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Indiana Tourism Revs Up New Brand Campaign

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Indiana's tourism is getting revved up with a new slogan and ad campaign. The Indiana Office of Tourism Development is today launching the slogan "Indiana: Restart Your Engines."

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A study of the state's old campaign "Enjoy Indiana" showed that tourists were neutral to the brand after a couple of years.

Tourism Director Amy Vaughan tells Inside INdiana Business that the new slogan plays to the state's positive legacy in racing, while evoking an image of relaxation. Vaughan says tourism is a major industry in the state taking in nearly $9 billion in visitor spending each year.

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Source: Inside INdiana Business

Press Release

INDIANAPOLIS—(April 19, 2006)—Looking to boost commerce and the number of visitors to Indiana, the Indiana Office of Tourism Development (IOTD) is changing its slogan today to build upon an already established identity among U.S. and international audiences. Beginning immediately, “Restart Your Engines” will become the state’s new tourism slogan.

“This is an exciting day for the future of Indiana tourism,” remarked Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman, who oversees IOTD. “This new slogan is all-encompassing and truly reflects Indiana’s many tourist attractions. We have known for some time that Indiana needed to ramp up the marketing to tourists within and beyond our borders. This new slogan is a great vehicle we can use to get that done and grow our important tourism economy.”

“We did a tremendous amount of research with potential tourists and residents,” said Amy Vaughan, IOTD director. “While motor sports are clearly identified with Indiana, this new brand means we can take advantage of our heritage, but also use the reference to rejuvenation. It gives us a great deal of flexibility.”

According to in-depth studies, “Restart Your Engines” was a clear winner, with 60 percent of those surveyed already identifying it with Indiana. The new brand will be used in advertising campaigns targeted for both Hoosiers and visitors to the state.

“Restart Your Engines is the type of slogan we need to create a buzz about Indiana again,” said John Livengood, CEO for the Restaurant and Hospitality Association of Indiana. “It makes sense to capitalize on our existing good reputation hosting motor sports activities, while also communicating our destination sites’ abilities to recharge visitors’ minds, bodies and spirits.”

The decision to develop a new look and feel was unveiled in December 2005 as part of the state’s strategic plan for tourism, “Destination Indiana.” Plan research indicated potential tourists deemed the “Enjoy Indiana” slogan brand neutral—not hurting or helping Indiana’s image in the tourism market. Indiana’s new brand is designed to market the state’s assets as a whole and to influence consumers’ opinions about Indiana as a tourist destination.

“Our goal was to build upon our positive legacy in racing while evoking an image of a destination that’s restorative and refreshing,” Vaughan added. “Indiana has a strong tourism product and it was definitely a time for a change. We owe that to our partners in the tourism industry. The former slogan had simply lost its appeal among consumers.”

“I appreciate the administration’s proactive approach to position Indiana as a leader in tourism,” said Lynn Lucas of the Association of Indiana Convention & Visitor Bureaus. “We are in an ideal situation where we’re seriously competing for visitor dollars with other Midwestern states.”

The new brand will begin appearing in state publications, television and radio ads in May. Included in the campaign is a new series of magazine ads featuring the work of nationally renowned photographer, Gerd Ludwig, whose credits include National Geographic Magazine.

The new material can be viewed on www.visitindiana.com, which will be the new Web site address for the Indiana Office of Tourism Development.

Tourism Research Facts

Economic Development

· Visitors spend nearly $8.9 billion in Indiana each year. · Annually, Indiana welcomes 59 million people to the state.
· 264,960 jobs in Indiana are related to tourism.

Midwest Slogans

· Indiana: Restart Your Engines
· Ohio: So Much to Discover
· Missouri: Where the Rivers Run
· Michigan: Great Lakes, Great Times
· Kentucky: Unbridled Spirit
· Illinois: Mile after Magnificent Mile


True branding is a research-driving process that is often confused with logo development and other aspects of branding. A brand is the culmination of every interaction between the consumer and the branded entity. Research provides an understanding of how all emotional and physical interactions are perceived so that brand expressions, such as logos, slogans and advertising may present a clear and consistent representation.

Restart Your Engines Research

More than 500 Internet interviews were completed by target consumers between the ages of 25 and 54 within five geographic areas: Cincinnati, Louisville, Indiana, Champaign and Grand Rapids. The research took place in September 2005.

· Sixty percent of those interviewed associated Restart Your Engines with Indiana.

· Twenty-five percent associated “Enjoy” with Illinois, suggesting Indiana has lost and continues to lose equity with this slogan.

· Restart Your Engines communicates action-paced, adventurous, exciting and lively.

More than 1,000 surveys were completed, split between seven markets, including Cincinnati, Dayton, Champaign, Peoria, Chicago, Indianapolis and other Indiana cities. The Enjoy Indiana slogan and five key competitors were tested. The survey took place in October 2005.

· Recall of Enjoy Indiana lagged behind all other states except Ohio. Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit, launched in 2005, achieved strong awareness and recall.

· A strong slogan that “fits” the state and differentiates it from other competitors can be quite memorable.

· Enjoy Indiana was found to be fairly generic and neutral.

Four focus groups were conducted of consumers 18-54 years old who have taken at least one leisure trip in the past year. The focus groups took place in February 2006 and tested two visual identities for Restart Your Engines.

· All focus groups preferred the current Restart Your Engines visual identity.

· The groups made the connection to Indiana and motorsports and they also understand the connection to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Source: Indiana Office of Tourism Development

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