updated: 11/19/2012 8:02:48 AM

Campus Locations Draw Daniels' Attention

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Governor Mitch Daniels is questioning why Purdue University has two regional campuses so close together in northwest Indiana. In an interview last week with the editorial board of our partners at The Times of Northwest Indiana, the incoming Purdue president wondered why there are two campuses less than 40 miles apart adding "if you started anew, you probably wouldn't draw it up that way."

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Daniels added that raises the question of whether the right course is to maintain the current setup or look for another arrangement.

The newspaper reports Daniels says he is not entering the Purdue president's office with any pre-conceived notions about
the future of the Hammond and Westville campuses.

Daniels also has concerns about the low graduation rates at both locations.

The Times reports the six year graduation rate at Purdue North Central in Westville is 23 percent and 28 percent at Purdue Calumet in Hammond.

Source: The Times of Northwest Indiana

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