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SonarMed Touts First Clients, A Breath Away From Bigger Success

When patients are unable to breathe on their own, a ventilator is a critical piece of equipment to keep them alive. However, the ventilator tubes that extend into the trachea, or windpipe, are prone to clogs and slipping out of placeódangerous scenarios for the patient. Carmel-based startup SonarMed has developed a technology that monitors these delicate tubes and provides life-saving feedback for medical staff. Buoyed by initial sales, a successful round of funding and a second technology in the pipeline, SonarMed believes it could become the new standard for ventilated patients.

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Brad Graves

The HIPAA Effect on the Medical Device Industry

How many times over the past few years have you received a form at the doctor's office or a letter in the mail asking you to acknowledge your patient privacy rights? Has it become so routine and, perhaps, even an annoyance that you have to sign that you understand your rights to keep your information private from persons or organizations that might use such information to deny you healthcare coverage? Have you avoided investing in a deeper understanding of HIPAA and privacy legislation in the hopes that technology, or legislation, or maybe a good budget crisis will return us to the simpler times when your healthcare records were not so well-protected but you were blissfully unaware of the risks?

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