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Lilly Endowment Announces Teacher Creativity Grants

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Lilly Endowment Inc. has awarded a total of $1 million to 100 educators throughout the state to support a variety of creative efforts. The Teacher Creativity Fellowships will fund projects ranging from a study in biblical history to interests involving flamenco dancing and kilt-making.

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February 19, 2013

News Release

This summer 100 Indiana teachers, principals, guidance counselors and school librarians in K-12 education will pursue a broad range of imaginative projects designed to infuse their busy lives with personal renewal, intellectual revitalization, and a healthy dose of fun. They are the recipients of Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowships.

To reinvigorate their spirits, many fellowship recipients will become globetrotters. From Austria to Zanzibar, they will immerse themselves in aeronautical engineering, Tajikistani language and culture, organic farming, biblical history, Italian Renaissance sculpture, flamenco dancing, Nepalese history, ancient architecture, underwater ecosystems, French cuisine, kilt-making, and the Islamic Golden Age of Mathematics. Others will spend their time stateside – hiking the Appalachian Trail, attending creative writing workshops, stargazing in the Pacific Northwest, fly fishing, touring New York City skyscrapers, and zipping along Route 66. And, some will choose to remain in the Midwest – kayaking Indiana State Parks, studying with a master woodworker, flying airplanes, and working as a technician in a pharmacogenomics laboratory at the University of Chicago.

They will return to their classrooms and offices in the fall with energy and a renewed love of teaching. While the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program is not a “professional development” program, many teachers have returned testifying that they were “very close” to leaving the profession until this experience convinced them otherwise. Some have already begun to think about how their students can also benefit from these fellowships and plan to form new clubs – cooking, pottery, bluegrass appreciation, fitness and knitting, among others – plant a medicinal herb garden, hold concerts, and incorporate project-based lessons into their curricula.

“Our state’s teachers, principals, guidance counselors, and school librarians give so much of themselves to their students,” said Sara B. Cobb, vice president for education at the Endowment. “In addition to the invaluable work they do during the school day, they work nights and weekends to plan lessons, give extra attention to individual students, direct extracurricular activities, and develop professionally.

“These individuals are precious resources, and Teacher Creativity Fellowships provide them with an important opportunity for renewal. Teachers get to become learners again as they explore their own curiosities and dreams, spend time in other parts of the world, pursue personal passions, and just ‘get away.’ We regularly hear that these experiences have helped many Indiana educators regain their enthusiasm for their profession – and that’s a plus for them and their students,” she said.

Including the 2013 class, 2,542 Indiana educators have received grants since the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program began in 1987. The recipients of these fellowships are selected from a competitive pool of applicants; about 450 applied for the $10,000 awards.

$10,000 fellowship recipients
Note: Year in parentheses denotes year of previous Teacher Creativity grant.

MSD of Steuben County
Angola Middle School
Patricia M. Schlup
“Play Dirty!”—create pottery using various types of clay, glazes, firing techniques and building methods
Shawn Y. Snyder
“The Path Not Taken”—travel to Costa Rica to dive on a coral reef; study environmental conservation; learn to speak Spanish
Carlin Park Elementary School
Rebecca J. Knight
“Piecing Together America’s National Treasures”—attend workshops in Montana and Oregon to learn landscape quilting; visit and photograph four national parks; prepare quilts of national park scenes

Argos Community School Corp.
Argos Elementary School
Portia A. Wampler (2004)
“Hooked on Becoming a Nova Scotia Hooker”—attend workshops in Nova Scotia to learn wool dyeing and rug hooking; visit textile-arts museums in Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine

Avon Community School Corp.
Avon Middle School – South
Lisa M. Guthrie
“Big Apple Architecture: Scraping the Skies for Math”—explore the history of skyscrapers in New York City; develop virtual lessons on proportion, scale population density and similarity

North Lawrence Community Schools
Bedford North Lawrence High School
Christopher D. Kupersmith
“Six-String Odyssey: Journey to Become a Master Guitarist”—travel the country, taking lessons from master guitarists in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine and Hawaii; write songs and post a blog; record new songs written during the journey

South Adams Schools
South Adams High School
Michael Baer (2005)
“In Footprints of Giants”—trace the lives of Newton and Galileo; visit a restored dinosaur in the Saurien Museum in Aathal, Switzerland, that he helped excavate in 2005

Harmony Education Center (private)
Emily D. Sprowls
“Birthplace of Coffee”—learn the traditional coffee ceremony in Ethiopia; study local language, customs, culture and farms; visit orphanage from which her two sons were adopted
Monroe County Community School Corp.
Rogers Elementary School
Cynthia A. Creek (2003)
“Last Teacher in the Woods”—volunteer as a “teacher ranger” at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan

Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District
Bluffton High School
Nicholas G. Miller
“Great Awakenings”—travel to Germanic regions of Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Eastern France and Luxembourg); improve German-speaking and listening skills

Bremen Public Schools
Bremen Elementary-Middle School
Stacey R. Newsom
“Ben the Explorer Heads West”—explore the Western United States with son, Ben; coauthor with Ben four nonfiction emergent reading books based on travels

Carmel Clay Schools
Clay Middle School
Brian C. McGuckin
“Why That Old Thing Matters”—visit historic sites in France, Greece and Italy; capture images of sites using high-dynamic range photography and video techniques
Carmel Middle School
Betsy N. Boleman
“Stranger in a Faraway Land”—travel to Tajikistan to experience language and culture

Smoky Row Elementary School
Joshua W. Southard
“Interconnected Community: A Woodworker’s Conversations with Trees”—hike Indiana state parks identifying tree species; take private woodworking instruction; create a mural that includes 80 species of wood that represent the ethnicities in school community

Hanover Community School Corp.
Hanover Central High School
Jennifer L. McQuade
“”Personalized Medicine: Are We There Yet?”—work as a technician in a pharmacogenomics lab to learn about the role of genetics in drug responses

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.
Columbus North High School
Daniel F. Marsh
“My Family’s Journey”—trace family history by studying great-great-great grandfather’s story; prepare family tree and history book; start a genealogical club at school

Fayette County School Corp.
Patricia E. Fields (2004)
“Beyond Hillerman Country”—visit locations that inspired Tony Hillerman’s novels; visit West Texas, which serves as the setting for her novels
Connersville Senior High School
Jaime D. Hamm
“Pickin’ and Grinnin’”—learn to play traditional bluegrass instruments; explore the history of bluegrass in Tennessee; form a high-school bluegrass band and music-appreciation club

North Montgomery School Corp.
North Montgomery High School
Alyce M. Myers (see also North Judson)
“Ecosystems Alive!”—explore undisturbed ecosystems in Indiana, Arizona, Hawaii and Costa Rica; compare climate, biodiversity and sustainability

Danville Community School Corp.
Danville Community High School
Kimberly K. Scudder
“Trash Talk From Sea to Shining Sea”—create artwork from debris found while scuba diving and beachcombing; participate in workshops in Oregon and California that promote using trash to make artwork

Kankakee Valley School Corp.
DeMotte Elementary School
Cheryl A. Bockstahler (2002)
“Science in a Suitcase”—prepare a traveling nature center; present workshops on science to teachers in Ghana; visit museums in London and refill suitcase with items for classroom nature center

East Chicago Lighthouse Charter School
Katherine M. Sater
“Bringing the West to East Chicago”—explore 10 western national parks; create nonfiction books using photographs and journals reflective of each park

Elkhart Community Schools
Elkhart Memorial High School
Susan K. Shrider
“America’s Great Outdoors Photo Essay: Experience, Enjoy, Preserve”—explore four national parks and a nature preserve; enroll in three photography workshops; prepare a photo essay and art exhibit

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp.
Bosse High School
Andrew N. Weinzapfel
“A Family History Revisited”—retrace ancestors’ steps in Europe; plant a small apple orchard on family farm utilizing farming techniques used by German immigrants in the 1850s; tour family orchards in Washington state

Northwestern Consolidated School District of Shelby County
Triton Central Elementary School
Jan Jones
“Route 66 Amazing Race”—produce a photo and video journal while traveling historic Route 66; create a schoolwide fitness challenge based on the journey

Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Fishers Junior High School
Steven F. Baney (2005)
“Sustainability 101”—study principles of organic agriculture; create rainwater collection and watering system; build a greenhouse and chicken coop; establish a community garden at local intermediate school; apprentice with a local farmer

Fort Wayne Community Schools
Forest Park Elementary School
Ted M. Rupel
“Horse Sense: Working with Malaysian Special-Needs Children via Horseback-Riding Therapy”—volunteer at Taiping Equine Park; work with children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and hyperactivity; study the culture while visiting Malaysia, Vietnam and Bali
Maplewood Elementary School
DaNene G. Neff
“Reigniting the Spark: Fundamentals of Fly Fishing”—learn the technique of fly fishing; fish in Indiana, Michigan and Alaska; form a fly-fishing club for students and parents

Northwest Allen County Schools
Carroll High School
Nicole L. Croy
“You Wanna Build a What?”—design unique and functional pinhole cameras (e.g., large images, extreme long exposures, van converted to camera on wheels)

Archdiocese of Indianapolis
St. Michael Catholic School
Storm M. Murphy (2002)
“Let’s Get Moving! Cycling on Some of America’s Best Trails”—bicycle on 20 trails in the Eastern United States; form a walking club at school; plan a food fair to help parents and children make better food choices

Center Grove Community School Corp.
Center Grove High School
Alan P. Hagedorn
“Cathedral – Arches for Understanding the Pillars of Spirituality”—sketch and photograph cathedrals in Central Europe; construct a mini-cathedral to display drawings and photographs

Greenwood Community Schools
Greenwood Community High School
Denise A. Roberts (2001)
“Daguerro-What?”—study photographic techniques of Civil War photographer Matthew Brady; produce modern daguerreotypes

Hamilton Community Schools
Hamilton Community Elementary and High Schools
Pamela J. Harger
“Live It, UP!”—attend Ocracoke Island Storytelling Week and Mendocino Coast Writers Conference; write a drama to inspire young people to a life of hope and possibility

Southwest Dubois School Corp.
Southridge High School
Alexis R. Meyer
“A Long Way From America”—explore the culture of Sierra Leone in the context of Ishmael Beah’s book, A Long Way Gone; document journey with writing, photographs and video

Covenant Christian High School (private)
Kyle A. Hopkins
“Dubliners, Ulysses, Bloomsday and Learning the Impossible Narrative”—six-week immersion in Irish culture; study James Joyce’s major works; celebrate James Joyce with locals on Bloomsday; journal and write

Park Tudor School (private)
Park Tudor High School
Francisco Hidalgo
“So You Think You Can Dance…Flamenco!”—travel to Granada to study flamenco choreography and technique in group and individual lessons

Sycamore School (private)
Candi R. Granlund (see also Indianapolis, MSD Washington Township)
“The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music”—bicycle through Austria studying the culture that inspired Mozart and Mahler; prepare to perform the Mozart Bassoon Concerto with Sycamore School band accompaniment; host pre-concert session at North Central High School (husband’s band concert)

Franklin Township Community School Corp.
Franklin Central High School
Paul M. Osterman
“My Photographic Journey Through State and National Parks”—study techniques in landscape photography; create a gallery of photographs and a series of biology videos
South Creek and Thompson Crossing Elementary Schools, Franklin Central High School
Kimberly A. Thurston
“Road Roots: My Genealogical Journey”—investigate family tree on an 11-city, two-continent road trip in the United States and England; create a video documentary of the journey

Indianapolis Public Schools
Arsenal Technical High School
Carl E. Snipes
“Bringing Unique Ecosystems Into Focus With Digital Nature Photography”—learn nature photography; travel to national parks to examine ecosystems and photograph habitats of flora and fauna
Center for Inquiry No. 84
Staci R. Fahlsing (2000)
“iWonder: Inquiry Begins With Me”—expand personal curiosity by travel throughout the American West; post a blog using iPad to record photographs, questions, hypotheses and reflections
Cold Spring Environmental Studies Magnet
Milbert L. Penner (2001)
“Passing on the Tradition”—retrace family’s ethnic Dutch and Polish food traditions; form cooking/baking club at school using produce from the school’s garden
Riverside Elementary School No. 44
Alex V. Pattee
“Volcano Trekking in Nicaragua”—explore Central America’s heritage, geography, culture and wildlife by hiking, rafting and bicycling through a range of active and inactive volcanoes along the western side of Nicaragua’s Pacific Seaboard
Rousseau McClellan School No. 91 and Nicholson Performing Arts Academy No. 70
Amy M. Meyer
“Organically Connected Voices: Past, Present and Future”—volunteer at an organic farm in Greece; visit historical sites; create a Photovoice project to share with students

MSD Lawrence Township
Lawrence Central High School
Joy Goetz Conners (2005)
“Change Ringing: An Ap-‘peal’-ing Combination of Mental and Physical Challenge Set to Sound”—study and practice ringing techniques in Chicago, Kalamazoo, Pittsburgh and London

MSD Perry Township
Perry Meridian Middle School
Emily S. Burchfield
“Rekindle the Flame of the Soul”—study language and culture in Costa Rica; learn to make pottery; start a pottery club for students
Tara K. DeRossett
“From Big Game to Those With No Name”—compete in the Big Five Marathon in South Africa; volunteer at the Malaika Orphanage; establish pen-pal relationships with children in the orphanage
Rosa Parks-Edison Elementary School
Melissa J. Pawley
“Flights of Fancy and Mercy”—increase skills as a pilot; earn instrument rating; volunteer for mercy flights

MSD Pike Township
Central Elementary School & Deer Run Elementary School
Kelly A. Miller (Central Elementary School) and
Randal D. Miller (principal, Deer Run Elementary School)
“Bringing Ancient and Modern China to Life for Urban Students”—study the arts, culture and language of China; volunteer at an endangered species refuge; host an educational seminar in Dalian
Pike High School
Myron A. Cochran (2003)
“Alloy Animals and Copper Creatures”—learn to sculpt insects with semiprecious metals

Christopher M. Dance
“Renaissance Revival: Breathing Life Into Silent Poetry”—explore Italy and focus on the sculpture (silent poetry) of Michelangelo; create sculpture reflective of Italian Renaissance experience
Mary B. Draving
“We Are What We Eat”—language immersion in France; culinary exploration of French foods and dining customs
Martha A. Murphy
“Electrify My Summer! Building an Electric Violin”—study with violin and guitar makers in Nova Scotia; build a prototype electric violin in preparation for building electric violins with students

MSD Washington Township
Nora Elementary School
Lacey D. Kilbarger
“Van Gogh, Picasso and the Ninja Turtles”—visit European art locations, particularly those related to Van Gogh, Picasso and the Italian Renaissance masters; sketch, photograph and journal along the journey
North Central High School
Mary Lou Gramelspacher
“The Transformative Power of Travel”—return to the slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil, with daughter to work in Projeto Sol, an educational organization she helped establish in the 1970s
Richard K. Granlund (see also Indianapolis, Sycamore School)
“The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music”—bicycle through Austria studying the culture that inspired Mozart and Mahler; prepare to conduct various works by Mozart and Mahler; blog and create a video documenting historical background; host pre-concert session at Sycamore School (wife’s bassoon concert)
Stephen M. Herman
“A Star Trek”—explore the night sky of the Pacific Northwest; take time-lapse photographs of stars, the Milky Way, the Aurora Borealis and the Perseid meteor shower
Christopher J. Vermilion
“Marco Polo: Not Just a Kid’s Game”—follow the path of Marco Polo from Venice to Istanbul to Beijing; create virtual travel experience for students via Twitter, Instagram and Tout; prepare a series of movies for World History classes
Westlane Middle School
Julia R. Phoebus
“On Common Ground”—attend culinary classes in New York City, France and Italy; form a culinary club for students

MSD Wayne Township
Ben Davis 9th Grade Learning Center
Mindy N. Lewis
“The Lorax Tree Project: Planting Trees in Indiana and Ecuador”—work with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Peace Corporation in Ecuador to plant trees; improve Spanish skills

St. John’s Lutheran School (private)
Janis K. Martinsen (2003)
“A Stitch in Time”—study traditional and crazy quilt techniques; research and examine historical quilt design; complete two quilting projects

LaPorte Community School Corp.
LaPorte High School
Robert A. Severs
“Deutsch Luft – Engineering!”—explore aeronautical engineering in Munich, Germany; visit museums and manufacturing locations

Lawrenceburg Community Schools
Lawrenceburg High School
Mark D. and Rita Kirchgassner
“Then and Now”—explore the campaign of the 45th Infantry Division during World War II; develop a Web page and publish an interactive electronic book that chronicles grandfather’s/father’s experience in the war

Perry Central Community Schools
Perry Central High School
Mary J. Hagedorn
“Dancing With the Stars”—study salsa and bachata dancing in Spain; improve Spanish language skills

Union County College Corner Joint School District
Liberty Elementary School
Amanda H. Migoski
“Beethoven by Boat”—explore nine lakes by kayak in Indiana state parks; connect each lake with one of Beethoven’s nine symphonies through digital video and still photography

Tri-Creek School Corp.
Lowell High School
Kevin J. Deal
“Filmmaking 101”—create a short film while documenting the filmmaking process; create project-based lessons for film literature course
Three Creeks Elementary School
Amy M. Back
“Jambo Is All I Know”—study the language, art, food and culture of Kenya and Zanzibar

MSD of Martinsville
Martinsville High School
Dawn D. Uebel
“In Search of My Treasure”—walk from Le Puy, France, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain; document journey on Twitter for her students

Mitchell Community Schools
Mitchell Junior High School
Melinda L. Tieken (sharing grant with Danny E. Tieken, Brown County High
“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: Tales From America’s Most Haunted Cities”—visit haunted cities, including Gettysburg (PA), Salem (MA), Baltimore (MD), Charleston (SC), Savannah (GA), St. Augustine and Key West (FL) and New Orleans (LA); tour sites and hear local legends; build a collection of books, documents, pictures and brochures to share with students

Mooresville Consolidated School Corp.
Paul Hadley Middle School
Megan A. Westrick
“Bringing the Outback Back Home”—explore underwater and wildlife photography and videography in Australia; visit rainforest canopy and floor, aboriginal villages, cave paintings and three national parks

Burris Laboratory School
Stacy L. Mortan
“Pura Vida: My Costa Rican Adventures in Ecological and Cultural Diversity”—enhance photography and Spanish language skills in Costa Rica

Brown County Schools
Brown County High School
Gregory Mosley
“Intimate With Israel: Experiencing the Land of the Bible”—travel through 50 biblical sites around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; connect biblical literature with physical locations

Greater Clark County Schools
New Washington Elementary School
Debra S. Mosley
“Write ON!”—attend writing workshop; explore the country in search of characters, setting and plots; work on second novel for preteens

Noblesville Community School Corp.
Noblesville High School
Craig A. Helming
“The Air Around My Chair”—study the 200-year history of art of American seating; design, create and build a chair
Gregory J. Richards
“Strasbourg to Dachau: the Rainbow Trail”—retrace by train and bicycle uncle’s 143-day journey in World War II while in the 222nd Army Infantry (Rainbow Division) as recorded in a fellow soldier’s journal
Noblesville High and Noblesville East Middle Schools
Carol A. Land
“Calligraphy”—study history of calligraphy in England; attend private tutoring sessions at Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society; participate in manuscript workshop in Massachusetts
Promise Road Elementary School
Darlene L. Patterson (2001)
“Photography Project Zooms in on High Arctic Adventure”—participate in the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association Festival; engage Baffin Island children in a photography project; kayak along the coast of the Pond Inlet region of Baffin Island

North Judson-San Pierre School Corp.
North Judson-San Pierre High School
Donna K. Keller (see also Crawfordsville)
“Ecosystems Alive!”—explore undisturbed ecosystems in Indiana, Arizona, Hawaii and Costa Rica; compare climate, biodiversity and sustainability

Plainfield Community School Corp.
Plainfield High School
Cathy A. Shumaker
“Bon Appetit: A Search for Healthy French Cuisine”—enroll in cooking classes and collect recipes in France; arrange a cooking competition for students in collaboration with the Chef’s Academy in Indianapolis

Rockville Community Schools
Rockville Junior/Senior High School
Teresa L. Cribelar
“Australia Through the Eyes of Natives and Immigrants”—gain perspective on Australian culture while living with two families in Sydney, Australia – one with Aboriginal roots and one that emigrated from South Africa; travel through Australia, visiting historical and cultural sites

Southwest Parke Community School Corp.
Rosedale and Montezuma Elementary Schools
Joan K. Lunsford
“Following the Trail of American Poets”—visit homes of several American poets; attend writers’ workshops; write and publish poetry

Rossville Consolidated Schools
Rossville Middle/High School
Wynn R. Wikman
“Art and the Scientific Method”—research kinetic artists and engineering; merge engineering and art to create kinetic sculpture, using wood and found objects

Rush County Schools
Rushville Elementary School West
Brandi N. Hewitt
“Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s Back to Our Childhoods We Go”—explore grandmother’s childhood history in Germany; visit fairy tale sites and festivals; write a personal family fairy tale photobook

Liberty-Perry School Corp.
Wapahani High School
Jodie K. Scales
“Tigers & Temples”—travel to Nepal to record oral histories, legends and myths in village life

Shelbyville Central School Corp.
Shelbyville High School
Natalie L. Renwick
“Shetland Islands: Stitch by Stitch”—live and work on a sheep farm; study Shetland spinning and traditional Fair Isle knitting; organize a knitting club at school

School Town of Speedway
Speedway Junior High School
Amy F. Cronin
“This Land Was Made for You and Me!”—travel across America visiting locations in Woody Guthrie’s song; arrange patriotic music for junior high band

Vigo County School Corp.
Sarah Scott Middle School
Kelly S. Stout
“Here We Go: Indiana to Florida and Beyond”—explore Florida’s coral reefs and parks; kayak, hike, snorkel and study sea turtles

Tipton Community School Corp.
Tipton High School
Fred M. Henderson (2005)
“Knowing and Understanding Miss Gomez’s Cuba”—travel to former teacher’s beloved homeland of Cuba; photograph people, architecture, food and landscapes; visit Mexico and connect with Cuban nationals and their descendants in the Yucatan Peninsula
Joseph W. Rushton (2004) (principal)
“Living History”—participate as a frontier scout serving with the Colonial militia in reenactments of the French and Indian War

South Central Community School Corp.
South Central Elementary School
Cheryl S. Gardner
“Make Me an Instrument of Peace”—study St. Francis of Assisi, medicinal herb gardens and medieval architecture; design and plant medicinal herb garden at school

East Porter County School Corp.
Washington Township Elementary School
Eric W. Ihssen (principal) (2005)
“Gentle Giants and Small Steps”— photograph whale sharks and other wildlife in Belize’s coral reef; volunteer for a reef restoration project

Porter Township School Corp.
Boone Grove High School
Ginger L. Boys
“Embracing the Aesthetics of the Hudson River School”—study Hudson River Valley artists; engage in studio workshops and outdoor classroom experiences

Valparaiso Community Schools
Valparaiso High School
Karen L. Koelm
“I Went to the Woods Because I Wished to Live Deliberately”—hike more than 700 miles of the Appalachian Trail; photograph and keep a journal recording miles hiked per day, changes in elevation, temperature, weather, mood and energy level, as well as personal thoughts and revelations along the journey

Warsaw Community Schools
Edgewood Middle School
Edith I. Rohrer
“Custom Tailoring a Scottish Kilt”—attend Keith Kilt School in Banffshire, Scotland; create a handsewn custom kilt

Tippecanoe School Corp.
Burnett Creek Elementary School
Kimberley A. Pinto
“Diner Diaries: A Renewal Through Writing and Dining”—visit roadside and city diners along the East Coast; interview restaurant staff; post a blog and publish a book about the journey

Westfield Washington Schools
Westfield Middle School
Kelly Jo Day
“The Asian Equation”—visit math classrooms in five top-performing Asian nations (Singapore, Korea, China, Japan and Malaysia); observe and talk with teachers to learn their depth of knowledge and teaching techniques; experience Asian culture

Clark-Pleasant Community School Corp.
Whiteland Community High School
Peter D. Sampson
“Beyond the Folk Song”—study British folk songs used in the music of Gustav Holst, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Percy Grainger; create a video connecting British landscapes with the music of the three composers

Zionsville Community Schools
Zionsville Community High School
V. Danielle Wilson
“Arabian Nights: Exploring the Lands of the Islamic Golden Age of Mathematics”—explore arts, philosophy, science and mathematics in Morocco, Egypt and Turkey; design “math history days” for students

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