updated: 11/13/2012 7:49:57 AM

RDA Seeks to Secure Funding

Andy Ober, InsideINdianaBusiness.com

The Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority hopes to convince lawmakers to replace $10 million in annual Indiana Toll Road funding that is set to go away in 2015. Executive Director Bill Hanna says a recent study shows for every dollar the RDA spends on regional projects, more than $5 is pumped back into the community through direct and indirect investments.

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Hanna cites the upgrades to the Gary/Chicago International Airport and a $30 million shoreline improvement project as evidence of "unprecedented construction" in northwest Indiana even during an economic slowdown.

He says the progress report is part of an effort to make a "business case" to the state to renew the annual funding from the Indiana Toll Road lease money, which represents one-third of the RDA's annual budget.

Hanna says unlike previous funding requests from the region, he isn't asking for money because northwest Indiana faces special challenges. He says the organization's results show it can deliver a return on the state's investment.

Source: Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority

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