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Altair Nanotechnologies to Expand at Flagship Enterprise Center

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Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. says an increase in customer demand for its ceramic nanomaterials and titanate battery systems, will allow it to expand its operations at the Flagship Enterprise Center in Anderson.

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The company says a deal with Phoenix Motorcars and others for the delivery of battery packs for electric vehicles is spurring its rapid growth.

Source: Inside INdiana Business

Press Release

Anderson, IN – Due to rapid growth in customer demand, Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc., a leading supplier of ceramic nanomaterials and high-power, fast charge, safe titanate battery systems technology, has announced that it will be expanding its presence moving into an additional laboratory and office facilities in the Flagship Enterprise Center.

Altairnano felt the need to expand when agreements with Phoenix Motorcars and others required delivery of battery packs for electric vehicles. The additional laboratory and office space will accommodate Altair’s prototype manufacturing space allowing them to have the necessary area to assemble cells into battery packs in the Flagship facility.

Altair Nanotechnologies has been a part of the Flagship Enterprise Center since October of 2005. The necessity for space in the Flagship originally stemmed from the need to take nanotechnology materials, produced in Reno, Nevada, and build them into lithium battery cells. With those cells, Altairnano is able to build battery systems that show prospective customers the performance of their materials.

As the company began to grow in Anderson, the need for more space was evident. Square feet are not the only thing that has been growing: the company has also been growing in its number of employees. When the company started, Altair began with eight staff members. It has since grown to a workforce of twelve with three additional temporary employees from the local area.

Dave Lynch, Director of Operations at Altair Nanotechnologies, sees the space in the Flagship Enterprise Center as vital to the company’s growth. “The reason we are in the Flagship is that we receive good incentives from the state and city to be here. The Flagship provides the space required and provides an ideal situation for Altair Nanotechnologies.”

Altairnano is an innovator and supplier of advanced ceramic nanomaterials. With a skilled team of scientists who, coupled in collaborative ventures with industry partners and leading academic centers, have developed a unique portfolio of intellectual property and novel products. These researchers are complemented by a seasoned management team with substantial experience in commercializing innovative, disruptive technologies.

Altairnano focuses on nanotechnology applications to enable new high-growth markets. In alternative energy Altairnano is pioneering new battery materials and systems. The company is applying nanotechnology to the development of drug candidates for humans and companion animals, coating materials for implants, and materials for dental applications. Its high performance nanomaterials have applications in paints, coatings, and the treatment of water and air. The Altairnano Hydrochloride Pigment Process, the first new patented pigment process in 50 years, is an environmentally friendly method for manufacturing white pigment used in paints, paper, and plastic. For additional information, visit www.altairnano.com

Created through a partnership between Anderson University and the City of Anderson, the Flagship Enterprise Center serves as a small business incubator and early business accelerator. The FEC (located at the entrance of the Flagship Business Park at I-69 and Pendleton Avenue in Anderson) provides access to university researchers and scientists, ongoing contact with management consultants, student mentoring opportunities for research and development support, and access to state of the art telecommunications. The center is host to several new businesses that have already started operations. The center recently launched the Flagship Energy Systems Center to promote the development of companies in the area of alternative energy, including hybrid vehicles and lithium batteries. Contact Art Patterson, executive director of the Flagship Enterprise Center at 765-622-0800 or director@flagshipenterprise.org for more information.

Source: Flagship Enterprise Center

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