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By: Biosciences Research Institute Partners - Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, A Public-Private Partnership

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The art of collaboration is masterfully woven into Indiana's DNA. It is the thread that runs through many Hoosier successes and is at the center of one of our state's most ambitious projects: The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute.

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The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute will be unique to Indiana – not just in name but in its ability to bring a diverse, yet complementary, industry sector together with our state’s research universities – to discover and develop new life sciences innovations and provide an unprecedented impact to a statewide economy.

Indiana has a unique life sciences ecosystem, comprising global companies that develop next-generation drugs and pharmaceuticals, diagnostics tests, medical devices, cell-based therapies, agricultural biotechnology, and animal health and production solutions. Our state also is home to some of the world’s leading research universities. We’ve built and facilitated a life sciences cluster unlike any in the nation, and have assembled all the ingredients for a first-ever industry-led biosciences research institute.

The institute gives us the ability to bring Indiana life sciences companies and world-class research universities together to create scientific labs to advance 21st Century life sciences discoveries. At the center of the Institute could be interdisciplinary teams from multiple life sciences companies and universities working hand-in-hand toward common scientific understandings.

And how does that apply to today’s world in Indiana? Scientists from Eli Lilly and Company could partner with biotech scientists at other state-based life sciences companies, such as Dow AgroSciences, and with bioengineers and other specialty scientists at research universities to share labs, knowledge and the fruits of research. The results can support new drug discoveries, unlock new opportunities to combine medical devices and pharmaceuticals to treat disease, and develop biotech solutions to improve our food sources. The possibilities for discoveries are real and limitless, and the impacts could be transformative.

While the opportunities for discovery are more diverse than our industry base, the benefits to the State of Indiana are equally impressive. The research institute will impact nearly every Hoosier through its ability to grow the State’s economy, increase the number of high-paying life sciences jobs and jobs in hundreds of industries that support the sector. The goal is to impact Hoosiers through the medical advancements that are the byproducts of work undertaken by the Institute’s teams of researchers representing bioengineering, biotech, nanotechnology, information technology and nutrition science.

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute will succeed by attracting world-class scientists and by creating an environment of scientific innovation that will support our efforts to recruit, retain and grow life sciences leaders. The Institute will serve as a magnet for world-class talent who would lead scientific teams, fuel business growth, new business development and entrepreneurial activity. This will certainly add to our already impressive position in the nation as a leading life sciences hub.

Hoosiers could be the early beneficiaries of the initial scientific focus on the research institute: interrelated metabolic disorders of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and nutrition. A major economic burden and a leading cause of death in the United States, these disorders are especially important to Hoosiers who suffer disproportionately from them. The Institute will provide the platform to deliver significant scientific advancements that improve lives in Indiana and throughout the world.

This extraordinary nonprofit organization will be capitalized and supported through a collaborative funding structure that includes corporate, state, federal and philanthropic dollars.

Indiana has spent decades building its life sciences leadership position. The proof is in the numbers. Indiana is among the top five states in the country in terms of total life sciences jobs and companies. Life sciences products make up one-third of all Indiana exports and contribute more than $50 billion in annual value to Indiana’s economy. The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute is the answer to the next chapter in our state’s evolution as a life sciences industry leader.

Antonio Galindez
President and CEO
Dow AgroSciences

Bart Peterson
Senior Vice President
Corporate Affairs and Communications
Eli Lilly and Company

Dan Evans
President and CEO
Indiana University Health

David Johnson
President and CEO

Jack Phillips
President and CEO
Roche Diagnostics
Richard Buckius
Vice President for Research
Purdue University

Robert Bernhard
Vice President for Research
University of Notre Dame

Steve Ferguson
Cook Group

William Stephan
Vice President for Engagement
Indiana University

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