Bloomington Mulling Downtown Hotel

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The city of Bloomington's plan commission is considering multiple proposals involving downtown redevelopment on property owned by Evansville-based Old National Bancorp (Nasdaq: ONB). Plans include a six-story hotel, as well as retail, parking and residential space, which developers say would serve as a "key focal point" between the downtown and Indiana University campus. The hotel project would need waivers concerning the building's height, available parking and architectural design.

Its proposed height of 70 feet is taller than current regulations. The developer has cited examples of other hotels that have received approval, despite exceeding limits.

Several nearby churches have raised concerns that the project would take up parking spaces that parishioners currently use.

Additionally, the proposed design is being described as a predominantly brick exterior that will have "an industrial feel with more modern glass and floating roof elements." It would sit next to the historic First United Methodist Church, which the developer acknowledges could create some architectural incompatibilities.

Source: The City of Bloomington