• Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    How Telling Your Customers 'No' Can Improve Loyalty

    Business usually try to convert customers into loyalists by giving them what they want. That statement seems obvious... until it's not. Take Milktooth in Indianapolis, for example. The restaurant has become a star of the food scene by telling customers "no." This flies in the face of what most businesses consider to be standard operating procedure. But for Milktooth, saying no is simply good business.

  • Company Culture is #1 to Job Seekers in Indy

    Ten years ago, you wouldn't think that "Naptown" would be known as a national tech hub, but that's exactly the title that Indianapolis is heading towards. Powerhouse companies like Salesforce, Angie's List and Interactive Intelligence have stake in the city, and there are dozens more startups calling the Circle City home. How does company culture factor into the job search, talent retraction and employee retention?

  • 2018 Economic Development Wishes For Indiana

    As we begin a new year, most Hoosiers are filled with hope and optimism for their families. Economic conditions continued to improve in 2017 and the outlook for 2018 is very positive. There is much hard work ahead, but our state's leaders have proven that they can tackle major challenges and look to the future. Here are my top economic development wishes for Indiana as we begin a new year...

  • Look What's Coming: Tax Reform!

    President Trump and Congress are focused on completing a tax bill prior to year-end. Unfortunately, their timing may require quick action to implement a tax strategy in 2017 that can take advantage of the 2018 changes. What's a taxpayer to do?

  • Despite Indy Wins, Economic Improvements Are Needed

    The most unexpected part of the 2022 College Football National Playoff Championship host city announcement was not the winning city itself, it was that the winning city – Indianapolis – was not even required to submit a bid. It was invited to host the championship as part of a no-bid selection process. While this success might be surprising to some, it really shouldn’t be. The fact is, Indianapolis does these big-time sporting events better than any city in the...

  • John McDonald is CEO of ClearObject.

    The New Crossroads: Not Changing What We Do, But How We Do It

    In 1905, an Indianapolis businessman envisioned a better means of testing cars before delivering them to consumers. A circular 3-5 miles long with smooth 100-150 foot-side surfaces would give manufacturers a chance to test cars at sustained speeds and give drivers a chance to learn their limits. The vision of Carl Fisher changed a state and industry forever. Today, we are poised for another industry-disrupting revolution, though this one is not limited to the automotive sector...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: Success or Failure, is How You Perceive It

    There were twin brothers in a small Texas town. They grew up knowing nothing but poverty. One day, their parents were killed instantly in a bus accident. The brothers' condition worsened. At age 17 they separated. Many years later a family member decided to find them for a family reunion. One of the brothers was a wealthy engineer who owned a construction company. He had a wife and three beautiful kids. The other was an alcoholic with no sense of direction for his life.

  • Don't Cheat Yourself or Your Charity When Gifting

    Did you miss last week's "Giving Tuesday?" If you did, it's not too late. But be sure you have a well-thought-out strategy. The right one can provide more to your favorite charity while keeping more in your pocket! It's a win-win for everyone - except the taxman!

  • The Human Side of Digital Transformation: Dealing With The Monkeys in Your Brain

    "It's not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent that survives. It's the most adaptable to change," said Charles Darwin. Throughout digital transformation discussions with executives (in and outside of IT), one of the most common conversations is the complexity and challenge surrounding change. Bottom line, change is hard, requires knowing yourself and embracing differences to continue growing your business. Are you ready?

  • Proposed Tax Plan Could Hurt Indiana Students

    The proposed changes to our tax codes being considered by the U.S. Congress will negatively impact our regional economic competitiveness by limiting the ability for Hoosiers to earn a college degree. As for our tax code, clearly it is time to think about better ways to manage how and why we tax. But, in the case of the current tax changes under consideration, the sweeping impact to higher education will have a devastating effect to our communities in the long term.

  • NSWC Crane Can Strengthen Indy's Economy

    Roughly 80 miles southwest of Indianapolis, the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane is home to more than 3,200 personnel - approximately two-thirds of them scientists, engineers and skilled technicians. It's the only naval base not on a coast, a unique operation with a singular focus: Overcoming the technical challenges facing America's military to build a decisive technological advantage over our adversaries. As an innovative Navy laboratory part of...

  • Revised Overtime Rule Struck Down - What It Means For Employers

    The revised overtime rule proposed by the Department of Labor under the Obama administration was recently struck down by the same U.S. District Judge who put its implementation on hold in November last year. The rule would have more than doubled - from $23,660 to $47,476 - the minimum annual salary that qualified for the Fair Labor Standards Act's "white collar" exemptions. What does this mean for employers and employees?

  • Is Your Money Safe?

    Should you be worried about your money? One-hundred and forty banks failed in 2009. Seven banks have failed so far in 2017! Are you at risk? The good news is FDIC and SIPC insurance protects us from failures like this - and you likely are already insured!  However, knowing the coverage limitations and restrictions of each can further protect your assets and give you peace of mind! Bank on The FDIC The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an independent agency of the U....

  • The Power of Partnerships

    You can't go it alone in tech. All technology companies, regardless of their segment, live in an ecosystem comprised of organisms of varying complexity. More mature companies in established categories can function at the top of the food chain, consuming smaller companies through acquisition, but startups are seldom if ever in a position to gain dominance through acquisition. It’s vital for the success of a startup to be able to play well with others...

  • Four Ways Indiana Has Sharpened Its Position in IoT

    With the number of connected devices expected to reach 28 billion worldwide by 2021, the Internet of Things has changed the way hardware interacts with people and how connections take place. In fact, nearly 16 billion of those connected devices will be related to IoT. Since IoT's global launch, Indiana has evolved into a leader in IoT initiatives...

  • Sign Up For 'my Social Security' - It's a No-Brainer!

    Your current age or status doesn't matter. If you've earned a paycheck at some time in your life, keeping tabs on what the Social Security Administration shows you've earned just makes good sense. But does the thought of waiting in line at the Social Security office make you cringe? Then don't do it! Now there's another option...

  • Increasing Women Leaders in Companies and Associations

    As members of an industry largely populated by male professionals, we see firsthand the need for more diversity. As Katie Culp, president of KSM Location Advisors, noted in a recent blog, diversity leads to better business decisions.

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    An Old Marketing Tool With New Power

    Looking for a better way to connect with customers and prospects in this technology-rich, multi-channel environment? Would you think I was crazy if I suggested using a channel that was developed in the early 20th century? That channel is direct mail. And while many of today’s marketers may dismiss it as a quaint relic of days gone by, it’s actually more powerful than ever before. Surprised? If you understand the factors behind the effectiveness of direct mail, you...

  • Simple Compliance With a Complex Law

    An Indiana company is facing a federal class-action lawsuit for failing to comply with a complex law related to hiring. Yet they could have avoided that lawsuit by following three remarkably simple steps. How do you keep your company from being the next target? The law is the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but the lawsuit has nothing to do with granting credit. It's all about how the company used background screening to make a decision about a candidate for employment.

  • The Critical Importance of Shared Vision

    Vision statements and vision exercises - many organizations have them, but do they work? Business literature on the power of vision exists in abundance. But the real challenge about this strategic element is achieving and acting on a truly shared vision. Make no mistake, the power of shared vision moves mountains, and it's worth the required effort. Here are some thoughts to consider.

  • Flexible Spending Account = Money Saved

    How would you like to save on your next pair of glasses or your child's preschool tuition? You don't need a coupon and you won't have to negotiate a deal - all you need is a Flexible Spending Account. Let’s start with the basics: A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is an employer-sponsored account to which employees can contribute pretax dollars. Contributions are excluded from taxable income and, in addition, not subject to payroll taxes. And when funds are withdrawn for a quali...
  • PR in Plain Sight: Challenging PR's Current Perception Problem

    In the past six months, my colleagues and I have been to various conferences where the topic of public relations has been addressed, and it hasn't been pretty. From the subtle "PR is old school" to the bold "Screw PR" as a standalone presentation slide, there is a general discussion around PR today that - as president of a PR agency - is as frustrating as it is surprisingly validating.

  • Amazon HQ2: How The Indianapolis Region Has Already Won

    This column is not to announce that the Indianapolis metropolitan area has won Amazon's second corporate headquarters - even though it would be incredible news to share with all of you that we beat out 237 other locations for the project. Instead, I want to congratulate the region for coming together as one to pursue a transformative opportunity for its communities and the state.

  • How Will Driverless Cars Shape Our Economy?

    Autonomous cars were relegated to science fiction until fairly recently. Today, the implementation timetable for driverless cars is shrinking as companies race to beat the competition. Research into driverless cars is popping up in Columbus, Bloomington and at IUPUI's Transportation Active Safety Institute, where students are literally test driving the potential for driverless cars. Still, how close are autonomous cars to becoming reality?

  • The Growing Toll of The Opioid Epidemic

    Last week's (i) on Economic Development put the spotlight on Indiana's opioid epidemic and its impact on the economy. What could two people involved in site selection and economic development possibly have to say about this crisis? As it turns out, a lot. Opioid and other drug abuse has a significant impact on Indiana's workforce and, therefore, our economic success.

  • The Amazon Effect: How Big is The Economic Impact?

    Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, increased his net worth by $6.44 billion dollars just by saying a few words. He announced the company's earnings on October 26, 2017, and Amazon stock jumped 8 percent. How are you impacted by the Amazon Effect?

  • Congress Should Act Now to Permanently Repeal The Medical Device Excise Tax

    There's a cloud of uncertainty hanging over one of Indiana's most important employment sectors - the medical device industry. A sales tax on medical devices that has been suspended since 2016 will resume in 2018 unless Congress takes action to repeal it by the end of this year. At a time when technical advancement in the life sciences is at an all-time high, this medical device sales tax threatens to stifle medical advancements, stop new investment, and prevent future job growth.

  • How to Protect Employees During International Travel

    With the rise of technology that allows for instant international communication, companies both large and small have the opportunity to strengthen their business by creating a presence in the global marketplace. While some can simply offer online services from afar, other business partnerships and international expansions involve securing distributors or facilities overseas with face-to-face meetings. These global business opportunities often require employees to work and travel abroad.

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    THE Characteristic Which Defines Leadership

    Davy Crockett had it. George Washington had it. Most certainly, Dwight Eisenhower had it. The cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz really wanted it. What is it? Courage.

  • Housing Trend to Watch: Multigenerational Living

    Multigenerational living, defined as more than two generations living under the same roof, continues to grow in popularity in today's housing market. According to a 2016 Pew Research report, a record 60.6 million Americans lived in multigenerational households in 2014. Generations United explains that means one in six Americans currently lives in a multigenerational household. The trend continues to gain momentum for many reasons...

  • Employer Benefit Enrollment: Trick-or-Treat?

    It's that time of year when goblins ring your doorbell and employer benefit enrollment information pings your mailbox. Employers use these benefits to entice us to join and remain at their companies, but personally owned options may be a better choice. Do you know if your benefits are a trick or a treat? Sometimes, you need to pull off the mask and find out!

  • How the Trucker E-log Law Can Impact Your Company's Cargo

    A long awaited electronic logging device (ELD) rule takes effect Dec. 16, 2017. This new federal rule, years in the making, requires truck operators to use electronic logging devices to record hours they are operating. Paper logs will no longer be kept. Company leaders that depend on their supply chain to run smoothly are encouraged to think now about how to avoid disruption. The new rule has survived numerous legal challenges. The Supreme Court rejected a request to hear arguments...

  • Are you a Social Mediac?

    You won’t find them in the dictionary and spell check doesn’t recognize them. However, I see them every day and have addressed them in workshops and retreats. You may even be one. What is it you may ask? I'm talking about a social mediac. Granted, social mediac is a term coined here, so when it gains traction, remember where you heard it! I can guarantee that we all know one, or may actually be one ourselves. For the point of this discussion...

  • Michael Foit founded Apex in 1998.

    Direct Selling Comes Into a New Age

    A $36 billion U.S. industry is the process of evolution – and the result will mean that both customers and business operators will be protected from the scammers and schemers that too often give that industry a bad name. The direct-selling industry – or what you might know better as the door-to-door-selling industry – is a giant economic engine that grows bigger each year. But it’s also an industry that struggles against a bad reputation perpetuated by a...

  • An Investor's Perspective on the Real Value of Customer Success

    If you are in the tech space in the Midwest, you not only know of Bill Godfrey, but you may have been lucky to reap the benefits of his counsel. He is not merely a substantial investor in SaaS companies in Indiana, but he is also a valued advisor about how to make key early-stage decisions that will impact the success and future valuation of a company. He knows what he knows based, in large part, on his own experience as a software executive at Software Artistry, and then again as...

  • I Lost My Engagement Ring!

    You lose something of value and your first question is "is it covered?" Insurance policies provide a limited amount for such losses, but generally not enough to cover expensive items. To be fully reimbursed, what do you do?   When you purchase a standard homeowners or renters insurance policy, you assume all your personal property is fully protected in the event of a loss. That’s not necessarily true. Items of significant value, as well as any exclusive...

  • A Good 'Space' is About More Than Design

    Spaces Indiana, a competitive design showcase of innovative workspaces in Indiana, recently celebrated five winners from its 2017 pool of candidates, including MOBI, greenlight.guru, Flaherty & Collins, Mimir, and Bradley & Montgomery. These winners were chosen from dozens of forward-thinking, innovative companies who understand that workplace design is critical to realizing success. Attending the Spaces event brought back memories of my first job out of college.

  • Eight Free Ways to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Startup

    It’s easy to avoid investing in diversity and inclusion, especially as a startup founder who’s pulled in dozens of directions. It’s easy to avoid conversations about diversity and inclusion. And it’s downright simple to punt responsibility to the budgets and resources of the tech giants, and hope that the results trickle down to startups. But excuses won’t cut it anymore. Being intentional about diversity and inclusion doesn’t have to cost a dime.

  • Healthcare Marketing Trends in the Fourth Quarter and Beyond

    Healthcare marketing has seen many changes over the last few years. Leading that charge has been the growth of digital tactics in healthcare marketing plans. Digital will continue to grow, and healthcare marketers need to know what else is on the horizon. As 2017’s fourth quarter is looming larger and next year’s marketing plans are hot topics, it’s not too late to look at some of this year’s key hospital marketing trends. I expect that most, if not all, will ...

  • Time Stands Still For No Brand

    We all need to switch things up once in a while—whether it’s changing the paint color in our living room, trying a new kind of food or rearranging our office. It keeps things interesting. It helps us stay current with the times. It broadens our thinking and allows us to better define ourselves. The same goes for a brand. Even the most famous brands in the world periodically change things. Look at the logos for Coca-Cola and Apple through the years and how they’ve ch...

  • (Image courtesy of Bedel Financial Consulting Inc.)

    You Inherited an IRA...Now What?

    Inheriting an IRA can be a blessing.  Dealing with the IRS distribution rules can be a headache. Understanding your options will allow you to avoid unnecessary penalties. If you are the beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and the IRA owner passes away, what are your options?  In order to avoid immediate payment of income tax, you need to understand the rules and meet the time schedule required by the IRS.

  • How Trump's Tax Plan Could Affect You

    After months of behind-the-scenes discussion and hype, the Trump Administration and GOP leaders have finally released their framework for a major overhaul of the U.S. tax code - the biggest of its kind in more than 30 years. For now, many details remain sketchy and a lot of specifics remain to be worked out. And then there is the likelihood of multiple changes being made when - or even if - the plan starts to move through the legislative process...

  • How IP Helped My Business Thrive, And How It Helps Indiana, Too

    On the reality television series "Shark Tank," venture capitalists like "Mr. Wonderful" are much more eager to invest in companies that have a patent or patent-pending innovation. "Why can't I just go make this myself?" is a question often asked by the "sharks." These savvy businesspeople know that Intellectual Property protections are a necessity for any business hoping to make a profit from an original idea or invention. Without it, they risk...

  • Strong Neighborhoods Are Vital to Economic Progress

    A legislative panel recently discussed the merits of a proposal by State Representative Cherrish Pryor (D-94) that would provide property tax breaks to long-time residents of low-income neighborhoods that are now on the rise. The underlying question seems to be "what can cities do to achieve and maintain diversity in neighborhoods in which the cost of living is rapidly increasing?" This is a question that deserves the recent dialogue afforded to it by the legislative panel.

  • Want More Productive Employees? Provide Financial Literacy Education

    Could the key to improving employee productivity lie in providing the right kind of financial literacy education within your workplace? Studies and recent human resources trends suggest there is a compelling business case for providing financial literacy programs to your employees. However, today's employees also require a different kind of financial literacy education.

  • The Underutilized HSA

    Health Savings Accounts have increased significantly over the last ten years. By law, these accounts are so tax-efficient they may be the best investment vehicle available. Then why are we not maximizing their use? According to America's Health Insurance Plans, the number of participants in HSAs increased from 3.2 million in 2006 to 20.2 million in 2016. Why the HSA craze? Because HSAs pack a triple tax benefit that no other investment account can beat! That said...

  • The Home Stretch: Six Quick Tips to Finish Strong in 2017

    With three-quarters of the year behind us, we've officially entered the final stretch of 2017. With 2018 just around the corner, many companies are feeling the pressure to finish strong. So, it's important to take an assessment of where you are and what you need to do to meet - and exceed - your end-of-the-year goals. Whether you're right on track or falling short of your performance expectations, these quick tips may help ensure you head into the new year with some positive momentum.

  • Finding a Quality Investment Partner to Scale Your Business

    Strong entrepreneurs often find that in order for their companies to continue to grow and scale they need to take on additional capital. Sometimes the additional capital required to grow the company takes the form of an SBA loan from a local bank. Other times it comes from an angel investor or private equity investor who has expressed an interest in investing in the business. Private investment has the potential to catapult the business to new heights, but...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: Changing Your Message

    The blind man was holding a sign near the entrance to a beautiful park. The sign read "I am blind, please help me." An innovative businessman walked by and saw the man had a few dollar bills in his hat. He asked the blind man if he could change the sign. The man said, "Sure, if you think it will help me." The businessman took the sign and wrote a new message on it, returned it, and left. Later that day, the businessman returned to the park and saw that...

  • How Legal Technology Helps Firms Protect Client Data

    Securing that client data is protected is a top priority for law firms, and with the industry shifting toward digital workflows and leveraging legal technology, security is becoming a major concern. The cost of a data breach is staggering, with the average consolidated cost growing from $3.8M to $4.3M from 2015 to 2016. And take for example, DLA Piper's recent ransomware attack that shuttered the firm's day-to-day functionality...

  • Does Politics Impact Your Portfolio?

    Our nation's unprecedented level of political controversy has amplified the fears of many investors. Typically, heightened investor fear equates to increased stock market volatility. But the market is on a record-setting trend... should you be worried? People want to know: "How will the stock market react if President Trump does 'x'?" or "How will it react if Congress doesn’t pass the income tax, estate tax, or healthcare reform?" Everyone is on edge. But is...

  • Lessons Learned Through Another Company's History

    Nearly two years ago, one of our agency’s longtime clients asked us to develop a coffee-table book celebrating their company’s centennial. In bringing that project to fruition, I learned a lot about the company, but learned even more about running a business. The company is Western States Manufacturing, a Cincinnati-area maker of centrifugal devices for the sugar...

  • What Managers Should Ask Themselves When Employees Aren't Performing

    In general, employees want to perform well on behalf of their company - whether it comes from personal drive or wanting to do well as part of the team. If an individual is underperforming in some way, usually there is an underlying cause other than laziness or lack of interest. According to Gallup, managers account for at least 70 percent of variance in employee engagement scores across businesses. This means if an employee is underperforming or under-engaged...

  • Keep Vulnerable Adults Safe From Financial Exploitation

    Every year, we are thoughtfully reminded to pay extra respect to our elderly with the national holiday recognizing Grandparents Day across this country. Whether it's a grandparent, an elderly neighbor or a good friend who gets the extra hug, card or gift, the occasion offers a reminder to check-in on the well-being of that special elderly person in your life. And should serve as a reminder to keep tabs all year-round.

  • How Leaders Can Encourage Organizational Collaboration

    The open office floor plan has become very popular over the past decade, and it really does encourage collaboration among employees. It's also taught people how to hide in the wide open by focusing in on their own space to hold onto some privacy and focus. Those who have worked in a busy office know that you adapt by...

  • Ball Cap, Bottle Cap... Market Cap?

    What size is your market cap? Prudent investors know that company size is an important factor when building a portfolio. Large established companies tend to be more stable and predictable, while small companies with unproven potential can be risky investments. Is your market cap a good fit for you? Confused about market cap? Here's what you need to know...

  • Process Optimization And The Art of Mapmaking - Two Case Studies

    Large or small, businesses contain processes that define how they work. Those processes may be simple or complex, and may or may not be documented and consistent across the organization. During growth and change, processes tend to become more complex in one of two ways: Like pioneers exploring uncharted territory, start-up organizations tend to build processes organically. These methods are rarely documented and evolve quickly with technology and business changes.

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    What Drives Customer Loyalty?

    To drive customer loyalty, a company must first be able to identify its loyal customers. Seems pretty obvious, right? So what's the exact threshold that defines a loyal customer for your business? Recognizing a loyal customer means an opportunity to reward them and reinforce a virtuous cycle of delight and profitability. When companies miss the drivers of loyalty, they can alienate or even lose valuable customer relationships - and that can be an expensive oversight.

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    Disagreeing Isn't Inherently Disagreeable

    Most of us have an inherent distaste for conflict. And somewhere along the way, society has reached a conclusion that disagreement is a bad thing. When it comes to business advice and decisions, that conclusion can be deadly. I see two factors that have contributed to the current state of disagreement. One is the national political climate, which is the most polarized I can remember since my father was snarling about those damned hippies. The other is social media, which seems to...

  • Hiring: Damned If You Do...

    Finding and hiring the right employees is already one of the toughest challenges facing today’s employers. And it seems that every time employers devise a strategy to make that process easier, they discover laws and regulations that interfere. Take two of the most common techniques employers use as part of their screening processes...

  • Equifax Victim? Now What?

    I'm frustrated and mad! I do everything I can to protect my personal information by changing passwords and keeping them secure. Then a major bank, insurance company or credit agency gets hacked! And poof, just like that all my information is in the hands of a cyber thief! I was a victim of the most recent data breach at Equifax. Here's what happened and what you should do if your information was compromised...

  • 8 Keys to Team Indy Landing Amazon

    In the economic development world, Amazon's search for a second headquarters (or "HQ2," as the cool kids call it) is sucking up all the oxygen at the water cooler - and with good reason. If the recent eclipse was a generational event in the astronomical world, the same can be said for the Amazon project in economic development circles. Fifty thousand jobs paying $100,000 a year and a $5 billion capital investment? A project of this ilk may not...

  • GIVING Should Increase in The Final Quarter of The Year

    For many retail business, the final quarter of the year can make or break their income statement. For nonprofits, the same period greatly influences their ability to deliver programming, since it's when most of the charitable giving happens. As a result, it's time for every organization to take stock of their plans and opportunities that exist in the coming months.

  • Alternatives to Flying Commercial? Buy Or Lease Your Own Jet

    Corporate and personal aviation has returned for many passengers in the U.S., after being grounded, or at least staled, in the wake of the Great Recession. Rising financial markets, growing corporate earnings, a strong U.S. dollar, and increasing consumer and business confidence are driving demand for private aircraft. Across the country, private aircraft flight hours are up, charter aircraft use is up, and private aircraft inventory is looking better than it did a decade ago.

  • Slowing Down in a Fast Housing Market Can Pay Off

    Convenient, fast, easy. Ordering almost anything on your phone is becoming the norm as the tech and connections on all of our devices gets better and better. But for one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make, it’s time to slow down and make sure you are confident in your financial choices. That’s particularly true with obtaining a mortgage. Research shows that when it comes to establishing roots by buying a home – and taking on a significant...

  • Can You Afford to Play The Odds?

    If you are 65 years old, you have a 70 percent chance of needing long-term care. Can you afford $90,000 per year? If not, you may want to include LTC insurance in your financial plan. Or, you can take the chance of being in the lucky 30 percent!

  • The Value of Hiring The Right Professional Advisor

    In today's world when it is even more important for leaders to focus on core business functions, external professional advisors are increasingly assisting companies with key initiatives and projects. As a result, it is vital for businesses to select the right partner to help them with issues that impact performance. When companies need to make decisions regarding where to expand, consolidate or locate facilities, many corporate leaders engage a site location advisor...

  • Tomorrow's Manufacturing Work Force 'Made in Indy' at JA JobSpark

    Back when today's 8th graders were in kindergarten listening to their teachers read aloud, the story of manufacturing in Indiana looked like anything but a fairy tale. Manufacturing employment had been declining for decades and economic turmoil around the housing crisis pushed the numbers even lower. But a new trend has taken hold over the last eight years. As those kindergarteners grew up, manufacturing in Indianapolis and across the state has grown every year, too...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Grow Your Business: By Making Things Happen

    There are three kinds of people, as the saying goes; those who WATCH things happen, those who MAKE things happen and those who DON'T KNOW what's happening. Only you can determine which kind of person you want to be. Some individuals would rather watch something happen than participate in any activity and that's okay. Others, whether by happenstance or design, do not have a clue what is going on around them.

  • Dr. Greg Larkin is pictured left and Don Kelso is pictured right.

    Healthcare Access to Deliver Babies Is Disappearing in Rural Indiana

    It's a quiet crisis, but a real one. Increasingly, pregnant women who are part of the 1.4 million Hoosiers living in rural areas face a forbidding truth: despite earnest efforts to maintain a full spectrum of healthcare services, more than 30 Indiana counties today have no obstetric capacity - the specialized medical ability to support childbirth. Further, many counties have birthing centers reduced to no regular access by mothers-to-be for professional prenatal and maternal care.

  • Why The 'Open Office' Isn't a Workplace Strategy

    You've heard it. I've heard it. More and more, good or bad, the term "open office" is poking its head into everyday conversations and professional articles alike. It's often defined as an office trend that stresses collaboration but reduces productivity. And, quite frankly, when results don't meet expectations, the "open office" earns an undesirable reputation. It’s no wonder why. Building an open work environment without...

  • 5 Important Ways Great Leaders Earn Trust And Respect

    Difficult to earn and easily lost, trust and respect are two of the most important characteristics of great leadership. Workers look to their leaders for guidance and behavioral cues that influence the way they react to a given situation. So, the trust a workforce has for the people in charge greatly impacts productivity. In fact, according to the 2017 Society for Human Resource Management Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report, 61 percent of employees said...

  • Culinary And Agritourism Are Indiana's Calling Cards

    Coming off another fabulous Indiana State Fair and as we approach our annual Fall harvest, I am compelled to write about the culinary and agritourism profile of our state. In March of this year, together with the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, we unveiled a culinary and agritourism strategy for Indiana: In my view, agriculture has always been the calling card of Indiana. Now culinary and agritourism are bolstering it further.

  • R U Texting Job Candidates? Here's Why You Should

    The hiring process for job candidates now takes longer than ever, according to a report from Glassdoor Economic Research. The average overall job interview process in the U.S. today takes 22.9 days, compared to roughly 12.5 days just seven years ago. While there are a number of reasons for this increase, including requiring more group panel interviews, background checks and skills tests, one of the biggest delays for recruiters comes at the very onset of the interview process.

  • Is Boat Insurance Necessary?

    According to the 2015 U.S. Boat Registrations Report, more than 70 million people own a boat. Unfortunately, some boaters may not realize the risks of ownership. What if you wipe out a pier at the marina? Or, someone gets injured while onboard? Will you be covered…or not?

  • Wojtowicz is president of Indianapolis-based Cambridge Capital Management Corp., a loan management firm she founded in 1983.

    Work With People You Trust, And Who Know You

    The old phrase "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is" applies to many situations, including small-business financing. Do you want to start a business? If you own a business, is now a good time to expand? Many businesses are doing well right now. The economy shows modest improvement during most quarters. Consumer spending is up, but wages are sluggish. Given all this, you need to look further into the future than...

  • The Dangers of Paying Employees Too Much

    One of the more challenging compensation conversations I have as a consultant is helping clients understand that offering the highest pay isn't always the best option. There are dangers and downsides to "overpaying" people. It's certainly an unpopular sentiment at the neighborhood BBQ (and likely among many who read this article).

  • Benefits Of The 'Somewhere Between 4-40 Hour' Work Week

    Burnout. Retirement. Altered work schedules--so many conversations about this of late. Tim Ferriss of course has his 4-hour work week. If you haven't read the book, (I'd be shocked if you haven't by now), it's worth a quick read. However, as much as it's lovely to consider, I don't really think a 4-hour work week is feasible for most of us--unless we are an ex-POTUS, Brad Pitt or Tim Ferriss. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the 40-hour (or more) work week.

  • Looking Towards The Future: Indy's Faces of Global Trade

    Last week, the Indy Chamber hosted one of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's top experts on global trade: Derek Gianino, Director of International Policy for the U.S. Chamber, who came to Indianapolis to hear from local employers and promote the national "Faces of Trade" initiative, a campaign to tell the real-life stories of American workers, employers and entrepreneurs who benefit from international business.

  • Millennials: Are You Falling Prey to Mistakes?

    Are you a Millennial? If so, you've probably been blamed for the demise of everything from dinner dates to face-to-face interactions. But, you've got one thing other generations wish they still had - time. Here's how to make the most of your working years. I'm a millennial. So, I understand the appeal of certain financial opportunities. My advice: Don't fall victim to career and financial mistakes that may look like good deals at first glance!

  • Four Ways to Build an Elite Team (On or Off The Field)

    During the past 26 years in business, I've been able to curate some of the most elite working teams -- one of which we're building right here in Indianapolis -- and learned how to manage individuals into becoming more effective as a unit. I also have a passion for youth sports and have taken a team of neighborhood kids to the Little League World Series. From both experiences I've found some major consistencies between business and sports and use those consistently to model teams.

  • 90 Minutes by 2020

    Chicago is the third-biggest city in the United States and more than ten million people live in the Chicagoland metropolitan area. Another seventy-six million people visit the area each year. Chicago is an international hub for commerce, and is a leader in industries like finance, manufacturing, technology, and telecommunications. It boasts the second busiest airport in the world and has one of the largest, most diversified economies in the world.

  • Sparking Early Interest in Indy’s High-Tech Careers

    Across Indianapolis, middle-schoolers are settling into the first weeks of the school year.  As they tackle new lessons and grapple with their daily dose of homework, these students aren’t thinking about their place in Indiana’s future economy.  That’s ok, because state policymakers are increasingly doing so. Keeping an eye on employment trends, it’s clear that Indiana needs a new generation of tech-savvy workers.

  • Direct Primary Care: A Growing Trend

    For a moment, imagine your relationship with your doctor could be more like other professional service relationships. It's hardly a novel concept. For decades that's how it worked... You would visit your doctor, receive your needed care and pay the doctor directly for time and services. We've reached a point now, however, where it seems there are more people who don't remember this than who do.

  • The Unexpected Economic Value of Volunteering

    Everyone knows volunteering is a good thing to do. Volunteers touch lives and make a difference. However, volunteering also provides true economic value. Be proud: Indianapolis ranks 10th among the nation's largest cities for volunteering! Who are these volunteers? The latest "Volunteering in the United States" report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (February 2016) contains a treasure trove of demographic information about volunteers. Have you ever wondered who volunteers...
  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    You Want People to Feel, Not Think

    I've seen organizations make a lot of mistakes in marketing communications, but one looms over all of them as the most common with the greatest impact. It's the mistaken belief that the best way to motivate people to a course of action is to make them think. The most successful marketers and salespeople know better. They realize there's a far more effective way to get people to buy your product, use your service, support your cause or even simply listen more...

  • No Red Flags is a Big Red Flag

    If you've requested hundreds of background screenings on candidates and employees and haven't seen any results, it means one of two things: you're hiring angels, or more likely, your background screening provider is dropping the ball. In a recent column, I mentioned that some companies drop the background screening process after they receive no negative reports, because they reason that there’s no need for them to screen.

  • 'What Do You Expect?' is a Good Question to Ask

    What is expected of us in our position within a business or organization? It's a question people tend to ask when they’re first hired or promoted, but not afterward - especially those in an executive or management role. If you want to excel on a personal basis as well as make the company better, it's a good idea to regularly ask others, "what do you expect of me?" And not just your supervisors, but also those under you within the hierarchy.

  • Make Budget Basics Part of College Checklist

    All across the country, college-bound students and their families are running through the move-in day checklist: Sheets and towels? Check. In-room refrigerator? Check. Shower caddy? Check. First-year-away-from-home-budget - Probably not even on the list. It's no secret higher education is an increasingly expensive investment that can affect students' and their families' personal finance, starting with saving for college through to paying off student loans.

  • Your Aging Parent is Ill - Now What?

    If your dad is suddenly hospitalized, who would your mom turn to for help? You? If so, do you understand Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care policies? The more you know, the less stressful it will be for everyone.

  • The Department of The Navy's Outreach to Indiana Business

    In fiscal year 2016, the Department of the Navy, which includes the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps, awarded about $156 million in contracts to small businesses in the state of Indiana. More than $9.2 million of those contracts went to small businesses located within a 50 mile radius of Indianapolis. While the numbers are impressive, we are confident that Hoosier small businesses can play an even bigger role moving forward.

  • The Future is Creative

    We know that many jobs of yesteryear, and even some of yesterday, are changing drastically. And we know the culprit, to a large degree, is advancing technology. Whether its robots, artificial intelligence or automation, technology is changing how humans work. And, while some jobs we humans hold today may be doomed to disappear in the not-too-distant future, history has taught us this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth Via The Internet of Things

    Former President Ronald Reagan said "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you." While that phrase might bring a chuckle to some people, it is hardly a laughing matter to others. The same thoughts come to mind with the concept of the Internet of Things. The optimistic view is that it will be a great help to everyone. Pessimists, on the other hand, see it as more of an ever increasing invasion of their privacy. Reality will probably be somewhere in between.

  • Growing Indy's Entrepreneur Ecosystem

    From corporate support for the largest collegiate hackathon in Pennsylvania to engaging with the local technology community through our partnership with Inside INdiana Business on their Town Hall series, we believe innovation is imperative to shaping cities of the future and the next generation of entrepreneurs. During the recent Tech Town Hall at Union 525, it was clear Indiana’s future economic success will be shaped significantly by emerging technology entrepreneurs.

  • Travel Insurance: 3 Things to Know

    Have you ever considered purchasing travel insurance but weren't sure how to begin - or whether it would even be worth having? Fear not! It's actually pretty easy to determine if you need it, as well as obtain it, if you do. It's a matter of knowing the answers to three questions. Travel insurance can be beneficial in many scenarios. For example...

  • How Campus Visits Answered My Questions About College

    As a high schooler looking at colleges I remember one thing clearly: being overwhelmed by the number of choices. It seemed as if there were hundreds of colleges with good programs to pick from. Where do I go? What do I do? Which school is the best for me? As I began the process of sifting through all of these schools, I quickly realized that I needed to find a criteria list. What was I looking for to create my ideal college experience?

  • Benefits of Partnering With a Local PEO

    Exactly how much time does your company spend on HR-related tasks? An infographic shows HR teams, on average, spend over 50 percent of their time on three non-HR-admin areas within a business: meeting with senior staff and business partners, employee relations and engagement, and meeting with employees. This means essentially half the remaining HR staffs' time is being spent on admin-related tasks. More companies are turning to professional employer organizations as a solution.

  • Workplace Humor: Can It Help Your Business?

    Humor is one of those things in life that is wonderful when it works and awkward when it doesn’t. Just think of a time when a joke you told got a laugh from everyone in the room. Then compare it to another time when your wit was met with blank stares and offended looks. In the workplace, especially, humor has been blamed for some pretty big upsets, causing it to become a sensitive subject around the office. But research indicates that workplace laughter has its benefits.

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    Are You Connecting With Your Customers?

    Picture a high-end jewelry store. Fine jewelry isn't purchased on any regular schedule, so the business doesn't always know when a customer wants to make a new purchase. Let's assume this company offers an incredible in-store experience. They send occasional emails and mailers about sales or special events. But customer outreach at an individual level is left to the sales folks.

  • Annual Checkup Means Healthy Portfolio

    Everyone knows an annual physical is recommended for most adults. Seeing your doctor on a regular basis helps identify potential health problems before they become serious. Your investment portfolio needs an annual checkup, too. Just like your annual physical, a periodic review of your portfolio can help you avoid unpleasant surprises down the road and keep your financial strategy on track. Here are some tips for fine-tuning your financial checkup...

  • Indiana's Potential as a Leader in Healthcare Tech

    The explosive success and high-profile acquisitions of local businesses such as ExactTarget and Interactive Intelligence have put Indiana on the map as a rising hotspot in the tech industry. Thanks to a growing talent base, software-as-a-service innovations and a healthy desire to solve problems, our collection of marketing tech businesses stack up against any state in the Union. Add several other factors and you'll see why Indiana is becoming a leader in health care tech, as well.

  • Why Early Learning Matters For Northern Indiana

    Governor Eric Holcomb recently signed into law more funding for Indiana’s On My Way Pre-K programs, an indicator of the state’s growing support for early childhood education. Fifteen additional counties will be added to the school readiness initiative, including many in northern Indiana. The effect of all this learning and development is nearly invisible to the eye, but the impact on children is immeasurable and often shapes their chances of success in school and life.

  • Up to INDOT Now to Finish What It Started!

    If you were one of the forty-four million people traveling over the 4th of July Holiday, you might have noticed a slight increase in your gas price. If you bought that gas in Indiana, a $.10 increase per gallon in tax went into effect on July 1 because of action by the Indiana General Assembly during their 2017 session.

  • Survey Shows Job Satisfaction High, Compensation Satisfaction Lags

    The good news? Overall U.S. employee job satisfaction continues to rank highly at 89 percent. The not-so-good news? There's a wide gap between those who rate satisfaction with compensation as very important (61 percent) and those who actually feel very satisfied with their current level of compensation (26 percent). This 35 percentage-point difference regarding compensation was the largest gap noted in the...

  • Stock Market: Stay In or Get Out?

    Recently we've enjoyed a bull market with stocks nearing an all-time high. The Standard & Poor 500 Index is up more than 300 percent from its low level of 2009! Investors are asking: Should I be in or out? While some long-term investors are celebrating, others are wondering if they should pull out now before the market takes a nosedive. Does that sound like you? Before you make a hasty exit, you better be prepared to face the potential repercussions!

  • Technology Cities to Watch

    There is little doubt that technology is a major driver in today’s economy. Some cities are performing very well. In a recent report by Cushman & Wakefield, five key metrics are identified and evaluated to measure what distinguishes a leading technology city.

  • Your Business Is Not Immune From a Ransomware Attack

    If you're a business owner, there's no doubt the recent waves of ransomware attacks have raised your level of concern. Ever-increasing cyber threats hold your electronic data hostage in return for payment and effectively bring your business to a grinding halt. While you may think hackers only go after big corporations, small to medium-sized businesses can still be a casualty. Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows that it's more a matter of when it happens, rather than if.

  • Factors to Consider When Your Space Needs An Upgrade

    There comes a time in every organization's life when its space just isn't working. Building systems are aging, the layout is inefficient, and the floorplan doesn't reflect the way employees want - or need - to work. There are decisions to make: should you renovate the existing space or move into a different building? Should you purchase a building or lease a space?

  • Use Your People Strategy as Your Competitive Advantage

    I was flipping through some old school papers I've hung on to for far too long and found my notes from Michael Porter's book, Competitive Advantage. If you haven't heard of Michael Porter, here's a great summary of him and the business ideas and strategies he's shared over the years. In this particular book, Porter said companies win over their competitors by being cheaper or by being different - being perceived by the customer as better or more relevant.

  • Demystifying 'Equity Compensation'

    Does your employee incentive package include something called "equity compensation?" If so, congratulations! If all goes well, equity compensation can increase your personal net worth. What is it and how does it benefit you?

  • How to Hit The Half-Year Reset Button in 5 Steps

    Ok, my good people - we are now officially in the third quarter of 2017. While my head and heart sometimes feel stuck somewhere between 2011-2012, it's time for all of us to pause and hit the reset button now on this year for our careers and lives. I'm going to share with you part of what I coach my clients to do at this time of year, and part of the method I use on myself for this time of year to make sure I'm heading in the right direction.

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Grow Your Business: Overcoming Obstacles

    What is the top obstacle preventing your business from growing? One company was faced with a significant problem that impacted the delivery of their primary revenue stream, so they called a meeting of some personnel in order to solve the problem...

  • Questions to Ask Your Commercial Security Provider

    A commercial security system ensures a safe and secure business environment for all employees and guests. An effective security system will protect against unlawful entry and theft, and foster a safe and productive work environment for all staff. Thieves are always on the lookout for their next opportunity, and a business provides plenty. To stay one step ahead of a potential thief, businesses should protect and secure their property, data, resources and employees.

  • Technology's Impact on Work-Life Balance

    There are very few parts of life that remain untouched by technology in one way or another. From medicine to autonomous cars, we're advancing at breakneck speed, and in many ways, our lives are greatly improved because of it. In the workplace, advances in technology allow us to work in new ways that weren't possible in the past. Constraints, like location, have become more of a non-issue. However, it presents several pros and cons for work-life balance.

  • We Can and Must Do Better - Together

    This year, Congress has worked hard to craft solutions to real challenges being experienced in the healthcare marketplace. The fact is that in many states the individual insurance market needs to offer more health plan options at lower cost for Hoosiers. We need Congress to act now. Throughout this debate, St. Vincent, part of Ascension, has sought to be a voice for our patients by calling on Congress to pass legislation that meets three simple principles...

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    Two Rules to Prevent PR Disasters

    There was a time when a mention of United Airlines conjured the company's enduring slogan, "Fly the friendly skies of United." More recently, the storied airline's name has been linked with less-friendly cultural references such as "Fight Club." The viral video of a "bumped" passenger being removed from the plane may have lit the fuse, but the real social media explosion resulted from the subsequent tone-deaf statement delivered...

  • International Stocks: Is Now The Time?

    After years of underperformance compared to U.S. stocks, international stocks have sprung to life over the past 12 months. This is welcomed news for investors who've stayed the course with international allocations. And it may get even better!

  • Lessons From My Summer Job

    Area college students have returned home in search of a summer employment opportunity. Over the next few weeks, high school students will join them as their school year comes to a close. The youth labor force grows sharply this time each year. In addition to large numbers of high school and college students searching for summer jobs, many graduates enter the labor market to look for or begin permanent employment. Employers stand ready to welcome those young people to the workforce.

  • How Corporate Activism Makes a Difference And Drives a Bottom Line

    It's June. That means the rainbow flag is everywhere throughout corporate America. As the anniversary of the LGBT rights movement, the month gives companies a platform to show support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community including their employees and customers. It's easy to dismiss corporate floats in pride parades or rainbow-themed company logos as little more than marketing aimed at younger, urban consumers. Yet, a closer look at two cities...

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    Indy's Culture of Failing Successfully

    Asking successful executives to share their failures can be somewhat disingenuous. As a newcomer to Indianapolis, I was curious to attend the inX3 conference and see how Indiana’s tech luminaries chose to tell their stories of failure at the conference launch event, Fail Fest. I expected thinly veiled self-promotion and affirmations of ultimate triumph. I was pleasantly surprised to see thoughtful assessment and genuine introspection as business leaders shared...

  • Saving Cash Abroad

    Summer is here and the travel season is in full swing. If you're planning to vacation abroad and explore other countries, now's the time to determine how to get the most out of your experience without blowing your budget. Before you jet off, consider some ways you can save money! According to the National Travel and Tourism Office, in 2016 a record number of Americans traveled abroad - 66,960,943 to be exact. And that trend is anticipated to continue in 2017.

  • How to Tackle Student Loan Debt And Fuel The Indiana Economy

    With graduation season complete, thousands of newly minted college graduates are entering Indiana's work force. It's a time for celebration, but as the pomp and circumstance fades, many recent graduates and their families are asking a serious question: How will I begin to pay off my student loans?

  • Omni-Channel or Omni-Chaos? Getting The Customer Experience Right

    What happens when a prospect or customer comes into contact with you? Expectations are high. And they're getting higher. Whether online on a digital platform, in a brick and mortar store, or in traditional media environment, your message, content and experience is expected to be seamless, meaningful and fulfilling. But as mobile moves in as an increasingly dominant marketing platform, things are changing...

  • The Case for A World Trade Center in Indianapolis

    In January, I announced that upon leaving office as Indiana's Attorney General that I would chair a group seeking to bring a World Trade Center to Indiana, located in Indianapolis. Joining me in this effort are two former public servants, Doris Anne Sadler and Travis Spotts, who are serving as president and executive director of the WTC Indianapolis bid, respectively. What is a World Trade Center and why is it important?

  • Raising a Glass to The State That Raised Us

    INX3, starting today in Indianapolis, puts the full force of Indiana's thriving startup community on display. It also provides a chance to reflect on the many wonderful elements of this state’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and how Indiana has helped me and my team grow our company Go Electric into what we are today. Building something from scratch is challenging, and having the proper support and guidance in the earliest stages is pivotal for success.

  • Building on Indiana's Success

    As we approach the mid-point of 2017, it is important for Indiana's elected officials and thought leaders to not only think about what they want to accomplish for the rest of this year, but identify priorities for the next 5 to 10 years. Our state has accomplished a great deal in the past decade and there is much to be proud of in terms of results. We should take pride in our outcomes, however, there still is a lot of work ahead of us for Indiana to achieve its potential.

  • Perfect Storm For Long-term Care

    The long-term care industry continues to face a perfect storm. Sales are shrinking, premiums are increasing (especially for women), interest rates remain low, and health care expenses keep rising. If you think it's only the elderly who are feeling the pain, think again! It's current and future policyholders as well as the young. How do you "weather" this storm? Today’s Premium Environment Why is this perfect storm gaining momentum now? A look at the two categories of...
  • Preparing Indiana For Environmental Change

    Hoosiers love to talk about the weather. A common saying here goes, "if you don't like it right now, just wait a few minutes." It's a funny refrain, but the weather - and more specifically, our environment - is no laughing matter when you consider the economic impact of extreme weather on the state of Indiana has totaled more than $6 billion since 2011.

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: By Expanding Your Sales Model

    General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt has said "it's our belief that every industrial company, in the coming age, is also going to be a software and analytics company. The people that deny that digitization is going to impact every corner of the economy are going to be left behind." Apparently, General Electric is doing exactly what Immelt admonished other businesses to do.

  • Going Beyond Logos And Fonts to Get Visual Branding Right

    Defining who you are and picking out a logo might seem like all you need to do to develop your brand. You might even have a typeface and color palette that you use on your website. While this is a good start, there's a lot more that goes into visual brand than just fonts and colors. Think of all the marketing channels you have that are being approached throughout the organization, not to mention all the touchpoints within the buyer journey.

  • From Classrooms to Cubicles

    Spring Commencement is over and the Class of 2017 is entering the work force. Gone are mornings that begin at 10 a.m., nap-filled afternoons and endless nights at the library! For most college grads, this rite of passage entails numerous lifestyle changes. And managing that paycheck is a major one. Just one short year ago I was in your shoes. In that amount of time I've become a pro at navigating the "adult" world.

  • Account-Based Marketing For Employee Email

    What is Account-Based Marketing? Account-based marketing provides a strategy for B2B companies who want to grow revenue by focusing on the best-fit prospects. Most marketing strategies include a broad approach to lead generation with the goal of capturing as many leads as possible, but 65 percent of marketers still say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.

  • Must-Have Skills The Future Work Place Will Demand

    A popular storyline in science fiction, the concept of technological singularity states that there will eventually come a point in time when society will become so technologically advanced that machines will no longer need humans to "survive." Luckily, we're not quite there yet. However, it is true the pace of technology advancement is moving quickly, which means big changes - both positive and negative - for the way we live and interact with the world around us.

  • The Growth of IoT in Agriculture

    One of the oldest human trades is farming. Since the dawn of civilization, a need for regular, stable food production has been a staple of society. Today, agriculture is responsible for over $130 billion of our gross GDP in America. 

  • To Meet Today's Health Care Needs, Close The Nursing Shortage

    Cultivating and attracting talent has rightly been top-of-mind for Hoosier business leaders of late - particularly as graduation season comes to a close. After all, addressing talent gap - or nurturing key talent pipelines - in key segments of our economy is essential. But as we prioritize the attraction and retention of Central Indiana's technology leaders, engineers and digital champions, healthcare must also be top of mind.

  • Help Kids Serve Today to Lead Tomorrow

    A movement is underway to continue improving the lives of youth and families in Indiana. This movement was made official by The Indiana Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana at the end of last year when the group released a three-year strategic plan so every child in the state can grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, and have ample opportunities to become a healthy, productive adult.

  • Transferring Assets to Grandchildren

    Planning the transfer of assets to grandchildren is in many ways similar to transferring assets to your own children, with a few exceptions...

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    Ditch The Exit Interview - Consider This Instead

    Ah, the joy of the exit interview. No matter why an employee leaves a company, it's an awkward experience. Most of the time, it's reasonable for employees to ask themselves if HR really wants to get meaningful feedback. After all, by the time someone is in the exit interview, the deed is done. They've resigned. They're outta there. What if there's a better way?

  • Home Prices: Going Up Says The Magic 8-Ball

    Thinking about buying or selling a home? In central Indiana, home prices have never been stronger. Will this trend continue? If so, how long? While the future is hard to predict, there are several positive factors - and then there’s the Magic 8 Ball...

  • Bad Compliance: Where Incentive Deals Go To Die

    Working in the field of site selection and incentives can be exciting. Big announcements, meeting important elected officials, and attending celebratory dinners are all in a day's work. Then there is incentives compliance, which is probably considered the opposite of exciting...

  • Reducing The Risk of Fire in Business

    A fire can be devastating to a business in many ways. Not only can it cause injury and possibly death, but it can cause extended downtime resulting in a loss of revenue. Even the smallest fire can result in extensive property damage costs. In fact, depending on the type of facility, property damage costs can range from $8,000 to $128,000. More than 75 percent of companies that experience a serious fire go out of business, either directly as a result of the fire or within 3 years of...

  • The Remote Work Debate: Which Side Will Win?

    IBM will be implementing a new company-wide policy that no longer allows employees to work remotely. U.S.-based employees will have the choice to commute to one of six main offices or they will be asked to leave the company altogether. According to IBM, this decision was made as a solution to combat several consecutive quarters of revenue loss. Like IBM, others are starting to return to a more traditional workflow...

  • How Employees Get to Work Affects Your Workplace

    If you could spend little or no money and address an issue that affects nearly half of your employees’ job satisfaction, would you? How about if you could save an employee hundreds of dollars a year in taxes? Help improve your workers’ overall health? Increase productivity? All with little or no cost to you? Most employers would jump at such opportunities, and many have, by encouraging employees to use alternative methods of getting to and from work each day.

  • (Image courtesy of Bedel Financial Consulting Inc.)

    Longevity Planning: Covering All The Bases

    You've executed a last will and testament and created a plan for divvying up your assets when you pass. You're covered, right? Not completely! What happens if calamity strikes and your final years aren't so vibrant? Do you have a plan for that?

  • Invest in Tech: 3 Ways To Grow Indiana's Economy

    As anyone who has built a business or community knows, slow-moving economies don't often emerge as leaders. We're seeing it play out today: Indiana's tech and innovation community has a lot of momentum, and the ability to create more high-wage, tax-paying jobs - but not without more venture capital and connectivity to other major hubs. We are proud to call Indiana "home," but we need support from those who influence policy and their constituencies. Otherwise...

  • Celebrating Innovation And Entrepreneurship in a Community

    In his book The Coming Jobs War, author Jim Clifton says "Today’s explorers migrate to the cities that are most likely to maximize innovation and entrepreneurial talents and skill. Wherever the most talented choose to migrate is where the next economic empires will rise. That’s why San Francisco, Seoul, and Singapore have become such colossal engines of job creation."

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    Deceit is a Lousy Way to Start Relationships

    A greeting-card envelope appeared in this week’s mail. No return address, no stamp, just a colorful envelope. Curious, I slit it open and discovered an internet provider’s latest pitch, ingeniously disguised as a greeting card. Was I flattered? Touched? Tickled? Delighted? Impressed by the cleverness? Overwhelmed with good feelings about this witty vendor? No, I was actually repulsed by the idea that...

  • Crowdfunding: Now Anyone Can Own a Skyscraper!

    Have you ever wanted to own a skyscraper? How about an entire apartment complex? Well, good news, now you can! And, you don't have to meet "accredited investor" requirements. How? It's called crowdfunding!

  • How to Consider Cultural Fit in Your Hiring Process

    Think of the perfect candidate -- one whose skills and experience match perfectly with a job description. It's hard to imagine this candidate struggling in the workplace, yet it happens all the time. Why? Too often, companies become blinded by a resume and fail to consider cultural fit. Whether it’s an enthusiastic extrovert who’s hit hard by feelings of isolation when working remotely, or a deep-thinking introvert who’s quickly overwhelmed by...

  • Are We Communicating?

    Communication is a wonderful thing... when it works. Our society has some issues today when it comes to expression of our feelings and attitudes and much of it is related to the non-verbal communication. It could be time to take inventory of yours.

  • Facility Security Starts at Your Perimeter

    The recent shooting at a San Bernardino, California elementary school illustrates a critical principle about security that applies to every business, school, church, or other workplace: it begins at your perimeter. Consider the approach used by the professionals who provide the world’s toughest security. When you think of the President’s Secret Service team, your first thought is probably that they are the people who are trained to stand between a shooter and...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Grow Your Business: Making The Right Major Decisions

    Almost anyone can drive an INDYCAR at 200 miles per hour in a straight line. It is when you need to make a turn that the problems start. If you focus on the wall it is easier to drive into it. The key is to stay focused on the road. If you misjudge the turn you will end up hitting the wall. Ben Horowitz, a partner in the venture capital firm of Andresson and Horowitz, sums it up by saying...

  • Six Practical & Positive Post Conference Practices

    Let's face it: attending and participating in conferences is an expensive proposition: interrupting your work week and taking the time to travel and spend big bucks on a conference is a lot of work and money! Yes, it's a lot of fun too, but after dropping a couple hundred bucks locally or up to $5000+ to attend a meeting outside of your hometown/state nationally or internationally, one would hope there's some return on investment in that attendance.

  • Wedding Approaching? What About a Prenup?

    What's your reaction to the words "prenuptial agreement" or "prenup?" I'm betting "romantic" doesn't come to mind. Prenups receive a bad rap. But given that nearly 50 percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce, a prenuptial agreement may be something to consider.

  • Making Sense of The 'Trump Bump'

    The stock market has been on an impressive run as of late, continuing to hit new highs, highs that are met with praise by some investors, and anxiety by others. The S&P 500 gained 8 percent from the election through the end of the year, and another 5 percent from the start of the year until mid-April. What is contributing to this?

  • Should I Fire My Largest Customer?

    Everyone who has ever run a business understands the concept of having a customer who's more important than the rest. But a very large customer may not always be the best thing for your company.

  • Attracting Leaders With a World View

    We are living one of the fastest eras in history, a time where innovation seems to have taken a high-speed train, leaving us with this feeling that everything is more chaotic and uncertain than a decade ago. To keep pace, organizations must develop and attract talent that can perform at the highest levels under the most pressing and unpredictable circumstances.

  • Protecting Seniors From Fraud

    Anyone of any age can get scammed, but seniors make the easiest targets. Each year they lose billions of dollars to scam artists, friends, and too often, family members. Knowing the facts and how to react when a fraudster comes calling can reduce the likelihood of being victimized. Here's a scenario that's becoming all too common...

  • Build Employee Strength to Maximize Results

    During the 2008 Great Recession, the mentality of "do more with less" became all too familiar. It was the mission and mantra of almost every employer out there - and the key to even staying in business. Unfortunately, as the recession began to recede, this way of running a company did not follow suit. And, in response to an unstable market and increased government regulations, doing more with less seems to be gaining an even greater foothold.

  • Why Digital Transformation Should be Your #1 Business Priority

    No longer is digital strategy in the hands and minds of CIOs alone. A recent CEO study from Price Waterhouse Cooper indicates that 86 percent of CEOs consider digital transformation their number one priority.  Digital transformation is, in essence, about enabling your business to develop new models to create disruption by quickly transforming products and services, empowering employees and optimizing operations to compete, lead and grow in your market.

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    The Smart And The Heart of Your Business

    I was impressed. Although I had reserved the room at Hotel Erwin through an aggregator booking site, the hotel had followed up with an email. In my reply, I shared that we were celebrating our 10th Anniversary. A warm Happy Anniversary welcome and a cold bottle of bubbly with a personalized card were waiting in the room. A few simple steps created a memorable customer experience where my husband and I felt appreciated and valued.

  • How to Avoid an Uber Failure at Your Company

    It's been a difficult last couple of months for Uber. In case you haven't been following the company as closely as you follow your Uber driver's arrival, a former employee blogged about issues of sexual harassment in February. The issues she described appear to stem from the culture and values created by the organization's leaders.

  • "What If…" It Happens?

    Life is full of "what-ifs"!  What if your neighbor’s dying tree crashes through your roof; your newly remodeled basement floods; your grandmother’s priceless Oriental rug gets doused with a bottle of Bordeaux; or a child is injured while playing in your swimming pool? Would you be covered? If you don’t know what your property and casualty insurance covers, find out – and soon! You don’t want any surprises.

  • How Do We Prepare For Indy's Next Building Boom?

    Downtown Indianapolis has never been a better place to work, visit or live. In the past decade, we've seen downtown blossom as a vital, energizing place, precisely because of the capital investments made in both the public and private sectors. A new stadium and arena, new education facilities, new lab and research facilities and new office space... the current residential building boom is a direct result of those investments.

  • The Road Ahead

    A budget surplus. A balanced budget. A AAA bond rating. One of the top five states in the country for doing business. More people working than at any time in its history. Record new investment. Low unemployment. A national leader for economic growth. Indiana has a lot to be proud of and has become the envy of its peers in the Midwest and across the country.

  • The Impact of Technology on Economic Development Policy

    In a world where technology is enabling almost everything, economic development policy makers are faced with several challenges when planning and implementing strategies for economic growth. Communities, regions and states must be able to adapt programs and initiatives to address the economic disruption caused by technology. In particular, investments in tech and talent are vital to ensuring economic growth and wealth creation for residents and businesses throughout the world.

  • Now is The Time to Begin Your Financial Wellness Journey

    Without a financial plan in place, many people find themselves struggling to make ends meet. In the FINRA Foundation's National Capability Study, 20 percent of Hoosiers said they spent more than their income over the past year (not including the purchase of a new home, car or other big investment) and 52 percent lack a rainy day fund to cover emergencies. April is Financial Literacy Month - an opportunity to take the time to evaluate your financial wellness and take action.

  • New Investment Vehicle: Interval Funds

    Everyone has heard of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and probably even ETFs. But have you heard of "interval" funds? No? You might want to remedy that! Their popularity is zooming. So, what is an interval fund and, more importantly, is it a good option for you? What Exactly Is An Interval Fund?

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    The Myth of Emphasis

    You’ve just developed a letter, an email, an article, or a blog post, and one sentence is particularly important. You want to make sure nobody misses it. So you should put it in ALL CAPS, RIGHT? Wrong. You probably don’t need to boldface it, either. In fact, if its importance is obvious, you probably don’t have to highlight it in any way. If it’s important to the reader, he or she will grasp that without having to be told.

  • Policy Should be The Foundation of Background Screening

    As a provider of background screening services, I’m pleased that a growing number of employers see the value of taking a deeper look at prospective employees. At the same time, I’m concerned at how many of those employers view a background check as a standalone strategy. Background checks are not strategies. Instead, they’re one of the tools that can play a role in broader strategies for hiring and retention.

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Grow Your Business With Leadership And Innovation

    He started out by building motorbikes in an old rundown building. He struggled, along with many others, to scrape by for enough to feed his family. He was determined to be a leader and an innovator. Even his nickname, Mr. Thunderstorm, exuded the many talents and characteristics he possessed. After World War II he saw the need for some form of transportation that was faster than a bicycle, something that was not a major consumer of gasoline due to the scarcity of fuel in Japan.

  • Startups Are The Canary in The Coal Mine For Big Business

    Many industries, particularly those of the largest Blue Chips, have been relatively stable when it comes to the fundamental markets in which they compete. Car ownership did not really change from 1950 to 2000. Neither did the act of grocery shopping or fast food. In fact, this stability is what allowed many of today’s Blue Chips to become dominant global leaders because they could focus on expansion rather defending their core business. This stability has disappeared...

  • Ditch The Documents!

    Are you becoming buried in paper? If "junk" mail is overtaking "real" mail, maybe it's time to take control. Opt out of the unnecessary mailbox clutter; get bills electronically, and regularly purge your paper files. Here's how…

  • Preparing Our Work Force: We Must Do More

    Indiana is faced with a monumental work force challenge: we have more than one million jobs to fill over the next ten years. Indiana’s Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program is an important initiative of the Department of Workforce Development (DWD), and can play a key role in moving Indiana forward to meet these demands.

  • Cargo Export Options Expand in The Midwest

    Moving freight to and from Midwest can be a challenge with major ports thousands of miles away. There is hope. Between the Panama Canal widening project completed in June 2016 and the success (and imminent expansion) of the Indianapolis Rail Ramp, more cost effective and time efficient import options are available for Midwest cargo importers with proper supply chain planning.

  • More Affordable Health Care For Some Small Businesses

    Will the future bring more ObamaCare, some kind of new TrumpCare, or a WhateverCare that falls somewhere in-between? The uncertainty is raising the blood pressure of both business owners and covered employees, but it doesn't have to. There's already a proven alternative available to most Indiana companies.

  • Four Ways Going Paperless Helps Your Business

    Going paperless may seem like a clear and simple solution for many business challenges, but companies of all sizes have been slow to adopt electronic alternatives that reduce their dependence on paper. In fact, today only 17 percent of offices have moved to paperless operations. The benefits of going paperless span from financial to production. Using software in place of paper transactions can save companies thousands and industries billions of dollars in capital.

  • Daredevil Hobby = Higher Premiums

    If you have a "risky" hobby such as scuba diving or flying, you could be putting more at risk than bodily injury. You may be denied life insurance or pay more for it - even if you're in perfect health! It's important that you have the appropriate amount of life insurance to protect your family. If you regularly participate in a "risky" activity, you will likely pay higher premiums. But don't even think about ignoring the facts!

  • Wojtowicz is president of Indianapolis-based Cambridge Capital Management Corp., a loan management firm she founded in 1983.

    Fixed Interest Rates Can Provide Enhanced Stability

    The Federal Reserve just raised its benchmark interest rate for the second time in three months. And it's bound to go higher this year. So, how heavy is your company's debt load? And will it grow heavier as your fluctuating interest rate climbs higher? This may be a good time to see where you stand with an eye to positioning your balance sheet for the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

  • A Surprisingly Simple Tactic For Improving Employee Loyalty

    Employee loyalty may be at an all-time low. While a recent Deloitte study found that 78 percent of business leaders rate employee retention as important or urgent, large portions of an increasingly transient workforce seem ready to jump ship. In fact, a Monster Worldwide survey revealed that 4 of every 5 respondents had updated their resumes in the previous 6 months; and well over half reported searching for a new job "all the time" or "frequently."

  • Four Steps For Implementing a Wellness Strategy

    Employers face a difficult conundrum, attempting to attract talent using benefits, engage and retain your current employees, all while reducing healthcare costs. There is a significant need for cost savings, as chronic illnesses account for 75 percent of all health care costs and depression and obesity are the top two chronic health conditions driving health-related costs for employers.

  • Leadership Should Be Difficult

    Leadership isn't easy. People and employees who think being a leader means sitting in the corner office, taking three-hour lunches and spending afternoons on the golf course are sadly mistaken. Leadership is difficult - and leadership should be difficult. Why?

  • Career Starters: Wake Up!

    What's the one deadly sin that can ruin your financial future? Answer: Spending when you should be saving! If you are part of the millennial generation, take notice. You are now in the best position ever to plan for your future.

  • How Coworking is Impacting Economic Development

    The Refinery Center in Marion is a coworking space started by Marion native Shelby Bowen, VP of Development at construction management and development company Envoy, Inc. Bowen, who now lives in Fishers, still has much of his heart in his home town of Marion.

  • Live-Work Units: Reasons to Include Them in Your Next Project

    Construction recently kicked-off on a multi-use development in Fishers, included live-work units - something largely considered a new concept in Indiana. The live-work units made sense in Fishers, but the city isn't unique in this way. Mayors across this country are finding ways to redevelop their downtowns, create a sense of place in the community, and spur entrepreneurial growth from within.

  • Five Ways Managers Can Make Performance Reviews All About The Employee

    I have a surprise for you. Did you know managers and employees find little to no value in completing performance reviews? Okay, so it’s not a surprise that managers see the process as too long and too confusing. And they don’t see value in how it connects to company goals, let alone what they need to be working on. And you already know that employees get little information or feedback on their performance or their own development goals.

  • Think You Need More FTEs?

    There is one thing most every organization needs in its marketing efforts. In reality, it's not FTE’s in the human resource, full-time equivalent sense.  Instead, this FTE is an acronym that refers to the work of your marketing department or perhaps committee of volunteers if you're a smaller nonprofit.

  • Get Ready For March Madness!

    Tomorrow marks the official start of the 2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament. What do bracket-picking and investing have in common? Answer: Your skill in analyzing and distinguishing the winners from the losers. Here are a few tips that may help you win the office pool and create a profitable investment portfolio! Most people have a method for approaching March Madness.

  • Missing Pieces in Work Force Development

    Work force development is always a hot topic but it’s not as clear cut as developing some programs to retrain displaced workers and upgrade the skills of existing people in the work force, in hopes that they’ll be successful in the ever-changing workplace. There is a great deal of chatter surrounding the development of human capital and the collaboration between employer, government, and educational programs.

  • Indiana Legislators: Go Big Before You Go Home

    For a legislative session that opened with such promise for the tech community, a couple of initiatives look to be staring death in the face. The first, a training tax credit for companies investing in the development of their employees, can no longer be found in any active bills. But not all is lost.

  • The Coworking Community

    The coworking movement has been gaining steam nationwide and has been especially popular throughout Indiana over the past 5 years. What was once thought of as a fashionable working trend or something only available to those in the larger cities has now become a way for areas of the state that are generally off the beaten path to keep innovative young entrepreneurs or remote workers living in communities that they love or were raised in.

  • Perspectives: INPower

    • Power Solutions for the Future

      Our world is facing some significant challenges including climate change – and that means our industry is facing some of the biggest technical changes and challenges in our lifetime. These changes have two primary drivers: an evolution of technology with improved performance and improving cost, and a regulatory environment focused on reducing criteria pollutants, CO2, noise, water and other environmental impacts. 

    • Avoiding Accidental Franchise Pitfalls

      Most people think they know a “franchise” when they see one—McDonald’s, Subway, 7-Eleven, Anytime Fitness, to name a few. However, there are some franchise relationships that are not so obvious. Many business relationships, including those in manufacturing and distribution, could easily become “accidental” franchises if companies are not careful. 

    • Indiana Can be a Driving Force in Technology Disruption

      Indiana companies and universities have a lot to offer when it comes to applying technology to the movement towards autonomous controlled vehicles.

  • Perspectives: Manufacturing & Logistics

    • Don’t let logistics be a barrier to tapping untapped markets

      In August, the RV market report (a survey of some 30 branded RV manufacturing companies) showed the best August on record since 2003. The past few months show 2017 has continued this momentum. 

    • How the Trucker E-log Law Can Impact Your Company's Cargo

      A long awaited electronic logging device (ELD) rule takes effect Dec. 16, 2017. This new federal rule, years in the making, requires truck operators to use electronic logging devices to record hours they are operating. Paper logs will no longer be kept. Company leaders that depend on their supply chain to run smoothly are encouraged to think now about how to avoid disruption. The new rule has survived numerous legal challenges. The Supreme Court rejected a request to hear arguments...

    • Ivy Tech’s Workforce Consultants Provide Solutions for Indiana Businesses

      Ivy Tech Community College continues to grow its relationship with businesses in Indiana, solidifying its sense of responsibility for community economic development. The shifting role of Ivy Tech’s Workforce Consultant exemplifies the relationship between the College and local companies. Evolving from Account Executive to Workforce Consultant involved more than a change in title; rather the focus of the position evolved from selling training to comprehensive business consulting....
  • Perspectives: Life Sciences

    • Impacting Indiana: How the state's research universities affect the lives of all Hoosiers

      Earlier this month, BioCrossroads -- which advances the state's strengths in the life sciences sector -- made public a report titled "The Importance of Research Universities." 

    • Three Keys to Successful Innovation in Life Science

      When you think of scientific innovation, what image comes to mind? Is it a bunch white coats and goggles staring through microscopes in a lab? That’s not exactly how innovation happens. Not in life science, and I would argue not in any industry. To foster an environment where innovation can flourish, leaders need to focus on three things: 1. Attract the right talent 2. Create the right environment 3. Employ the right approach to leadership and management Being a life sc...

    • Summit to Celebrate Our Scientific Community

      In just a few days BioCrossroads will host its 14th Indiana Life Sciences Summit, a two-day conference with speeches and presentations from global thought-leaders, a celebration of Indiana’s vibrant and collaborative life sciences community.  It’s not only a great way to hear perspectives from global thought leaders who will be discussing the capital markets, innovation, medical/clinical data sciences and global health, but also a great place to start produc...
  • Perspectives: Ag INnovation

    • Avoiding Accidental Franchise Pitfalls

      Most people think they know a “franchise” when they see one—McDonald’s, Subway, 7-Eleven, Anytime Fitness, to name a few. However, there are some franchise relationships that are not so obvious. Many business relationships, including those in manufacturing and distribution, could easily become “accidental” franchises if companies are not careful. 

    • Innovate, Collaborate and Take Indiana to the Next Level

      When I think about what makes Indiana so great, many things come to mind: our stellar business climate, our world-class life sciences industry, our cutting-edge technology scene, and our enviable agriculture sector.  

    • The Growth of IoT in Agriculture

      One of the oldest human trades is farming. Since the dawn of civilization, a need for regular, stable food production has been a staple of society. Today, agriculture is responsible for over $130 billion of our gross GDP in America. 

  • Perspectives: BigWigs & New Gigs

    • High Performers Operate on Automatic

      According to NFL player Adam Vinatieri, “There was a perception of kickers not being athletes.” The reason for his success? He’s learned to operate on automatic. Adam Vinatieri has been a place kicker in the National Football League for 21 years. Vinatieri has been selected to play in the Pro Bowl on three occasions. Vinatieri spent the first 10 years of his NFL career with the New England Patriots, and he has been an Indianapolis Colt for the last 11 seasons.

    • Why Company Culture is #1 to Job Seekers in Indy

      Ten years ago you wouldn’t think that “Naptown” would be known as a national tech hub, but that’s exactly the title that Indianapolis is heading towards. Powerhouse companies like Salesforce, Angie’s List and Interactive Intelligence have stake in the city, and there are dozens more startups calling the Circle City home.

    • Building a Quality Internship Program

      Internships are a win-win for students, employers and the state of Indiana. The creativity, enthusiasm and productivity that interns are capable of bringing to the table make an internship program well worth the investment. A successful internship allows students to explore career opportunities and put the knowledge they learn in the classroom to work in a professional environment.



  • Most Popular Stories

    • ‘Invisible’ Digital Twins Taking Flight at GE Aviation

      As aircraft engines roll off the production line at GE Aviation in Lafayette, workers there are also producing “ghost” engines of sorts, called digital twins. 

    • Construction to Begin on $15M Noblesville Fieldhouse

      City and development officials will break ground Friday on a $15 million sports complex in Noblesville. Finch Creek Park Fieldhouse will include five courts with hard surfaces, two turf-surfaced fields and 11 batting and pitching cages. The project, which was first unveiled a year ago, is a public-private partnership between Klipsch-Card Athletic Facilities LLC and the city. The company is also owner/operator of the fieldhouse at Grand Park in Westfield.

    • Historic Indy Building to Become Hotel

      A nearly 110-year-old building in downtown Indianapolis will soon have new life. Indianapolis-based real estate development firm Loftus Robinson is partnering with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants in California to transform the former Odd Fellows building into a 130-room hotel with a signature restaurant. Financial terms of the project are not being disclosed, however the developer says the hotel is scheduled to open in early 2020 and create about 150 hotel and restaurant jobs.

    • Lilly Cancer Treatment Falls Short in Study

      Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE: LLY) has announced it will not seek regulatory approval on another use for one of the key treatments in its cancer portfolio. In a late-stage study, CYRAMZA met its main goal of progression free-survival in patients with HER2-negative metastatic gastric or gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma, but did not improve a secondary endpoint: overall survival rate.

    • How Telling Your Customers 'No' Can Improve Loyalty

      Business usually try to convert customers into loyalists by giving them what they want. That statement seems obvious... until it's not. Take Milktooth in Indianapolis, for example. The restaurant has become a star of the food scene by telling customers "no." This flies in the face of what most businesses consider to be standard operating procedure. But for Milktooth, saying no is simply good business.