Fort Wayne Mayor Unveils Budget Proposal

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Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry is detailing his $147 million 2014 budget proposal. The spending plan includes a 2 percent raise for city employees and a $5 million reduction in expenses.

September 19, 2013

News Release

Fort Wayne, Ind. -- Mayor Tom Henry today discussed details of the City’s proposed budget for 2014. Next year’s balanced budget is a continuation of Mayor Henry's commitment to meeting the needs of citizens and positioning the City for future growth and success with strong fiscal leadership.

2014 budget highlights:

*Academy class for Fort Wayne Police Department – Result will be 20 new police officers

*Academy class for Fort Wayne Fire Department – Result will be 15 new firefighters

*Improvement/maintenance projects for Public Works and Parks

*Expense reduction of $5 million

*Total banked levy

*Annual levy increase

*2% raise for employees

"There is positive momentum in our City," said Mayor Henry. "We're positioned for future growth and success through our efforts to make Fort Wayne a destination place for businesses and jobs. We’re building stronger neighborhoods and enhancing our quality of life by being committed to providing excellent services that citizens and businesses need and expect."

Under Mayor Henry's leadership, the proposed budget reflects the collaborative efforts that have led to successful financial strategies to sustain the community and make Fort Wayne viable for years to come.

Earlier this year, Mayor Henry, the Fiscal Policy Group, City Council, and neighborhood and business leaders worked together on the passage of a financial plan for the future to save money and bring additional revenue to the City. The proactive approach to meeting local economic needs is resulting in more public safety resources, record amounts of street and road improvements, and necessary investments in the Parks system.

The budget will be presented to City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 24. The budget will be available online at tomorrow afternoon.

Source: City of Fort Wayne