University to Showcase Arizona Campus

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PEORIA, Ariz. -

With less than a month until classes begins for the first time, officials and instructors at Huntington University's Arizona Center for Digital Media Arts are hosting events to showcase the new campus. The school, which is HU's first outside of Indiana, will host four open house events this week and next.

Classes start August 29. The events will include hands-on tours of the television, audio, video, digital and collaborative spaces. The Center for Digital Media Arts is located in Peoria, Arizona and includes film production, broadcast-fusion media and graphic design programs.

Director of Arizona Operations Jeff Berggren says "we are excited to showcase our new facility, staff and Huntington’s leadership team as we near the start of our first class on August 29. We have tailored each open house for a specific audience, but we believe each one will play a vital role in the success of our new Center for Digital Media Arts."

The center received final approval from the state of Arizona Board of Private Postsecondary Education in February. Trine University is the only other college in the state with a location in Arizona.

The schedule is:

August 2 - Student Open House

August 4 - Educators Open House

August 9 - Faith Community Open House

August 11 - City of Peoria Open House

You can connect to more about the Arizona program and the open house events by clicking here.

Dignitaries expected at the Peoria event include HU President Sherilyn Emberton and Berggren, plus other leaders from the university.