State Launches Energy Education Effort

The Indiana Office of Energy Development says the program is administered by the National Energy Foundation, based on grant funding from the from the federal State Energy Program. A total of $60,000 in grants will be used to fund the program.

updated: 2/2/2011 1:23:09 PM

State Launches Energy Education Effort Report

A new state program is designed to educate school children throughout Indiana about energy. The state's Office of Energy Development says the effort could also help save school corporations money. Patrols will be established at participating schools to monitor usage and recommend ways to reduce energy costs.

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February 2, 2011

News Release

(Indianapolis) – Lt. Governor Becky Skillman has announced a program to provide energy education to Indiana school kids, in a way that could help school corporations save money.

Energy Action in Schools will create Energy Action Patrols to monitor energy usage and help recommend ways to save money on utilities. Ten school corporations will take part and a total of 49 buildings will have Energy Action Patrols.

The program is administered by the National Energy Foundation, based on grant funding from the from the federal State Energy Program. A total of $60,000 in grants will be used to fund the
program. The Wabash Valley Power Association is also providing support for this program.

“This is a great way to help Hoosier children learn about energy and energy efficiency,” said Lt. Governor Becky Skillman. “Learning how to conserve energy will be a lesson these students will be able to take home with them. At the same time, the schools have an opportunity to translate an education program into real dollars saved.”

The school districts taking part in the program are Carmel Clay Schools, Carroll Consolidated School Corporation, Greencastle Community School Corporation, Hasten Hebrew Academy,
Indianapolis Public Schools, Maconaquah School Corporation, North Miami Community School Corporation, South Central School Corporation, South Madison School Corporation and
Wawasee Community School Corporation (see detail below).
At the beginning of the program, each participating school building will receive an energy audit.

An adult Energy Action Leader is trained in each school, and students can join the Energy Action Patrols that will monitor energy usage in their building and make recommendations for
additional savings. Any energy savings will be tracked and behavioral audits to determine what energy saving practices were employed will be conducted twice during the school year.

OED invited all school corporations in Indiana to participate in the program and 11 school corporations agreed to take part. A handful of Indianapolis schools were part of a pilot program in 2009, and now a total of 49 schools across Indiana are participating. As of the middle of this month, 29 schools had been trained.

The list of school corporations that will take part:

School Corporation - Number of Buildings

Carmel Clay 3
Carroll Consolidated 2
Greencastle Community 5
Hasten Hebrew Academy 1
Indianapolis Public Schools 29
Maconaquah 4
North Miami Community 2
South Central 1
South Madison Community 1
Wawasee Community 1

The Office of Energy Development (OED) was created in December 2005 as an extension of the Indiana energy office. Under the leadership of Lt. Governor Becky Skillman, OED is responsible for the state’s energy policy. For more information visit or follow OED on twitter, IndianaEnergy.
For updates from the Lt. Governor and the agencies she oversees, please sign up at

The National Energy Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the development, dissemination, and implementation of supplementary educational materials and programs. These resources for education relate primarily to energy, water, natural resources, science and math, technology, conservation, and the environment. It is NEF’s mission to cultivate and promote an energy literate society.

Source: Indiana Office of Energy Development

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