Fishers Moves Closer to Becoming City

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An ordinance regarding the transition of Fishers from town to city has been approved by the town council. President John Weingardt says the legislation is a "road map" for future governance. Fishers will begin operating as a second-class city at the beginning of the year. November 17, 2014

News Release

FISHERS, Ind. - Fishers Town Council unanimously approved an ordinance for the transition from the Town of Fishers to the City of Fishers at tonight's council meeting. The ordinance reflects governing changes in accordance with state law for a second-class city.

"The transition from town to city has been in the works since our residents voted to become a city in 2012," said Town Council President, John Weingardt. "The legislation passed tonight is a road map for how Fishers will be governed moving forward."

In November 2013, the Town Council adopted an ordinance as required by state law to divide the Town into city legislative districts, provide for an election of city offices and establish a date of the first city election. Tonight's agenda item is necessary to update Fishers' ordinances consistent with state law and to reflect that, beginning January 1, 2015, Fishers will operate as a second-class city.

The changes proposed in the ordinance have already been incorporated into the 2015 budget that was adopted earlier this fall. No additional changes/amendments are necessary.

The Town Council held a public hearing on tonight's transition ordinance at the Monday, Oct. 6, 2014 meeting.

Source: The Town of Fishers