La Porte Razes Old Woolworth Building

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A well-known building in downtown La Porte has been demolished to make room for a new downtown park plaza. The city began taking down the former Woolworth store this weekend. Mayor Blair Milo says the new "Plaza 618" will provide space to "sit, eat, rest, play, converse and then visit" more of the city. April 20, 2015

Statement From La Porte Mayor Blair Milo on Facebook

"As we close a chapter in history for a building that held many memories for long timers in La Porte, it is always important to look ahead to the new memories that will be made and the enhancement and beauty that will be a new part of our Downtown as citizens and visitors will come to enjoy a beautiful plaza that welcomes all to come sit, eat, rest, play, converse, and then visit more of the stores, restaurants, and lovely features of our still historic Downtown."

Source: The City of La Porte