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Startup Sheds 'Light' on Dangerous Heart Plaque

A critical factor in preventing a heart attack is differentiating the two kinds of plaque, or buildup, inside heart arteries: calcified plaque that has a hard, stable texture versus vulnerable plaque, which is soft and gooey. While both are undesirable, the squishy plaque is the significantly more dangerous of the two. The challenge for cardiologists, however, is obtaining visuals from inside the patient's arteries that can reveal the type of plaque present. West Lafayette-based Vibronix Inc. believes it could have the solution; the startup is developing a technology that causes the soft plaque to seemingly glow in medical imaging, lighting the path to the best treatment.

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Jennifer Pferrer

Investing in The Cost of Diabetes

Diabetes is something we all hear about. "Oh, it's just diabetes," some might say. "At least it is not ______, " you fill in the blank. For those who know someone personally impacted by diabetes, there is an appreciation for what it means to live with diabetes and to die because of diabetes. The daily challenges, the stigma, the need for lifesaving medications and then there are the complications: heart attack, stroke, blindness, amputations and more. Do people understand the 24/7/365 attention that diabetes requires for the rest of one's life? Or that there is no cure for diabetes? It is not just diabetes. It is DIABETES.

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