updated: 10/15/2008 1:28:37 PM

[UPDATED] McRobbie: Partnership With Purdue Key to Future Funding

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 Indiana University President McRobbie speaks with Inside INdiana Business Host Gerry Dick about life sciences research funding in a tough economy.

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie tells Inside INdiana Business the future of major funding from the state for life sciences research will be in partnership with Purdue University. McRobbie says that concept has led to plans for the Indiana Innovation Alliance, which is focused on several life sciences research areas. McRobbie says reaction to the alliance has been enthusiastic, but funding for the plan still needs to be approved by the state legislature. You can see the full interview with McRobbie this weekend on Inside INdiana Business television.

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Source: Inside Indiana Business

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IU and Purdue are seeking appropriations of $35 million dollars in each of the next two years to fund the Alliance.

It will be governed by a committee of representatives from IU, Purdue, private sector bioscience and health sciences leadership, and state government.

Core technology and matching fund programs will be cooperatively developed and managed by the universities with the support of the Alliance.

Source: Inside INdiana Business and Indiana Innovation Alliance

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