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Hoosier Entrepreneur Launches Search Engine With Human Touch

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Hoosier entrepreneur Scott Jones, who helped to give us voice mail, tells Inside INdiana Business that today he is launching a new Internet search engine that will give users a more human touch.

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ChaCha is the first search engine to connect searchers instantly with live people, who will act as guides to make sure that searchers get the best results.

Jones says the guides will assist searchers who may not know the name of a website but do know a particular topic they want to look up.

Jones says the system is expected to employ thousands of people including stay-at-home moms and college students.

Jones says the word Cha means search in Chinese.

Source: Inside INdiana Business

Press Release

INDIANAPOLIS (September 5, 2006) - ChaCha (www.chacha.com) is launching its experimental Alpha version of the first search engine to immediately connect people searching for information with live human guides in order to quickly provide only the most relevant search results. Guides can earn up to $10 per hour. In addition, once a guide reaches a pre-determined experience level, they are allowed to invite other guides to join and can then make 10 percent of the invited guides’ earnings.

With traditional first-generation search engines, users experience information overload as they receive millions of potential results. ChaCha solves this problem. Powered by thousands of knowledgeable humans, ChaCha automatically locates the best available guide to deliver personal and targeted results for users’ searches. Additionally, ChaCha users can choose to either “search with a guide” or get instant search results by tapping into ChaCha’s rapidly expanding index of human-generated results.

“We wanted to solve the problem search engine users are experiencing with existing services – that is, the massive volume of search results they must sift through online,” said Scott A. Jones, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of ChaCha. “We’ve addressed the problem with a comfortable and familiar search experience that improves upon the shortcomings of first-generation search engines. Connecting experienced guides with those searching for information in real-time is a powerful thing and brings a whole new dimension to Internet searching.”

Adding to the unique value of the search experience, ChaCha guides can access information that traditional search engines cannot, like searchable databases that dynamically generate Web pages “on demand” based on the needs of a specific user and Web sites that don’t make their entire database of content available to computer-based search engines that traditionally use spidering, indexing and page-ranking techniques. Until now, millions of online resources that may contain the best information and the answers people are searching for have not always been readily accessible through search engines.

Since ChaCha guides are selected to perform searches based on their knowledge and experience, ChaCha offers a unique advantage over typical online answer services. For example, a user requesting information on pancake recipes might be connected to a guide who is a retired chef or cooking enthusiast. The selected guide already knows which resources are best for recipes and can immediately provide links to tasty pancake recipes. To eliminate many quality problems with online answer services, ChaCha trains new guides by pairing them with experienced guides in simulated search sessions.

With ChaCha there is something for everyone conducting a search. ChaCha is the first search engine to offer both a “Search” and “Search with a human guide” capability on its home page. Similar to traditional search engines, ChaCha’s automated search uses an input box and simple search button, with results delivered in a split second. However, those results differ from traditional search engines because ChaCha’s search index is filtered through the automated indexing of results that guides have previously returned to users. This approach allows ChaCha to provide highly relevant search results while excluding millions of irrelevant results normally returned by machine-based search engines.

“ChaCha merges the best elements from social and traditional search methods to create a meaningfully different search experience,” according to Brad Bostic, ChaCha’s other co-founder, President and COO. “Also, our system is designed to continuously learn and become smarter – every minute of every day.”

ChaCha is free to consumers because it is supported by advertising. Currently there are 17 patents pending to cover what ChaCha does that makes it so revolutionary.

For more information or to “ChaCha” your next search query, visit ChaCha’s experimental Alpha Web site at www.chacha.com.

About ChaCha

ChaCha, the first search engine to instantly connect users with people to produce relevant results, was co-founded by Scott A. Jones and Brad A. Bostic in 2006. Derived from their high-tech experience, ChaCha is dedicated to providing a revolutionary new search experience. Jones is the inventor of the voicemail system used by nearly a half billion people worldwide and the leader of other successful tech ventures (as noted on www.scottajones.com). Bostic has led a number of high-tech start-ups. For media inquiries, please contact Liza Dittoe of Dittoe Public Relations at 317-202-2280 or liza@dittoepr.com. For more information, visit www.chacha.com.

Source: ChaCha

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