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Anderson Lands Nanotechnology Company

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Nevada-based Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. is moving its operations to Anderson's Flagship Enterprise Center and will make a multi-million investment that will create 100 new jobs.

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The high-tech company is developing new lithium battery technologies for applications in the automotive industry, including hybrid vehicles.

Source: Inside INdiana Business

Press Release

ANDERSON, Ind. (October 11, 2005)—New, high-paying, high-tech jobs are coming to Anderson thanks to the addition of Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. to the Flagship Enterprise Center.

The high-tech company announced that it has already hired 11 battery experts and specialists—mainly former Delphi and GM employees—to develop new lithium battery technologies. Altairnano is making a multi-million dollar investment which will result in 100 net new high-tech positions.

“Bringing this high caliber company to Indiana is a great example of how we can reach out to attract more technology-based, high-growth businesses that will help advance and diversify our economy,” said Governor Mitch Daniels. “Altair Nanotechnologies will offer Hoosiers important high-paying jobs in the advanced manufacturing and high-technology industry.

The state of Indiana, through the IEDC, worked with the city of Anderson to provide an incentive package that helped secure the Reno-based nanotechnology company.

Altairnano is an innovator in a variety of nanotechnology applications, including advanced materials, alternative energy, water and air treatment, and life sciences including pharmaceuticals.

“This announcement proves that Anderson is becoming the place to establish new business,” said Mayor Kevin S. Smith. “We are aggressively pursuing great companies like Altairnano and providing the infrastructure they will need to make their business succeed.”

In Anderson, the company will design and manufacture lithium ion batteries and associated electronics for power delivery. The goal is the manufacture of advanced lithium battery technologies for automotive applications, including hybrid electronic vehicles and other consumer, industrial and military applications.

“Our technology will be capable of replacing battery systems that are environmentally unfriendly and incapable of producing the high-charge and discharge rates required to meet many demands for ‘green’ batteries,” said Altairnano CEO and President Alan J. Gotcher.

Business development, marketing and sales personnel will also be located in Altairnano’s Anderson facility and is in close proximity to target markets and key suppliers. Last week the company began preliminary R&D operations at the Flagship Enterprise Center in Anderson.

“The future of our community and state will be built on collaborative efforts like this,” said Flagship Enterprise CEO Charles E. Staley. “The city of Anderson, the Flagship Enterprise Center, and the state of Indiana have teamed up to bring Altairnano, a cutting edge nanotechnology company, to Anderson.”

Anderson’s technical heritage in the distributed electrical power industry and its role in shaping the automobile over the last century fit Altairnano’s market niche, as well as future global markets.

“The only electrical hybrid components currently manufactured in North American are being produced in Anderson, Indiana,” said Greg Winkler, business consultant for the city of Anderson. “Altairnano will add another component to this future global market.”

Altairnano’s patented technology, combined with the additional battery expertise, is expected to accelerate efforts to bring to the marketplace electrode materials in innovative lithium ion powered batteries that exhibit rapid charge and discharge, longer life and a safe, environmentally clean (green) alternative energy source.

As a result of legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly in Feb. 2005, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation replaced the Department of Commerce as the premier entity charged with state economic development. The IEDC has a 12-member board chaired by Gov. Mitch Daniels. Patricia R. Miller, chief executive officer and secretary of commerce of the IEDC, serves in the Governor’s cabinet.

Source: Indiana Economic Development Corp.

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