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Do you think Tom Brady will be successful in a legal appeal of his suspension?


Previous Weeks' Viewpoint Poll Results

7/24/2015: Will a grocery store "war" be good for central Indiana consumers?

Yes 62.67%
No 19.56%
Too soon to tell 17.78%

7/17/2015: Should local communities invest in sports facilities to attract visitors and economic development?

Yes 66.67%
No 33.33%

7/10/2015: Will "Indiana Grown" labeling encourage you to buy more locally-produced products?

Yes 88.89%
No 11.11%

7/2/2015: What was the biggest business news story of the first half of 2015?

RFRA 64.09%
GM Investment in Fort Wayne 10.91%
Common Wage 9.09%
Aviation Investment 7.27%
Angies List 4.55%
Unemployment Rate 4.09%

6/26/2015: How often do you visit Farmer's Markets?

Occasionally 46.81%
Weekly 23.40%
Monthly 17.55%
Never 12.23%

6/19/2015: What will most help Indiana become a top tech hub?

Attracting big name tech companies 35.15%
STEM focus 21.82%
Support, coworks, networking 16.36%
Talent Initiatives 15.15%
More tax incentives 11.52%

6/11/2015: What will be the biggest economic driver for Jeffersonville\southeast Indiana?

Ohio River Bridges 34.32%
Port of Jeffersonville 17.16%
Big Four Bridge 16.57%
Regionalism 15.98%
River Ridge 15.98%

6/5/2015: Do you think specialized courts focused on business issues are needed in Indiana?

Yes 66.67%
No 33.33%

5/29/2015: Can craft distilleries rival the success of craft breweries in Indiana?

Yes 46.67%
Too soon to tell 30%
No 23.33%

5/21/2015: What is the main reason for the serious crashes during IMS qualifications?

All of the above 45.86%
New aero kits 33.08%
Racing is a dangerous sport 15.79%
Pursuit of higher speeds 5.26%

5/15/2015: What do you think of the NFL's 'Deflategate' punishment?

Not Tough Enough 51.53%
Fair 41.02%
Too Tough 7.46%

5/8/2015: What Month of May activities do you participate in?

None of the Events 61.49%
Indy 500 28.16%
Parade 3.45%
Mini-Marathon 3.45%
Snakepit Ball 1.72%
All of the Events 1.72%

5/1/2015: Do you agree with the new school funding formula, which shifts more money to suburban schools and less to some urban schools?

Disagree 59.29%
Agree 40.71%

4/24/2015: Who should be able to use unmanned aerial vehicles or drones?

Everyone 45.69%
No one 25.38%
Law enforcement 24.87%
Universities 2.54%
Private Business 1.52%

4/19/2015: Would you want your community to invest more time and money into startups and supporting entrepreneurs?

Yes 79.82%
No 20.18%

4/10/2015: Do you agree with a repeal of the Common Construction Wage law?

No 76.34%
Yes 23.66%

4/3/2015: Can Indiana repair its reputation in the wake of the RFRA controversy?

Yes 60.98%
No 39.02%

3/27/2015: Do you think Indiana will lose out on future business because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

Yes 70.56%
No 19.58%
Too soon to tell 9.86%

3/20/2015: Are you buying or selling a home this year?

staying put 67.68%
buying and selling 14.63%
selling 9.15%
buying 5.49%
renting 3.05%

3/13/2015: Is Indiana still a "basketball state?"

Yes 66.24%
Both a football and basketball state 25.32%
No, more of a football state 8.44%

3/6/2015: Could the recently-approved Indianapolis pre-K pilot program be a model for other communities?

Yes 61.76%
No 38.24%

2/27/2015: Are you in favor of public financial support for a downtown Indy Soccer Stadium?

Yes 77.27%
No 22.73%

2/20/2015: What do you think of the IHSAA's decision to cancel the Hammond and Griffith boys' basketball seasons for fighting?

Appropriate 75%
Too Harsh 19.23%
Not Harsh Enough 5.77%

2/13/2015: Has the recent Anthem hack prompted you to take measures to protect personal information?

Yes 72%
No 28%

2/6/2015: Do you think we are drifting toward two Indianas; one prosperous, one struggling?

Yes 73%
No 27%

1/30/2015: Should lawmakers pass legislation requiring prescriptions for some cold medicines in the fight against meth?

No 69.34%
Yes 30.66%

1/23/2015: If the Patriots are found guilty, what should the punishment be for "Deflate-Gate?"

Disqualification 45.52%
Lose Draft Picks 24.88%
Suspensions 22.14%
Fine 5.22%
Nothing 2.24%

1/16/2015: Should Indianapolis bid on a College Football Championship Game?

Yes 89.77%
No 10.23%

1/9/2015: What is the most important issue facing the 2015 Indiana General Assembly?

Education 43.98%
Work Force 21.69%
Middle Class Wages 13.86%
Sunday Alcohol Sales 11.45%
Ethics 7.23%
Gaming 1.81%

12/26/2014: What was Indiana's biggest business news story in 2014?

GE Aviation Selects Lafayette 60.77%
Same-Sex Marriage 13.40%
Zimmer, Biomet Acquisition 10.05%
ExactTarget Changes 10.05%
River Ridge Growth 3.35%
IU Med School in Downtown Evansville 2.39%

12/19/2014: Should the Indiana legislature provide tax breaks to the gaming industry?

No 74.29%
Yes 25.71%

12/12/2014: How can schools be more proactive about preventing concussions?

Increased education 58.12%
Better coaching techniques 25.64%
More training staff personnel 9.40%
Fund medical exams 6.84%

12/5/2014: What attracted you to live and/or work in Indianapolis?

Job 34.13%
Family 23.35%
Quality of life 19.16%
Other 13.17%
Cost of living 9.58%
Salary 0.60%

11/26/2014: How much do you intend to spend this holiday shopping season?

more than $725 46.15%
less than $650 37.76%
$650-$725 (national average) 16.08%

11/21/2014: Will you participate in Small Business Saturday?

Yes 56.32%
No 43.68%

11/14/2014: Which destination should Indianapolis International Airport add as a nonstop option?

San Diego 29.67%
Seattle 28.21%
Austin 20.15%
Orange County, California 16.12%
Portland 5.86%

11/7/2014: What should the new Congress' priorities be?

Tax Reform 33.15%
Job Creation 29.83%
Immigration 20.99%
Repeal Medical Device Tax 8.29%
Keystone Pipeline 7.73%

10/31/2014: Do you plan on attending downtown Indy's New Year's Eve celebration on Georgia Street?

No 88%
Yes 12%

10/24/2014: Where should funding come from for the final section of the I-69 extension?

State/federal sources 41.81%
Tolls 19.40%
Public/private partnership 17.67%
Gas Tax 16.81%
Vehicle Miles Travel 4.31%

10/17/2014: Will you attend the 2016 BMW Championship at Crooked Stick in Carmel?

No 49.45%
Yes 38.46%
Don't Know Yet 12.09%

10/10/2014: Does your company need to make adjustments to its benefit plans and policies to address same-sex spouses?

No 61.11%
Yes 38.89%

10/5/2014: Do you think Indiana colleges and universities are doing enough to make higher education more affordable?

Not enough 54.86%
Yes 42.02%
Dont know 3.11%

9/26/2014: Should Indiana be concerned about its STEM work force?

Yes 88.34%
No 11.66%

9/19/2014: Do you think Carmel's $150 million Midtown project is a good idea?

Yes 50.60%
No 49.40%

9/12/2014: Do you think the FCC should do away with the NFL blackout rule?

Yes 83.15%
No 16.85%

9/5/2014: What do you think of the NFL's punishment of Colts Owner Jim Irsay?

Fair 53.28%
Too Lenient 25.41%
Too Harsh 21.31%

8/29/2014: Should the City-County Council in Indianapolis agree to Mayor Greg Ballard's $50M anti-crime plan?

Yes 67.39%
No 22.83%
Its Not Enough 9.78%

8/22/2014: How would you describe Indiana's craft beer industry?

Room For Growth 52.66%
Nearing Saturation Point 36.23%
Tapping Out 11.11%

8/15/2014: Will the CBS affiliate change in Indianapolis affect your news viewing habits?

No 58.10%
Yes 26.09%
Dont Know 15.81%

8/8/2014: Are you concerned with Indiana's water supply?

Yes 51.38%
No 48.62%