• Innovators with Dr. K: Chexology

    The entrepreneur behind start-up Chexology has seen his business grow from humble beginnings in a Broad Ripple basement to an appearance on Shark Tank to where it is today: a multi-million-dollar global company. Chexology Founder and CEO Derek Pacqué shares what’s fueling growth with Dr. K.

  • INnovators with Dr. K: FlykeART

    FlykeART, a Purdue University-affiliated student startup, has developed a lighter and smarter galley cart for airlines. In this month’s INnovators with Dr. K, learn how FlykeART is helping airlines become more efficient.

  • INnovators with Dr. K: Brightlamp

    After five seconds of looking at your eye with a smartphone, Brightlamp's machine learning algorithm can tell whether you've sustained serious head trauma. And now the Purdue University graduates behind the patented Reflex app have made it far more mobile. On the INnovators with Dr. K… we learn how it is now able to detect other things, like Alzheimer's.

  • INnovators with Dr. K: DroneDek

    It’s being called the mailbox of the future. DroneDek is making drone package delivery a reality by combining a unique landing pad, mailbox and smartphone app. Chief Executive Officer Dan O’Toole is the creator of DroneDek and shows us how it works.

  • INnovators with Dr. K: The Chatter Egg

    An Indiana University graduate has developed an egg-shaped toy, known as The Chatter Egg, designed to expose children to foreign languages when they are learning to talk. The toys will be available in stores and online within a matter of months and founder Mikaela Gilbert joins Dr. K on The Innovators to talk about her company's origins and future. 

  • INnovators with Dr. K: Quarion Technology

    Evansville-based Quarion Technology is focused on heavy equipment safety and stopping equipment from running over people with its market disrupting technology. Quarion President Aric Pryor explains how the technology generates critical data that can uncover even greater efficiency and profitability for firms seeking a competitive advantage.

  • INnovators: Peak XV Marketing

    One of the biggest challenges for retailers?  How to drive people from their desktops and mobile devices…into their stores.  Dr. K explains how Peak XV Marketing’s new Close the Loop works.

  • INnovators: Blake's Seed Based

    Two IU MBA students are taking on the nut-free food industry with their healthy, seed-based snack bars. In the INnovators with Dr. K, he talks with one of the co-founders of Blake’s Seed Based about rebranding the company and adding new products.

  • INnovators: SkyValet

    It’s a suitcase that does more than just hold your clothes and toiletries. In the INnovators with Dr. K, learn how SkyValet can charge your phone, weigh its contents and help you track it down, if it gets lost and more.

  • INnovators: Flipside Mobile Car Wash

    Flipside Mobile Car Wash has developed a way to wash your car using only a few ounces of water and they’ll come to you! In the Innovators with Dr. K, the company’s founder talks about the on-demand service.

  • INnovators: Heliponix

    How would you like to grow a head of leafy greens, every single day and not need a garden? The co-founder and CEO of Heliponix explains how the GroPod works on the Innovators with Dr. K.

  • INnovators: FroYo XPress

    Swipe, pour, enjoy! A Purdue startup is developing an automated, self-serve frozen yogurt kiosk with the help of $35,000 in investments. One of the co-founders of Froyo Xpress is in the hot seat on the INnovators with Dr. K.

  • INnovators: Innovation Keeps Wine Fresh for Weeks

    Studies show Americans pour more than $1 billion of wine down the drain every year! In the INnovators with Dr. K, a Purdue grad says he’s figured out a way to keep your favorite reds and whites fresh for weeks. It’s called Art Wine Preservation.

  • INnovators: BeLoanReady

    Three former coworkers took a leap of faith and launched a digital mortgage startup. BeLoanReady is mobile and desktop technology that takes on the role traditionally performed by a mortgage loan originator. It’s the subject of this month’s INnovators with Dr. K.

  • Innovators: Bend N' Bright

    A recent Ball State graduate has developed a business plan for her innovative toothbrush product. Bend ‘N’ Bright is a foldable toothbrush containing a month’s supply of toothpaste in a single cartridge.

  • INnovators: Haylie's Handmade

    At just 12 days old, she developed spinal meningitis with very slim chances of survival. Haylie Hawhurst suffered brain damage with little muscle and hand control. On a trip to see a doctor in Philadelphia, she picked up crocheting and years later turned it into Haylie’s Handmade.

  • INnovators: Diamond K Sweets

    A mother and daughter, who enjoyed making fudge together, have kicked it up a notch… to a full-fledged business. Spencer-based Diamond K Sweets & More LLC is home of the Fudge O’Bits and subject of the INnovators with Dr. K. 

  • High Alpha Continues to Build Portfolio

    High Alpha continues to build its portfolio of clients as it unites company creation with venture funding. This new model for entrepreneurship is the focus of this month’s INnovators with Dr. K.

  • The Innovators: Critique Creates Cloud-Based Educational Platform

    The INnovators with Dr. K introduces us to the co-founders of Critique and their unique education platform that involves a cloud-based peer feedback.

  • The INnovators: Meet the Creator and Host of The Listener's Guide

    The Listener's Guide is dubbed as YouTube’s guide to classical music. Creator and Host Steve Johnson explains, reviews and recommends cultural information to help fans understand more about this art form.

  • Literacy Labels App Targets Special Needs Learning

    A Purdue startup has developed an educational app to help people with special needs learn new or difficult skills. The company is Experience Design Group LLC and its first product is Literacy Labels.

  • Upland Brewery Expanding

    Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington says it must stay on top of innovation to stay successful in a fiercely competitive industry. Dr. K sits down with Upland’s founder in this month’s Innovators with Dr. K.

  • The INnovators: Environmental Concrete Products

    This month's INnovators with Dr. K segment features Environmental Concrete Products LLC, a Purdue startup that has developed a product called Fluid iSoylator that can be used to protect new and existing concrete. Founder Paul Imbrock says the product could extend the life of concrete.
  • INnovators With Dr. K: Holdfolio

    Two young entrepreneurs are out to revitalize urban neighborhoods by combining crowdfunding and residential real estate. The founders of Holdfolio are the subjects of this month’s Innovators with Dr. K.

  • INnovators: Checking in With CoatChex

    A Hoosier entrepreneur who once turned down an investment offer from fellow Indiana University graduate Mark Cuban is enjoying national growth. During the INnovators With Dr. K, Pacqué said CoatChex has begun operating in airports.
  • INnovators: Big T Takes Off in Big Apple

    Hoosier native Theresa Krier was inspired to create a couture tea beverage while working backstage at New York Fashion Week. Today, Big T NYC is a staple at the event and is sold online and at stores in the city.
  • The INnovators: Layers By Design

    Northeast Indiana Entrepreneur Jessica Hunnicutt, has channeled her engineering background to launch a unique jewelry business. Layers By Design LLC features pieces crafted by 3D- printing technology.
  • The INnovators: Iris Works

    This month's INnovators with Dr. K segment features portrait photographer Meredith Gradle, who has developed Iris Works, an all-inclusive studio management system that caters to photographers.

About The INnovators

A regular feature on Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick, The Innovators with Dr. K is all about Indiana innovators and their ideas. Hosted by renowned Indiana University entrepreneurship pioneer Dr. Donald Kuratko (aka Dr. K), the segment shines a spotlight on Hoosier entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas, then answer pointed questions from Dr. K.

Dr. Donald F. Kuratko is The Gill Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship at Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Dr. K is considered a prominent scholar and national leader in the field of entrepreneurship. He has published over 190 articles on aspects of entrepreneurship, new venture development and corporate entrepreneurship.

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