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[UPDATED] BMV Launches New Mobile License Branch

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The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is launching "BMV 2 You," a new mobile license branch that will travel the state to assist BMV customers with select services. Customers will be able to receive services including driver's license renewals and titles and registration. The BMV says it will take the branch to fairs, town squares and businesses about three times a week.

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BMV Commissioner Ron Stiver says Hoosiers will get their first chance to use the mobile license branch on August 8 at the Indiana State Fair.Listen

BMV 2 You Facts

What is BMV 2 You?

BMV 2 You is a mobile license branch that will travel to communities and events across the state so that BMV customers may conveniently access select BMV services.

Why was BMV 2 You created?

Governor Daniels believes in flexible, responsive government that is easily accessible and focused on serving customers on terms that are convenient to them. BMV 2 You is part of the BMV¡¦s overall strategy to give customers more choices in their access to BMV services in more convenient, community- and neighborhood-based locations.

What services can I access through BMV 2 You?

Customers may conduct almost all of the same transactions that can be performed at a traditional branch, including:

-- *Driver licenses (renewals only)
-- *Identification cards (new and renewals)
-- Titles (for all vehicle types)
-- Registrations (new and renewals)
-- Voter registration

* Temporary cards will be issued on-site and permanent credentials will be mailed to customer in 7-14 business days.

What services cannot be accessed through BMV 2 You?

Because the unit will not be equipped with drive examiners and other constraints, the following transactions cannot be performed on BMV 2 You:

-- Commercial Driver License transactions
-- New driver licenses

Are there any differences in the services provided on BMV 2 You versus a traditional branch?

Yes, for security reasons, driver licenses and identification cards are processed differently on BMV 2 You. Instead of receiving a new driver license or identification card when a customer leaves BMV 2 You, the customer will receive a letter showing that the new credential is being processed. The customer¡¦s new driver license or identification card will be mailed from the BMV¡¦s administrative office within fourteen days.

Is BMV 2 You secure?

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has taken significant measures to ensure the security of BMV 2 You, including equipping the vehicle with multiple cameras integrated into the state¡¦s monitoring system, an alarm system and other security devices. In addition to these physical security measures, the BMV has worked with the Indiana Office of Technology to ensure all transactions are submitted via a secure network and utilize the latest encryption technologies.

What types of locations will BMV 2 You visit?

BMV 2 You will visit locations across Indiana to serve Hoosiers. Types of locations BMV 2 You may visit include:

-- Fairs or community events
-- Town squares
-- Libraries, schools or community centers
-- Local businesses
-- Nursing homes or assisted living centers

BMV 2 You will also provide additional capacity to existing license branches which have longer customer wait times, service delivery complications or high customer volume.

How can I find out the schedule for BMV 2 You?

The schedule will be posted on the BMV web site and will be shared with various media throughout the state.

What are the hours of BMV 2 You?

The hours of BMV 2 You will vary to meet the needs of customers in the particular location being serviced. For example, during the State Fair, BMV 2 You will be available to customers seven days per week during the hours of operation in the Exposition Hall. All operating hours of BMV 2 You will be published on the BMV web site, www.mybmv.in.gov.

How often will BMV 2 You travel?

BMV 2 You will travel throughout the state an average of 3 days per week, carrying a staff of three individuals.

Can I schedule BMV 2 You to come to my community event?

Certain criteria, such as space and technology requirements, must be met. However, you may submit suggestions for consideration by emailing communication@bmv.IN.gov.

How much did BMV 2 You cost?

The BMV spent approximately $140K purchasing and outfitting the BMV 2 You unit, including installing necessary security features and technology. At just under $250,000, annual operating expenses will be comparable to a small traditional branch.

What companies helped create BMV 2 You?

The following Indiana companies assisted with the development and production of BMV 2 You:

-- Walnut Ridge RV Sales in New Castle ordered, consulted and customized BMV 2 You;
-- Forest River, Inc. in Elkhart manufactured the branch;
-- Electronic Evolutions, Inc. in Carmel managed and installed the security and technology requirements for BMV 2 You;
-- Cummins, based in Columbus, manufactured the generator for BMV 2 You; and
-- Muncie Office Supply in Muncie handled office space customization.

What are the physical characteristics of BMV 2 You?

BMV 2 You is a fifth-wheel trailer that is 38 feet long and 9 feet wide. It requires 50 feet of space for operation, runs on a 5,500-watt gas generator and will be pulled by a 1-ton Ford F350 truck.

Source: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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