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Former Superintendent to Lead Turn-Around Effort

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A former superintendent at Logansport Community School Corporation has been named director of education for the Midwest Region of Charter Schools USA. Julie Lauck will oversee the organization's takeover of three Indianapolis schools that received failing grades from the state for seven years. On a recent interview on Inside INdiana Business Television, CSUSA Chief Executive Officer John Hage talked about the turn-around effort.

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May 14, 2012

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. -- Julie Lauck has been named the director of education, Midwest Region for CSUSA. Lauck is responsible for managing the individual school principals, shaping curriculum and engaging the community.

“We interviewed dozens of candidates for this crucial position and Julie stood out for her enthusiasm, leadership and dedication to improving students’ lives through quality education,” said Sherry Hage, vice president of education for CSUSA. “Julie’s background makes her the right choice to lead our efforts in Indianapolis.”

Lauck has a substantial and diverse resume of experiences in the education field. She began her teaching career at Mishawaka High School in 1993. She served as an assistant principal and principal at Beiger Elementary School and New Prairie High School respectively. Lauck was the superintendent at Logansport Community School Corporation, assistant superintendent at New Prairie United School Corporation and interim superintendent at United-North United School Corporation.

Most recently, Lauck served as the Choice Scholarship liaison between the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Non-Public Education Association. Lauck, named District 2 Principal of the Year in 2004, is currently a doctoral candidate in education at Ball State University.

“CSUSA’s reputation in the education world as an innovative, effective school operator is second to none,” said Lauck. “They are at the forefront of education reform and education excellence across the United States and I am excited to be a part of what they’re doing in Indianapolis. I can’t wait to get started.”

TC Howe, Manual and Emma Donnan were slated for turn around by the Indiana Department of Education after receiving failing grades for seven years, including two years of probation. Formerly run by IPS, the three schools are part of a larger turn-around operation that includes two independent school management operators. CSUSA will take over the reigns as operator in July 2012. CSUSA is one of the nation’s fastest growing and most successful education management companies serving more than 25,000 students in four states. CSUSA was chosen for its strong track record of running high performing schools and turning around poor performing schools in Florida.

Source: Charter Schools USA

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