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Indiana Brewer Expanding, Challenging Law

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Sun King Brewing Co. is expanding again, adding two beer tanks at its Indianapolis operation this morning. The craft beer operator and Poynter Sheet Metal of Bloomington are combining on the project. Sun King is also joining with another Hoosier brewer, Three Floyds Brewing Co. LLC in Munster, to lobby for a change in Indiana's brewery laws. In an interview last year with Inside INdiana Business Host Gerry Dick, Sun King Founders Clay Robinson and Dave Colt talked about the company's success and ambitious growth plans.

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Sun King is also joining with another Hoosier brewer, 3 Floyds in Munster, to lobby for a change in Indiana's brewery laws.

Currently, a brewer cannot operate a tasting room, brew pub, or self-distribute its product if it produces more than 20,000 barrels a year.

3 Floyds is expected to exceed that limit this year, while Sun King estimates it will reach the mark in 2013. The companies say without a change in the law, they will have to stop their growth or, in 3 Floyds case, move to another state.

The breweries have also created a specialty beer to boost their lobbying efforts. 3 Kings Pale Ale will be tapped in Munster and Indianapolis next month.

March 18, 2011

News Release


TIME: 10:30 A.M.


An Indiana industry is reborn:
the first beer brewing tanks built in Indiana in decades
will be installed at Sun King Brewery

Sun King Brewery, a craft beer success story in downtown Indianapolis, is installing the first two beer tanks manufactured in Indiana in decades.
Sun King and Poynter Sheet Metal of Bloomington are setting up a 60-barrel fermentation tank near a 60-barrel bright tank at Sun King’s brewery, at 135 North College Avenue (College & East Market St.). Poynter built both tanks in its shop located north of Bloomington on State Road 37. Poynter’s tanks are constructed of stainless steel and are double walled and insulated. They form the heart of the brewing process. A 60-barrel tank holds 1,860 gallons.
How the tanks work
Hopped wort (sugar water that has been boiled and had hops added) is cooled and transferred to the fermentation tank and then yeast is added. Fermentation typically happens at between 55 and 70 degrees. Depending on if the beer is an ale or a lager, fermentation -- when the yeast eats the sugars and produces CO2 and alcohol -- can take from 10 days to a month.

After fermentation the beer is gradually cooled to 35 degrees before it is transferred to the bright tank. Beer stays in a bright tank for only a few days until it is canned, bottled or used to fill a keg or other container.

About Sun King Brewery

Sun King Brewery is a brewer owned and operated craft brewery located in a mixed industrial/service/residential section of downtown Indianapolis. Sun King Brewery maintains a focus on continually crafting traditional, seasonal and specialty crafted beers.


About Poynter Sheet Metal

Poynter is Indiana’s largest full-service sheet metal and custom metal crafter. Capabilities include fabrication and installation of tanks and pressure vessels, ventilation and exhaust systems, dust collection and extraction systems, vent and fume hoods, architectural wraps and cladding, structural components, hand rails, paint and spray booths, machine guards duct cleaning services and custom fabrication. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, Poynter serves clients throughout the United States.


About F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company

Wilhelm is a general contractor and construction manager headquartered in Indianapolis. Wilhelm is the largest employer of building construction labor in Indiana, working more than 3 million man hours annually, the equivalent of more than 1500 field employees.


Source: Sun King Brewery

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