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Charter Schools Association Leader Leaving

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The president of the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association is moving on to an executive position with a national organization. Russ Simnick, who has led the IPCSA since 2008, is slated to begin his role with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in July.

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June 4, 2013

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Russ Simnick, president of the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association (IPCSA), has been named the Senior Director for State Advocacy and Support by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) supports policies promoting charter schools as a high-quality public education option. Its key priorities are increasing the proportion of high-performing charter schools, closing the funding gap between charters and other public schools, and lifting arbitrary caps on charter growth.

In his new role beginning July 8, Simnick's primary responsibilities will be to help design, implement, and lead state advocacy campaigns; work with states to shape legislative language; educate policy makers and testify before legislative committees; and serve as a content expert on state policy advocacy for charters, ensuring that the NAPCS is a leading voice in state policy discussions.

Simnick has led the IPCSA since 2008. During his tenure, the number of Indiana charter schools grew from 53 to 75; the number of students served increased from 11,900 to more than 32,000; and Indiana’s relatively weak charter school law was improved to one of the best in the nation.

"Indiana has shown the nation what is possible in education when you empower parents with choice and educators with freedom to innovate," said Simnick. "I look forward to sharing lessons learned in the Hoosier state with policymakers throughout the nation."

Prior to serving with the IPCSA, Simnick was the founding leader of Irvington Preparatory Academy, a charter high school on the city's east side. He was executive vice president of Coles Marketing Communications and had worked in a variety of roles in the Indiana State Senate.

The NAPCS is a national nonprofit organization committed to advancing the charter school movement. Its mission is to lead public education to unprecedented levels of high academic achievement for all students through the fostering of a strong charter sector. Its web address is www.publiccharters.org.

The Indiana Public Charter Schools Association offers services, advocacy and support for Indiana's 75 public charter schools. More than 32,000 students attend public charter schools in Indiana. The Association web site is www.INcharters.org.

Source: The Indiana Public Charter Schools Association

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