updated: 4/6/2004 10:27:05 AM

MusicRebellion.com Names Mellencamp Producer, Recording Artist as National Music Consultant

(Indianapolis, Indiana) - Online music retailer, MusicRebellion.com is pleased to announce that Mike Wanchic, recording artist and leader of The Mellencamp Band, has joined Digonex Technologies, Inc., parent of MusicRebellion.Com, as its national music consultant. His responsibilities will initially be focused on assisting the development of the MR University Digital Music Initiative (UDMI).

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"Mike's presence is an indication of our firm's seriously stated intention of listening to consumers and then demonstrating that fact by bringing in the best people to help institute programs that benefit artists, the consumer, and the music industry,." said Jan Eglen, Ph.D., CEO. "Mike is an articulate spokesperson for many facets of the music industry. He has played on and produced number one hits and has been a member of the music scene at a high level for nearly twenty five years."

Mike Wanchic is well known to artists as a consummate producer, musician, composer, and an individual who has an historical perspective on the music industry. His immediate focus will specifically include working with MR on our college UDMI program, teaching master classes at colleges where we place our system, lecturing, meeting with college students to see what they want in download music services, assisting in negotiations with college administrations, interacting with artists to get their suggestions to improve our service, becoming a national spokesperson, and advising up and coming college bands. We invite colleges to call the MR offices or email Mike directly at mike@musicrebellion.com.

Mike Wanchic most recently can be heard on John Mellencamp's latest CD release, "Trouble No More", available from MusicRebellion.Com.

MusicRebellion is an online media retailer that offers both independent and major label artists. The music offered is available on a pay-per-download model with over 99% being burnable and transportable.

Digonex Technologies focuses on the security of digital content and development of automated and optimized pricing platforms for e-commerce. Digonex's software uses its own proprietary algorithm, based on patented technology, to continuously identify the "sweet spot" where prices follow perceived market value and generate the maximal economic return.

Source: Digonex Technologies

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