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Purdue University North Central is looking for high-tech startups to take part in the Interns for Indiana program. Employers will be matched with students who will work a minimum of 400 hours during the summer. The program is partially funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. January 30, 2014

News Release

WESTVILLE - Purdue University North Central is now recruiting high-tech startup companies to participate in the Purdue-wide Interns for Indiana program.

Interns for Indiana matches startup companies with high-quality undergraduate student interns. Interns are paired with companies based on the potential for a quality experience for students, the opportunity for student on-the-job growth and future employment and the company's needs.

Companies accepted into the Interns for Indiana summer program are matched with Purdue juniors and seniors who work a minimum of 400 hours during the summer session, and who receive a stipend of $4,500 for successful participation.

This program is partially funded by the Lily Endowment, Inc. Participating companies are required to provide a $2,000 membership fee to help cover a portion of student and program costs.

Participating companies and students are recognized each July with a celebration luncheon and poster session at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.At the poster celebration, program participants gain greater understanding of the program scope and its statewide impacts.

"While we are currently recruiting companies to participate in the summer portion of the program, we are interested in talking to any high-tech startup organizations in the area. PNC is interesting in finding ways to partner with and support our business community," said Natalie Connors, PNC director of Career Development.

The Interns for Indiana Company requirements are:

.High-tech start up


.Able to define and manage an appropriate and challenging internship experience

.Able to provide entrepreneurial experience through regular in-person interactions

.Able to contribute the $2,000 membership fee

The student requirements are:

.Purdue University juniors and seniors enrolled in first BA or BS degree program

.Any majors eligible

.Interested in entrepreneurship

.Minimum 2.8 GPA

The deadline for startup companies to apply for summer 2014 interns is March 10. Application may be completed through the Interns for Indiana website atwww.purdue.edu/dp/ifi.

Companies and students interested in being part of the Interns for Indiana program may also contact Natalie Connors, director of Career Development at219-785-5200, ext. 5498 ornconnors@pnc.edu

Source: Purdue University North Central