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A high-profile Indiana broadcaster and business executive hopes his new book helps readers learn to deal with life's unexpected challenges. Hoosier native Ken Beckley is a former televsion anchor and executive vice president at Indianapolis-based hhgregg inc. (NYSE: HGG). In a Studio (i) interview, Beckley discusses his book "Knuckleball: The Uncertainties of (a) Life."

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April 9, 2012

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. -- For those who have pondered whether their dreams can ever become reality, Ken Beckley brings to life the fictional story of one man who learned to live through the unexpected.

Beckley, a veteran local television news and advertising personality and former executive, illustrates the life of young Davie Miller in Knuckleball: The Uncertainties of (a) Life, following him from rural Indiana in 1955 through his journey into adulthood. After his childhood dream of professional baseball is shattered, decades of unexpected changes lead to a moving conclusion, and an improbable resurfacing of the dream Davie thought was out of his grasp.

“I developed the idea for Knuckleball after attending my first adult baseball camp with the Los Angeles Dodgers,” says Beckley. “I was injured during that camp, and while the developments were emotionally devastating, my faith led to a most unexpected silver lining.”

Beckley has been seen on television for more than 40 years as a broadcaster, university official, and executive vice president and public face of the electronics giant H.H. Gregg. Currently, he serves as a board member and spokesperson for Indiana Members Credit Union. Like his novel’s main character, Beckley is also a native of a small Indiana town, and used his life experiences and faith as a foundation in the creation of Knuckleball.

As readers embark on Davie’s own expedition through the mountains of life, they’re sure to smile at the illustration of his interaction with challenging clients through a rewarding public relations career. Uncertainties bring twists and turns that repeatedly test Davie’s faith, until an unforeseen gift changes his life forever.

“A knuckleball is a baseball pitch that is unpredictable in how it behaves from the time it leaves the pitcher’s hand until it reaches home plate,” says Beckley. “Life is truly like a knuckleball – unpredictable, and sometimes the bottom drops out.”

For more information, visit http://kenbeckley.authorsxpress.com/tag/knuckleball/ and http://kenbeckley.com/

About the author
Ken Beckley enjoyed a long career in television news and served as executive vice president of H.H. Gregg, as well as president and CEO of Indiana University’s Alumni Association. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award from Indiana University, and the Sagamore of the Wabash Award from Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. Beckley is an inductee in the Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Knuckleball is his first novel.

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