State Auctions 20 Alcohol Permits

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The Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission says it brought in more than $71,000 at Friday's alcohol-beverage permit auction. Twenty permits were auctioned off at the annual event, with the highest bid coming in at $25,000. You can see a list of the auction results by clicking here.

November 1, 2013

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 1) – The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission auctioned 20 alcoholic-beverage permits for $71,200 at its annual auction today.

The highest bid was $25,000 for a beer and wine retailer (restaurant) in Mishawaka, Ind.

The permit auction, which is required by Indiana law, was open to qualified bidders. All 20 permits auctioned this morning were made available after being made inactive for various reasons, including revocation, failure to renew, surrender or abandonment. Indiana law mandates that the ATC auction these permits at least annually.

A successful bid at the auction merely allows the bidder to apply for the appropriate permit. Successful bidders must still go through the normal application process. This process includes a hearing before a local alcoholic-beverage board in the county in which the permit would be located. At this public hearing, members of the local community may testify for or against the permit’s issuance.

After the local board makes a recommendation to approve or disapprove the permit’s issuance, the ATC then reviews the application and the local board’s recommendation and decides whether the applicant should be issued the permit.

Indiana law requires that most alcohol permits are issued based on population. As a result, nine out of 10 years have relatively few permits available at auction. Last year, the ATC auctioned 25 permits, bringing a total of $226,750.

Source: Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission