Company Profile: Frontline Logic, Inc.

In the era of the knowledge worker comes data – and lots of it. Managing data can become overwhelming for companies, and statistics show that one knowledge worker generates approximately one gigabit of data per year. Frontline Logic, Inc., a Kokomo-based company at Inventrek Technology Park, assists businesses with securely organizing their data.

Brent Seaman, founder and president of Frontline Logic, commented that the company “helps their clients get a handle on content, whether it is structured or unstructured. We assist on setting up their infrastructure to managing their data in a secure fashion.” Listen

Located in the Inventrek Technology Park, this content management company focuses on equipping organizations toward greater efficiency of information access. With a company mission to provide industry-leading services in the document and content management arena, they strive to assist their clients in getting the most out of their document and content management systems.

With a strong technology and client focus, the company founded in January 2002 has been able to evolve and now includes 14-plus employees and interns. Their client portfolio now spans the United States and overseas. Targeting primarily large organizations, clients range from Ohio State University to theEaton Corp. to the State of Alaska. Seaman stated, “When we first started, we had no clients in Indiana. Now, most of our clients are in the Midwest, but we do hit clients on both coasts and out-of-the-country.” Listen

Knowing they could not achieve success entirely on their own, Frontline Logic has partnered with several leading software companies, such as Oracle and Microsoft. Listen With the assistance of their software partners, Frontline Logic is able to customize solutions for their clients, leading to improved information and technology related processes.

The organization also has a strong partnership with the Inventrek Technology Park. “We learned about Inventrek through our banker,” commented Seaman. “At the time, we needed a place to collaborate, to have meetings, and to do work. To grow as a company, collaboration was critical. Since we had no clients in Indiana, we didn’t need a place to hang our shingle.” Listen

With the expectation of only utilizing Inventrek’s facilities, Frontline Logic was amazed to learn of their additional services. Introductions have led to extremely beneficial relationships that have assisted the company with both their internal and external growth. With a connection to the Purdue University College of Technology at Kokomo, Seaman stated that Frontline Logic has been able to develop mission critical technology by utilizing interns and hiring graduates. On the flip side, they have been able to assist the university with the development of their training curriculum. Listen

Inventrek also provided another beneficial introduction to the local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Frontline Logic has become involved in Peer-Spectives, where they have been able to interact with other business owners. In addition, the SBDC provided an avenue to United States Senator Evan Bayh (D-Indiana), where he spotlighted Frontline Logic as a success story. Listen

Now having been located in the technology park for over three years, the relationship has created a win-win situation for both organizations. Inventrek provides a competitive lease and office space; Frontline Logic manages the Inventrek network while supporting other tenants as well. Listen Nancy Grobengieser, business administrator of Frontline Logic, remarked, “Inventrek has a very good reputation as the place for businesses to be. We know everyone in Inventrek because it is sort of a team, and we know each other’s businesses.”

With a solid foundation and continual growth, Frontline Logic is “now focusing on bringing technology to mid-sized companies,” stated Seaman. Having focused primarily on large organizations up to this point, the company has recognized a need in a new market. Listen

“We are team and community focused,” said Grobengieser. In agreement, Seaman commented that Frontline Logic is a content management company with integrity. He believes integrity has led to their credibility and success.

About Frontline Logic
Frontline Logic, Inc. is a technology company that provides productivity solutions for growing organizations. Frontline helps clients improve information and technology related processes three ways. First, the company focuses on providing imaging services for document management and processing of records, transactions, and projects. Second, the firm offers security systems to protect company data and information systems. Third, Frontline Logic provides web structure capabilities for easy management of online content, publishing, and update procedures.

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