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[UPDATED] White Sentenced to Home Detention

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The Indiana Supreme Court will hear arguments next week in a case that could determine the state's next Secretary of State. Charlie White will not be moving back to the office after being sentenced on felony voter fraud and perjury convictions. The court is expected to give direction on whether a person appointed by the governor, or the Democrat who lost the election to White should become the next Secretary of State.

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A Hamilton County judge upheld felony convictions against White, which means he is disqualified from holding elected office in Indiana.

He has been sentenced to one year home detention and a $1,000 fine.

White is expected to appeal the convictions.

Governor Mitch Daniels appointed Jerry Bonnet to the Secretary of State post on an interim basis soon after White was found guilty.

Source: Inside INdiana Business

February 24, 2012

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS – In a Hamilton County courtroom today, the guilty verdicts that a jury found against former Secretary of State Charlie White were entered as felony convictions. The trial court denied White’s request to enter all six convictions as misdemeanors.

In criminal cases, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office represents the prosecution in appellate court. As a normal procedure, Chief Deputy Attorney General Gary Damon Secrest will continue to assist the prosecution if White’s convictions are appealed. The Attorney General’s Office has previously assisted prosecutors who filed vote-fraud charges against candidates in Lake County, Delaware County and other counties.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller today issued this statement:

“Our system of justice is based on the rule of law. This defendant, regardless of his status or position, was found guilty by a jury and sentenced by the judge for violating several criminal laws. Now the State of Indiana must work through the ramifications of his automatic removal from office with guidance from the Indiana Supreme Court,” Zoeller said.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office represents the Indiana Recount Commission in a separate lawsuit that challenges White’s eligibility to appear on the 2010 ballot as a candidate for Secretary of State. The Recount Commission’s position is the commission’s earlier unanimous decision upholding the will of the voters is the correct means of resolving the election contest. The Indiana Supreme Court will hear oral argument in the plaintiff’s election contest on February 29.

Source: Office of the Indiana Attorney General

The judge upheld the felony convictions, which means White is officially disqualified from holding the secretary of state office. Governor Mitch Daniels appointed Jerry Bonnet to the position on an interim bases after White's convictions.

A civil case involving White is headed to the Indiana Supreme Court. Judges have set aside time on February 29 for oral arguments in the case.

Source: Inside INdiana Business

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