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Investigation Continues Into New Castle Correctional Facility Uprising

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The Indiana Department of Correction will this morning continue its investigation into an uprising on Tuesday at the New Castle Correctional Facility, which is operated by the GEO Group. The disturbance, which involved about 500 prisoners, comes just weeks after hundreds of inmates were transferred to the facility from Arizona.

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Press Release

New Castle, Indiana – (April 24, 2007) At approximately 2:01pm, a disturbance broke out among offenders at the New Castle Correctional Facility in Henry County, Indiana. This medium-security prison holds adult males from both Indiana and Arizona. It appears that offenders from both states were involved in the disturbance.

Offenders engaged in recreation, and others being escorted from to and from lunch began to resist staff members order to return to their housing units and cells. This demonstration erupted into a demonstration involving approximately 500 of the 1,668 offenders residing at the facility. Offenders began disrobing and destroying facility furnishings and breaking windows.

As the demonstration grew, two staff members received injuries, and were sent outside the facility for treatment.

Facility Emergency Response teams were immediately assembled and activated. The offenders were able to leave their housing units, but were not able to reach the facilities outside security perimeter. To insure the offender demonstration remained inside the interior fence, the Department of Correction activated its Special Emergency Response Teams, and called upon the Indiana State Police to activate its Emergency Response Teams. The Facility also accepted support from County Sheriffs’ Departments and local Police Departments. Tear gas was used to help control the offender population, and when emergency response teams were put in position, most offenders complied with orders to cuff up without resistance.

The event was contained at 4:45 p.m., and all offenders were secured. There were no serious injuries to offenders. Approximately seven offenders received minor injuries, most were eye irritations that needed flushing due to the tear gas. None of the offender injuries required off-site medical treatment.

“We are grateful to the local public safety responders who swiftly reacted to the situation,” said Commissioner J. David Donahue. “New Castle Correctional Facility staff is to be applauded for their ability to handle this difficult situation and their effective emergency operational procedures.”

J. David Donahue, Commissioner of the Department of Correction has arrived to the facility to meet with employees, local officials and concerned community members.

“Thanks to all the law enforcement involved – ISP, Henry County and Henry County Prosecutors Office, NCPD, NC Fire and EMS, Delaware Co Sheriff, Madison Co. Sheriff and SWAT who help insure that the situation was contained,” commented Commissioner J. David Donahue. “The response and support of the community has been overwhelming.”

The Department is currently in the process of investigating the incident, and will be transporting those offenders responsible to more secure disciplinary segregation cells at other facilities. Staff will be assessing the damage to the facility, and making repairs.

Source: Indiana Department of Corrections

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