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Newton County Renewable Energy Project Making Egg Cartons

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Republic Services Inc. (NYSE: RSG) says it is providing biogas from its Newton County landfill to Urban Forest Recyclers as an alternative fuel source to manufacture wholesale egg cartons. The company dedicated its landfill gas-to-energy project in northwest Indiana this morning. Republic says it converted an abandoned factory in Morocco into a customer support center and employs 112 workers.

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Press Release

BROOK, Ind.--May 21, 2010 – Which came first, the chicken or the egg carton? Ask Republic Services (NYSE:RSG) and they’ll tell you that their landfill gas-to-energy project at the Company’s Newton County Landfill came first. Republic has been providing biogas from its landfill to Urban Forest Recyclers, an INIG Incorporated company, of for use as an alternative fuel source to manufacture wholesale egg cartons.

Once the gas is compressed at the landfill, it is carried through an 1,800-foot pipeline to the INIG facility. CPL Systems built the gas pipeline and the plant to clean the gas and prepare it for use as fuel. This new alternative fuel source supplies 100 percent of the company’s manufacturing fuel demand.

“The landfill gas-to-energy project at Newton County allows us to offer INIG a carbon-free source of power, and continue our commitment to renewable energy,” said Kevin Walbridge, senior vice president of the Midwest Region for Republic Services. “As a key employer, a long-time supporter of community initiatives and a significant part of the community for more than 15 years, we’re excited to be part of an important alternative energy project.”
“This project is an example of true sustainability,” said Terry Zona, general manager, Republic Services. “Recycled landfill gas provides energy to INIG’s plant that uses 100 percent recycled raw material that it transforms into new useful egg cartons.”

The Newton County Landfill is a major employer and community supporter. The Company converted an abandoned factory in Morocco into a customer support center employing 112 county residents. Through the landfill’s good neighbor agreement, Republic has contributed to parks and recreation facilities, public safety and government facilities.

The Newton County Landfill is the main recipient of refuse from the residents and businesses in northwest Indiana and the south suburbs of Chicago. The landfill employs almost 50 area residents.
The benefit of this clean energy project is equivalent to planting more than 20,000 acres of pine or fir forests or removing 18,000 motor vehicles from the road. When the project is at optimal operating levels it will produce almost 800 standard cubic feet per minute.

Landfill biogas, which is created when organic material in a municipal solid waste landfill decomposes, consists of about 50 percent methane. It is a readily available, local and alternative energy source that offsets the need for fossil fuels. The gas can be converted and used in many ways: to generate electricity, heat or steam; or as an alternative vehicle fuel.

The Newton County Landfill gas project is one of 76 alternative energy projects at Republic Services’ landfills nationwide.

About Republic Services
Republic Services, Inc. provides recycling and solid waste collection, transfer and disposal services in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Company’s various operating units, including collection companies, transfer stations, recycling centers and landfills, are focused on providing reliable environmental services and solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers. For more information, visit the Republic Services Web site at www.republicservices.com.

Source: Republic Services Inc.

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