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Science Central in Fort Wayne has added five new permanent exhibits. They involve energy generation, magnetism, sound and balance. March 26, 2015

News Release

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Science Central is excited to announce the opening of five new fun, hands-on exhibits: Generation Station, the Bicycle Generator, Magnattractive, Giant Tuning Fork and Balance Sticks.

"Exhibits are really the backbone of a science center," said Martin S. Fisher, executive director of Science Central. "Having a continuous stream of new, hands-on exhibits gives our visitors a reason to come back over-and-over, and even purchase a membership."

Located on the Top Level underneath the giant measurement tools, the Generation Station presents visitors with three small-size hand crank generators and ten household devices. By plugging a generator into one of the devices and spinning the crank, visitors can see how body motion can create electricity. Visitors can make a light bulb flicker, a radio buzz, a T.V. flash, a screwdriver spins, or an alarm ring. They can also measure the voltage created and compare that to how much it takes to power one of the devices.

Visitors can also see energy conversion at work by pedaling on the Bicycle Generator. It may look just like an exercise bike, but it does something very different. The faster a rider pedals, the more watts of electricity are generated and calories burned. People can watch as lights begin to turn on next to objects like a night-light, a television, a record player, a standard light bulb, and stereo system as their own pedaling turns into electric power right before their eyes.

Magnattractive is all about discovering what types of metals are magnetic. By moving a magnetic rod across a table with ten different objects, visitors can see whether or not they move due to their magnetic attraction to the rod. The table features objects like pennies, quarters, screws, pipe cleaners and marbles.

Located near Kid's Central is the Giant Tuning Fork. This hands-on exhibit invites visitors to knock a small hammer against one of the fork's metal arms (also called tines). They will be amazed to discover that knocking on different areas of the fork, will create different pitches in sound. Through this process, visitors learn how musicians are able to use much smaller versions of the fork to tune their instruments.

Ever wondered how people ride unicycles? The new Balance Sticks exhibit uses the same principles, but at a smaller scale. Visitors are invited to pick up one of the sticks and try balancing it with their finger. They might find that the longer the stick, the easier it is to balance. The same thing is true for unicycles, the taller the cycle the easier it is to ride.

About Science Central

Science Central, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, has provided a hands-on fun learning environment for 20 years. Through our 120+ exhibits, school tours, distance learning programs and weekend public events, we bring the excitement of science and technology to nearly 140,000 children and adults annually. Science Central is located at 1950 N. Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46805. For more information, contact Science Central at 260-424-2400 or visit

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