Indiana Joins Immigration Lawsuit

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Indiana is joining 17 other states in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of President Obama's executive order regarding American immigration policy. Governor Mike Pence calls the president's action an "unacceptable end run around the democratic process." You can read the lawsuit by clicking here.

December 3, 2014

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. -- Today, in a letter to Attorney General Greg Zoeller, Governor Mike Pence directed that the State of Indiana join 17 other states in a lawsuit seeking to have President Obama’s executive order that unilaterally changed American immigration laws without input from Congress ruled unconstitutional. Governor Pence issued the following statement regarding Indiana’s participation in the lawsuit:

"While reasonable people can differ on ways to improve our nation's broken immigration system, the President's unilateral action was an unacceptable end run around the democratic process and joining other states in pursuing legal recourse to challenge this action is the right thing to do. This lawsuit is not about immigration. It is about denying states such as ours the opportunity to be represented in policy making through our elected members of Congress.

"This lawsuit seeks to have the federal courts restore the rule of law and proper balance to our constitutional system of government. I encourage the President to rescind his executive order and immediately begin to work with Congress to pass legislation that will secure our nation’s border and update our immigration laws. That is the proper way to deal with this or any other issue our nation faces."

Source: Office of Indiana Governor Mike Pence