• 3 Tips to Attract and Retain Employees in the Gig Economy

    The gig economy has been around ever since workers began looking for supplemental income, but, it has recently evolved with the introduction of technology. Companies emerging like Uber, Lyft and GrubHub, are changing the gig economy landscape of the workforce. The gig economy has attracted millennials and Gen Zers because of the flexibility and autonomy to work from anywhere, at any time.

  • Digital Personas: Getting to a Segment of One

    Creating a digital persona means using data, machine learning and networked devices so a business can tailor messages and experiences to specific kinds of buyers and users. It sounds like a marketing unicorn, but it’s closer than you might suspect, thanks to the potential of digital personas. The ultimate goal of a digital persona is to achieve the marketer’s dream: a segment of one.

  • What’s Your Biggest Waste of Money?

    Americans are in the age of reducing waste. There’s a big push to purchase sustainable products, reduce our usage of plastics, and recycle. But has this trend carried over to our personal finances?  Not really.  In a study by The Ascent, the financial expertise arm of The Motley Fool, more than 60 percent of respondents felt they have wasteful financial tendencies. Why is that?

  • Ahh…Yes! Turning a Hot Mess into a Cool Breeze

    "Problems cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them," is attributed to Einstein over 75 years ago. This still holds true, particularly in challenging communications. Many people address conflict at the level it was created by rehashing and building more evidence for their ‘side’ of an argument. Repeating a position tends to intensify the separation of people.

  • Richardson is a practice lead with Centric Consulting.

    How to Create Consistent and Positive Customer Experiences with Your Brand

    Everyone knows that keeping the consumer happy is the first priority. The importance of considering the customer’s experience in all areas of engaging with your business, not just customer service is becoming even more clear. I’m seeing an increasing number of my peers in the marketing world take ownership of the customer experience with their brands. As a result, we’re all learning how to borrow and...

  • (photo courtesy of Conexus)

    October Celebrates Indiana’s Vibrant Manufacturing Industry

    Indiana is the most manufacturing intensive state in the country and more than a third of the state’s GDP comes from the industry. The health and wellness of Indiana’s economy is dependent on the state’s manufacturing industry. But Hoosiers face a challenge: it is expected that nearly a quarter of the current manufacturing workforce will be of retirement age in the next 10 years and we lack the generational workforce to make up that gap.

  • Time Management: When and How to Work to Your Max Productivity

    Time is the one resource in your life that is neither replenishable nor renewable. Regardless of how you spin it, everyone starts each day on an equal playing field with 24 hours in the time bank. And while people often yearn for more time, what they really need is better time management. Understanding where your time goes, when you are most productive, and why you should protect yourself against distractions are the keys to achieving your max productivity.

  • Circling Back on WeWork

    Back in July when we first discussed WeWork, this fast-growing but money-losing venture was one of the most talked-about IPOs in years. At that time, we noted that it was too early to say what would happen, but “it should be very interesting to watch it all play out.” Turns out, that was a massive understatement!

  • Hope is Not a Plan

    This is sobering. A local business broker in Indianapolis reports nine out of 10 business owners who want to sell are turned away. Of the one in 10 that does make it past the first analysis to sell, over half of those company owners don’t get the sale price they hope for or believe the business is worth. Bottom line, hope is not a plan if you want to sell your business.

  • Monster Trucks in Indiana Not Worth the Price of Admission

    For businesses looking to relocate or residents pining for a Sunday drive, Indiana drivers will find open roads with nary a pothole in sight. According to CNBC’s yearly tab of “America’s Top States for Business,” Indiana regularly nabs first place for its well-maintained infrastructure. But accolades and acclaim may soon sour if the Hoosier State invites larger, heavier trucks onto its roads.

  • Solving the Engineering Shortage Starts Early

    Engineers play a key role in society, influencing some of the world’s most impressive – and life-changing – innovations. From electricity and highways to digital electronics and health care equipment, engineers have made a huge impact on every aspect of modern life. As the world continues to evolve, engineers will play an increasingly important part in developing solutions to tomorrow’s challenges – and the world needs more of these skilled workers.

  • Is Storytelling in Marketing Something New?

    Just as each new generation believes it’s the first to discover the wonders of sex, those who have stumbled upon the power of storytelling mistakenly believe they’ve unearthed an extraordinary innovation. In fact, these well-meaning folks are simply learning what generations of their predecessors already knew and employed with great success. As I explained what I do to feed myself to a pair of business owners at a recent networking event, one noted it seemed that more...

  • Who Pays Debts After Death?

    If you have a mortgage on your house, what happens when you die?  What about a car lease or credit card debt?  Are your heirs required to pay off what you owe? What is the financial legacy that you will leave behind?  Your legacy could be the bequest of property or money, but it could also mean inheriting debt. It’s not uncommon for spouses or others to get bombarded with collection calls from creditors asking to pay the bills of a family member who has died.

  • Indiana Patients and Employers Lose if the Government Sets Prices

    Advocates of allowing government appointees to set certain drug prices are ignoring some potentially serious unintended consequences that could harm Indiana seniors and our state’s robust life sciences industry. As the president of a multi-generational manufacturing company within Indiana’s life sciences sector, I’ve seen firsthand the significant impact pharmaceutical research and development can have on both patients and our state’s...

  • A Need for Community Drives Peer-to-Peer Social Media Marketing

    Everyone recognizes that social media has changed our culture. Not only do we communicate in radically different ways since we learned to post, share, YouTube and Tweet, but we also have accepted new ways to gather information, buy and sell products, make travel plans, do business and more. As life-altering as those innovations have been, however, it seems that they still rely on a decidedly old-school element for success: our natural desire for community.

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: With This One Quality

    Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, and Barack Obama have this one quality in common. Besides being able to lead a large corporation or the United States of America, each of these leaders exhibit this one quality.

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    Customer Retention: Challenge or Opportunity?

    It’s a great feeling to win a new customer. It’s equally frustrating to lose a customer your company has spent time, energy and money to acquire. Especially when that customer leaves before they even become profitable. While companies often have robust ways to support getting new customers, they often don’t apply the same dedication to keeping their customers after the triumph of acquisition. On some level, it’s understandable when companies...

  • Strong versus Weak Dollar - Which Is Better?

    Currency exchange rates around the globe are constantly fluctuating, including our U.S. dollar. At present, the U.S. dollar is “strong.” And that’s good, right? Not necessarily. Let’s take a basic, top-level look at what determines the strength of a currency and the effect it has on consumer spending and the economy in general.

  • Four Steps to Improve Our Waters

    On August 14-15, the second annual Indiana Water Summit was held with a targeted goal in mind: to propose solutions for water quality and availability issues facing Indiana. Hosted by the White River Alliance, the leading organization for regional water resource protection in Indiana, the event brought together a variety of dynamic speakers and experts from across the country to build upon the important conversations that started at last year’s statewide...

  • Connecting the Dots May Create a Scary Picture

    In the days following violent incidents such as school shootings or workplace violence, there’s a lot of analysis. Most often, it’s built around trying to find a cause or an explanation for whatever happened. Invariably, as law enforcement investigates and media interviews people who had been around the perpetrator, patterns begin to emerge.

  • Bill Stanczykiewicz

    Shareholders or Stakeholders? An Answer from Corporate Charity

    The Business Roundtable’s recent proclamation about stakeholders and shareholders might not be as revolutionary as first reported. Led by executives of the nation’s largest corporations, the Business Roundtable announced that the key purpose of private sector companies transcends profits for shareholders to also include the interests of all stakeholders including employees, customers, and the community at-large. Reaction to the announcement was mixed.

  • Pet Insurance: Good idea?

    If your family includes a pet or two, you'd probably do anything to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. But what if your pet was diagnosed with a treatable cancer? Would it be a medically unnecessary death sentence or a $10,000 drain on your family’s finances? Pet insurance could eliminate your need to choose between these two undesirable options. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), today approximately 70 million households include pets. Cats and dogs...

  • 5 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

    Having a highly engaged and energized workforce is a major key to success for businesses. Energy and engagement have a direct effect on productivity, performance, and the entire company's profitability. According to Gallup, businesses with highly engaged workers see a 17 percent increase in productivity and 21 percent greater profitability. Creating an environment with a highly engaged workforce also has the ability to impact and improve recruiting and retention efforts.

  • Want to Lower Your Medicare Premiums?

    If you’re nearing retirement age, health insurance and Medicare are probably on your mind as well. Do you understand how Medicare works and how the monthly premium is determined? You need to be in the know to avoid making costly mistakes. Here are some tips for potentially lowering your Medicare premiums.

  • (photo courtesy of Conexus)

    Getting the Word Out About Manufacturing & Logistics

    As the epicenter of the nation’s advanced manufacturing and logistics industries, Indiana has a compelling story to tell about how Hoosier companies make and move the goods people depend on every day. Our goal is to ensure everyone hears these stories – many of which share a common theme focused on cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the way products are made and moved around the world and the people who use them. Conexus Indiana launched an...

  • Why Blogging Without Rules Produces the Best Content

    I spend a lot of time talking with people about what makes writing good. Depending on who you ask, good writing might be exciting and illustrative. It might be simple and efficient. If you ask someone who works in marketing, good writing translates to whatever helps a marketing strategy generate more leads, or more sales, or more of whatever a business is looking to gain. Though I fully respect and agree with this results-oriented perspective on content, in practice it can be...

  • Creating the Work Spaces that Draw Talent to Indianapolis

    The future economy will be driven by data, powered by robotics and heavily invested in the building blocks of nature – biotech and genetic engineering. That’s true of the economy nationwide, and it’s especially true here in Indianapolis, where dominant pharmaceutical and biotech companies are putting us at the cutting edge of the science-based economy. It all sounds larger than life. But the facilities that will house these industries will always be...

  • Overseas Outsourcing Can Create a World of Problems

    The internet broke down geographic barriers for businesses, making it possible to find lower-cost suppliers around the world. But if companies lack the knowledge and skills to manage those suppliers properly, they may end up spending far more than expected. We’ve worked with companies all over the globe to help our clients meet their advertising and marketing objectives while protecting their budgets. While most of those working relationships have been positive, we’ve had...
  • Investing Lessons from Mount Elbert

    With little mountain-climbing experience under any of our belts, a few friends and I decided to take on Mount Elbert, Colorado’s tallest mountain. While regular climbers may not consider this “Gentle Giant” a tall task, it was for us inexperienced climbers.  Is investing your “tall task”? If so, you can learn a lot from our experiences. And you won’t have to climb a mountain to do it!

  • School District Raises Questions About ILEARN

    Like all schools in Indiana, we were disheartened at the ILEARN results for school year 2018. We would like to raise several questions concerning this test as it relates to college and career readiness for our students. The annual Indiana Statewide Assessment (this year’s ILEARN) has been developed to evaluate college and career readiness at all levels tested. We are very troubled by our lack of understanding of what indicators in the test evaluate...

  • How Employers Can Crack the Health Plan Code

    As the healthcare reform debate heats up, employers of all sizes are asking how they can provide meaningful health benefits to attract and retain talented employees as statistics show 88% of employees consider health insurance benefits when choosing a job. However, with the cost of employer-sponsored health care benefits expected to approach $15,000 per employee in 2019, employers are desperately seeking innovative and alternative ways to control...

  • Leveraging Company Culture for Recruitment

    A successful company culture can be defined as having shared values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterize the organization. In other words, think of your brand’s personality, values and work environment – is it inclusive, positive and supportive? All of these elements matter, especially when recruiting new talent.

  • Who Are You An Ally For?

    For the past few years, I have been beating the drum on how important “male allyship” is to real progress in closing the gender gap and accelerating the advancement of female talent. Yes, it’s been a consistent message of mine and one that I am trying to live out loud in leading Integrating Women Leaders (IWL). Over the last 12 months, I have had a few humbling experiences related to allyship causing me to pause and reflect on my own privilege and the opportunity...

  • The 'Not-So-Trivial' Responsibilities of a Trustee

    Have you been asked to serve as the trustee of a trust for a family member or friend? Or, are you in the process of determining who would be the best person to act as your trustee? Either way, it’s an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are the facts you should know.

  • Business Imprisonment and Owner Mindset

    Do you feel trapped in your business or leadership role? Do you feel, at times, that there is no “way out” or that there’s no one else who can help you? There’s a name for this (business imprisonment) and it’s curable. Here’s what we often hear. Someone started a business or took a leadership role years ago. The business has been built over several years to become what it is today. It’s successful. Now where does it go?...

  • Red Line Delivers a 'Sudden' Transformation for Indy

    This week, in the time it took to cut a ribbon, Indianapolis became a different city. Before the scissors sliced those ceremonial bands, we were a city with a transit system that was inadequate to meet the needs of a public demanding more and more transportation options. Suddenly, we are a city on the path to a real 21st century transit system. OK: “Suddenly” is not quite accurate. By opening the Red Line, this week’s celebrations and ribbon-cutting ceremony...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: Strive for Competence

    Los Angeles Lakers standout LeBron James could easily be deemed a success, in every sense of the word. He has fame and he certainly made a fortune in his seventeen years as a superstar in the National Basketball Association. Yet, there is still one thing that has eluded him for his entire career.

  • Is Your Bond Portfolio Putting You at Risk?

    Bonds are on people’s minds now—and for good reason. You may have seen Bedel Financial Consulting’s recent article about negative interest rates or you may have read about the inverted yield curve.  Review the bonds in your portfolio to determine the risk associated with each. Not sure what to look for? In this article we’ll highlight the more common risks with bonds and how they can impact your portfolio.

  • No Matter the Career You Have Chosen, You Are in Sales

    Throughout my sales career I have learned that you are either selling a widget, a concept or more importantly selling yourself every second, every minute, and every day of your life. My books, “Everyday Sales Wisdom for Your Life & Career” and “Bigger Than Sales How Humility and Relationships Build Career Success” explore what it takes to be successful not just in sales but in any career. Let’s see "What’s Bigger Than Sales?"

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    Eating Salad With Your Fingers

    "I’m just posting it on social media, so the usual rules don’t apply, right?" He was making a major announcement about his company and assumed he didn’t have to be concerned with grammar and style. I told him he didn’t have to worry about those things, unless he wanted to be taken seriously. It’s an increasingly common question, as more of our messages and conversations find their way to social media and newer platforms.

  • Tough Economic Times Mean Tough Fiscal Choices Ahead

    Evidence is mounting that the longest (albeit one of the slowest) economic recovery in U.S. history is nearly at its end – including slumping sales for recreational vehicles made in Elkhart, Indiana. Last week, fears of a downturn pushed enough investors towards long-term treasuries to flash the dreaded ‘inverted yield curve.’  But as the lure of the open road diminishes as economic uncertainty grows, the RV market has joined the bond market as a reliable...

  • Solve the Nursing Shortage With Compassionate Care and Earlier Education

    Any nurse can tell you that their career is more than a job. Every day, these professionals face challenges unlike any other by providing comfort and care to their patients during some of their deepest struggles. But for every challenge, there are meaningful personal and professional rewards. Today, however, the nursing field faces a new challenge – especially in the state of Indiana. According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, registered nurse is the most...

  • Legal Medical Documents: Don’t Leave for College Without Them!

    By now, most students have already headed for college. They’re busy with orientation, new curriculums, and figuring out how to navigate life away from home. If you’re the parent of a college student, you probably think your job’s done—at least for a few months. But do you have legal medical documents for your child? You should! Here’s why.

  • How to Find a New Audience After Hitting a Marketing Plateau

    It may sound like a marketer’s dream scenario: efforts have proven to be so successful it appears a company has completely saturated their target audience. While it may be a good problem to have, it still may be a problem. Hitting a marketing plateau is an opportunity for companies in any industry to reevaluate, re-energize and come to the table with new ideas for better understanding existing customers and engaging new audiences.

  • States Can Foster Job Growth if Lifelong Learning is at Play

    The worlds of work and learning are merging in powerful ways, driven by the exponential growth in human knowledge. This means the abilities needed in the workplace go beyond simple “job skills” that can be learned quickly through a short-term training program. I was with Montana Gov. Steve Bullock when he released the newest National Governors Association report, “Governor’s Action Guide to Achieving Good Jobs for All Americans,” at the opening session...

  • How to Build an Effective Team

    Many leaders who are looking to increase overall productivity at their company are implementing collaborative team environments. This growing trend is backed up by a recent study that states collaborative work environments lead to an increase in overall profitability. However, teams are only effective if built correctly. Don’t expect a group of employees to work well together if you throw them in a room without cultivating any sort of trust or team building.

  • The First Thing Nonprofit Boards Should Focus On: Member Engagement

    There is no shortage of literature on how to run a nonprofit and what the board of directors should be doing. Do a quick search for “grant writing advice” or “board meeting agenda” and you will easily find hundreds of resources. But if there is so much helpful information around, why is serving on a nonprofit board sometimes so draining? After founding two nonprofits, Musical Family Tree and the Speak Easy, as well as serving on several nonprofit boards...

  • Want A Guaranteed Negative Return?

    Here we go again! On Wednesday, August 14th, we watched the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) drop over 800 points.  The previous Monday the Dow ended down over 700 points. But what you may have missed is the sharp downward move in interest rates that has intensified with the recent stock market volatility. What does this mean for your portfolio?

  • We’re Having the Wrong Conversations About Safety

    Every time there’s a shooting at a school or a workplace, the arguments begin. We need more police officers stationed in the buildings. We need to arm teachers or encourage employees to carry handguns. We should invest in smokescreen systems or bulletproof partitions. Everyone should hide from the shooter. Everyone should run from the shooter. Everyone should confront the shooter. It’s healthy that we’re discussing safety, but unfortunately, we’re talking...

  • Four Components Shaping Commercial Construction

    Construction remains a major contributor to the U.S. economy, employing over 7 million workers and creating nearly $1.3 trillion worth of new structures each year. The industry spending notched its 7th consecutive year of growth in 2018 and in Indiana, construction contributed $13.4 billion of the state’s GDP of $352.3 billion. Furthermore, revenue for the commercial construction industry has grown substantially over the past five years. In an effort to provide better...

  • Inclusive Incentives Aim to Create Economic Opportunity for All

    In late July, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indy Chamber unveiled a roadmap that repositions how Indianapolis uses economic development incentive programs to encourage the types of inclusive outcomes sought for our community.  This important initiative helps strengthen the position for Indianapolis as a place to be for companies and citizens alike.

  • Don’t Skimp on Professional Writing

    As the client reviewed our estimate for their new website, they had no problem with the numbers for the design, the hosting, or the programming. But they didn’t understand why we recommended they should pay for writing. Couldn’t they just do that part themselves? Well, yes, they could. But we didn’t think they should. It’s a conversation we’ve had with many clients over the years about many different types of projects. We believe bringing a professional...

  • Can You Recoup College Expenses with Tax Credits?

    August is here and before long students will be off to college. If you have a college-bound student, you’ve already marked a lot of financial steps off your list, things like completing the financial aid forms, calculating the impact of any scholarship awards, and opening joint parent/student bank accounts. But have you investigated tax credits? You just might be able to recoup part of the cost of college. Tax credits are often overlooked amid the scads of other items you need...

  • Avoid the One Word that Threatens Your Organization

    If I use a certain word in referencing a friend’s membership organization, I know to expect a negative reaction.  However, that word holds the key to survival for most all membership associations these days.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word’s primary meaning relates to “having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand,” So do you have the word?

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    The Surprising Impact of Customer Experience

    When a customer’s experience is underwhelming, they're more likely to leave a company. That’s pretty obvious, right? Customer turnover costs a company money. But focusing on churn alone can lead companies to underestimate the negative impact of a lackluster customer experience. Turnover isn’t the only way a customer’s experience influences revenue. Here’s an example: Recently, I was giving a talk about the value of long-term customer retention.

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Grow Your Business: Be Strategic

    David’s small service business had done fairly well since it was started almost eight years ago. He had taken it beyond the start-up phase, but because of increased competition, he clearly saw sales leveling off, a familiar refrain for many businesses. The increased pressure felt by David and his business probably wasn’t just because of increased competition. There were many moving pieces that had developed over time as his company went from the start-up trials and...

  • How Health Intelligence Goes Beyond Health Analytics

    “Big data” has become a staple in today’s corporate world. In recent years, “the more data the better” has become a popular ethos. The question is, what if data isn’t enough? The last decade has proven that the challenge, as well as the opportunity, lies in turning data into action. Knowing what to do with information already gathered is the new currency in business. The rise in advanced learning techniques and artificial intelligence is proving...

  • Debt Ceiling or Debt Sunroof?

    Surprise! A recent agreement was reached between Congress and the White House regarding the federal government’s budget and borrowing limits. In this period of hyper-polarization between the two major political parties, this bipartisan compromise sidesteps a near-term fiscal crisis and a potential government shutdown. But does it have long-term merit and impose a ceiling on future debt, or is it just a stop-gap measure that rolls back the sunroof and lets the sky be the limit...

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    Copyright Doesn’t Mean a Right to Copy

    I was leafing through the newsletter from a favorite organization when I saw they had committed an illegal act. On page three, they reprinted a brief item from Reader’s Digest. It was related to their mission, and they did include a credit line. But all the same, they broke the law. Which law? Copyright law. Unless they obtained specific permission from the publishers of the magazine, reprinting the item violated both U.S. and global copyright provisions.

  • How Can Construction Project Owners Protect Themselves?

    The construction industry in Central Indiana is booming. Everywhere you go, there are new projects underway as business expands, municipalities invest in modern infrastructure, and our area becomes a better place to work and to live. With so much activity, how can the owners of these projects—and the taxpayers funding them— ensure they’re getting the quality they need at a fair market value? The answer: Qualified Owner Representation.

  • Tips for Stellar Internships

    If you are like Rose-Hulman Ventures, your summer interns are in the final weeks of their internships before returning to colleges this fall. What have you done to ensure it has been a great experience for them and you? At Ventures we employ dozens of student interns each year to work closely with our external clients on product development and innovation. Our business model has provided insights into working with interns and understanding what it takes to make an internship a...

  • A Yearlong Plan for Disability Inclusion

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a landmark law ensuring the equal rights of individuals with disabilities, celebrated its 29th anniversary July 26. Focusing on the ADA is a great starting point for businesses who want to build more disability inclusion into their company culture. What better time to start than in the year leading up to the 30th anniversary of the ADA?

  • Travel Insurance to the Rescue!

    Have you ever considered purchasing travel insurance but weren’t sure how it works or if it would even be worth it? Fear not!  Determining whether you need coverage and obtaining it if you do is simply a matter of knowing the answers to three questions. Travel insurance can be beneficial in many scenarios. For example, what if: You have a medical emergency a few weeks prior to your trip? Your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged? Your flight is canceled and you...

  • Opportunity Zones: Changing the Course of Real Estate Investment

    The economic divide in large cities continues to expand. Despite a financial resurgence following the 2007-2009 recession, the system wasn’t fixing itself. Enter Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ), a program included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 designed to boost development in economically distressed communities. In exchange for new investments in these communities, investors receive preferential tax treatment. As traditional as it sounds, the QOZ program is...

  • Israel-Indiana A Winning Team

    The Consul General of Israel to the Midwest is relocating to Indianapolis this week for a Pop-up Consulate, highlighting and strengthening the unbreakable bond between Israel and Indiana. In a conversation with my good friend and fellow basketball enthusiast, Gov. Eric Holcomb, I told him we would move the Consulate General of Israel to The Midwest, located in Chicago, to Indiana when the U.S. Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem. Last year, the first condition was fulfilled so I had to...

  • Indiana Finishes 2019 With Historic Surplus – and Human Capital Deficits?

    Two weeks ago, Indiana closed the books on fiscal year 2019.  The biggest news is that surging revenues left Indiana with a historic budget surplus – the state collected nearly $267 million more than anticipated for FY2019, pushing budget reserves to $2.27 billion. That’s a surplus approaching 14% of annual spending (compared to a 50-state average around 8%), with only modest unfunded liabilities. We’re left with a bigger umbrella against the...

  • Invest In Talent Earlier, A Proven Solution For Indiana’s Future Workforce

    As ever-changing technology and workforce needs continue to outpace advances in the classroom, the skills gap has become a widely discussed topic in the business community. Do we have the talent to fill these jobs of the future? While dialogue is important, the skills gap challenge requires real action and collaboration – most importantly, between the education and business communities. By equipping students with the skills that will be valuable to them in the future workforce...

  • Will 'WeWork' Work in your Portfolio?

    How would you like the opportunity to invest in a company whose revenues grew 105 percent last year? Sound pretty good? But would you be so quick to invest if I told you the company’s losses grew 104 percent? That complicates the picture a bit, doesn’t it? This is the dilemma potential investors in WeWork face as the company prepares for a potential initial public offering in the near future. What WeWork Does WeWork, recently rebranded as The We Company, provides...

  • Take Time to Face Reality

    When is the last time that you as a business owner truly stopped for 30 minutes or an hour and truly took some quiet time to reflect on your business? Like most owners, it’s probably been quite some time. We all get busy doing things, working hard, taking care of customers, running the business. But if we don’t take some time each day, week, month or quarter to slow down, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Business leaders and owners need the time to slow down to...

  • Filling the Gap Between Background Checks

    Because I run a background screening company, you might be surprised when I confess that there’s a huge inherent flaw in background screening. The flaw isn’t in our services or our people, both of which are remarkably thorough. The problem is that a background screening captures a moment in time. Whether you screen someone as part of the pre-employment process or check on their background a decade after you’ve hired them, even the most effective background screening...

  • Baby Boomers Are Impacting the Building Industry

    There are currently 78 million baby boomers in the U.S., making up 25% of the population and controlling 67% ($28 trillion) of the country’s wealth, according to the Living In Place Institute. AARP says 90% of people surveyed want to remain as long as possible in their homes. The majority of those 65 and older remodel their home to make it safer and accessible. In fact, 45% of all remodeling work is being done for people over the age of 65. With this amount of data supporting...

  • Building an Effective Audit Committee

    If your nonprofit has an external audit, a dedicated audit committee can promote better financial reporting, lead to fewer fraud incidents, and help create a smoother audit process. For example, take the recent headlines regarding the Key Worldwide Foundation. It served as a front for the bribery scandal admitting children of wealthy parents into elite universities. Appropriate oversight might have identified the fraudulent activity early on, rather than from a tipster six years later...
  • Guide to Leaving a Legacy

    American philosopher William James once said, “The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” Have you ever stopped to think about the impact you want to have on the world? Each day—and every dollar—is an opportunity to make a difference. Not sure where to start? Here are several ideas to get you on your way!   Your Presence Is a Present Not every charitable-minded person is financially positioned to give money to favorite...

  • More Hot-Button Compensation and Workplace Rules on the Horizon (Part Two)

    In a recent article, I described several large and looming regulatory issues that could affect employee compensation and how companies manage their total rewards programs. I wrote about the Paycheck Fairness Act (unlikely to be enacted anytime soon), bans on salary history questions (continuing to gain traction at state and local levels), and new rules concerning EEOC pay data collection (with a reporting deadline of September 30, 2019). Now let’s look at three more...

  • How to Avoid Pains in Your Assets

    Among your company’s most important assets are the materials used in your marketing and promotional efforts. But do you know where they really are … or who they really belong to? Your website’s domain name, your product photographs, and those expensive demonstration videos are items you may assume that you own and can access easily. Don’t be so sure. In working with clients, we’ve encountered all sorts of pains in the assets.

  • AI Impacting Industry

    Artificial Intelligence is improving and impacting industries, businesses and governments worldwide. For business leaders new to AI, there’s probably uncertainty about its ability to help their organization. Here are a few specific use cases that show the impact. Business professionals are talking about and beginning to implement Artificial Intelligence into their work place. Here are four great examples showing how AI benefits industry.

  • Preparing Our Students For the Future Workforce

    The workforce of 2019 looks vastly different from that of 1999, and by 2039, the change will undoubtedly be even more dramatic. For many students, the PreK-12 classroom experience isn’t keeping pace with shifting workforce needs. Preparing students for success in the future workforce is a community effort, supported not just by parents and educators, but also by local business leaders. Despite the changing demands of the workforce, U.S. classroom structure and focus have...

  • Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

    Amazingly, mortgage rates are once again at historical low levels. Last year the average rate on a 30-year mortgage was 4.54 percent. Now rates have dropped below 4 percent. A few mortgage providers are even offering 3.75 percent! If you’re a homeowner with a higher rate, should you refinance? Whenever mortgage rates drop, it’s always prudent to consider refinancing. However, the value of refinancing a mortgage differs with each homeowner’s situation. To make the...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    You Get What You Give - When It Comes To Advice

    Tommy Heinsohn, the former coach of the Boston Celtics, had a temper. At first, his players would react to his fits of rage and readily comply. Over time, however, they stopped listening, ceased reacting, and eventually ignored him. That was when he lost his ability to give advice. While Heinsohn’s style of giving advice was far more autocratic than reciprocal, it did not even come close to endearing players to him. In their landmark study on the art of giving and...

  • Accounting is More Than Numbers

    The Indiana University Kelley School of Business is one of the best business schools in the world.  As an undergraduate, I did not appreciate the I-Core (Integrated Core) that provided knowledge in each division of business.  I now know why I-Core is essential.   Each division is like a body part, one cannot function without the other.  Many accountants see the accounting function as its own entity.  Accounting is more than debits and credits or hitting a...
  • Are You Financially Set for Semi-Retirement?

    In the past, people’s work lives ended when they retired.  Today, that’s not always the case.  According to a 2018 Harris Poll study, 72 percent of today’s workers are looking forward to semi-retirement rather than leaving the workforce cold turkey. Why is semi-retirement so appealing? For some people, it means a smoother transition into retirement. For others, it’s a chance to pursue a different career or job, and often without a need for...

  • Baier joined the International Center in 2011.

    Emerging Leaders Broaden Indiana's Borders

    Though Indiana boasts the official state motto of “Crossroads of America”, the reality is more far-reaching. Our landlocked state is experiencing a big global impact and unprecedented international growth. Indianapolis recently celebrated a year of success with its nonstop flight to Paris; West Lafayette attracted investment from Swedish company Saab; the state as a whole is home to 950 foreign-owned businesses that create 190,000 jobs for Hoosiers. From travel, to...

  • New Year, Same Story: Private Sector Wages Increase But Most Counties Lag State

    Statistically speaking, most private-sector workers in Indiana got a raise last year, according to preliminary 2018 average wage data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The percentage of that annual raise varied from 0.15% for Jennings County in southeast Indiana to 27.8% for central Indiana’s Tipton County. Tipton County’s workers also enjoyed the largest dollar increase of $12,112.  Indiana’s 2018 average wage was $47,864, which was a 3.1% increase...

  • World Refugee Day Shines Light on Untapped Pool of Talented Workers

    From Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses, a similar theme rings true. In this strong economy where unemployment is low and growth is high, companies are competing for top talent. In Indianapolis - according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics - unemployment is just 2.8 percent, and investment and job growth are on the rise. This is great news for Indianapolis-area residents looking for work or opportunities to advance their careers, but for businesses and...
  • Encourage New College Graduates to Explore Careers Locally

    Summertime is my favorite time of year, with all of the outdoor events, concerts and activities in and around Indianapolis. Summer is also a pivotal time of year for thousands of Indiana college graduates as they look forward to moving into the next phase of their adult lives. For many college graduates, the next step after graduation is starting a career. Many graduates from Indiana colleges and universities have also grown up in Indiana. Now they want a change. Perhaps the lure of...

  • "Wood" You Consider Investing in Timber?

    Looking for an untraditional way to diversify your traditional stock and fixed-income portfolio? If so, try thinking outside the typical realm of investable assets. Don’t know where to start? How about going against the “grain” and investing in timber? Why Trees? Investing in timber can yield a number of benefits. The main draw of having timber in your portfolio is its low, long-term correlation to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. Low correlation...

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    Here’s A Common Customer Experience Problem - And How To Avoid It

    When responsibility for customer retention is dispersed throughout a company, you can end up with some unexpected – and negative – consequences. Not only can it impact revenue and relationships with existing customers, but it can also hurt sales efforts with new customers. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to combat these problems. As I chatted with someone at a recent event, they shared a story that crystallized the risk. The person, we’ll call her Morgan...

  • Leaders Know How to Set the PACE

    Whether or not you’re a fan, you are probably familiar with the most important car in the starting field of most any major race event.  It’s the one car at the beginning of the race, the pace car, that provides the most important lessons since it plays a vital role in leading the way and helping the race get off to the appropriate start. There’s a lot for leaders to learn from that role. Having led countless nonprofits and business teams, and now consulting...

  • What is a CPEO And What Are The Benefits?

    We all know the traditional definition of a professional employer organization, or PEO. PEOs provide small and medium-sized businesses with numerous benefits - from comprehensive human resources management and employee benefits administration to reducing the number of administrative tasks, the list goes on. However, there is another type of PEO that can provide clients with even more benefits, a CPEO.  CPEO are IRS certified organizations who met various requirements in...

  • Is Your Physician Experiencing Burnout?

    All professions experience varying degrees of burnout. Physicians and health professionals, who may treat symptoms of burnout in their patients, are not immune to job burnout and depression. In its latest revision of the International Classification of Diseases, the World Health Organization has officially classified workplace burnout as an occupational phenomenon. According to the Mayo Clinic, job burnout is a special type of work-related stress - a state of physical or emotional...

  • Are You Sacrificing Your Retirement for Your Adult Kids?

    Based on statistics, you are! A whopping 63 percent of parents have actually sacrificed their financial security for the benefit of their children, while 72 percent say they’ve put their children’s interests ahead of their financial retirement needs. What does that look like in dollars? Parents contribute $500 billion to adult children annually - half of what they contribute to their own retirement accounts! Where Do the Dollars Go? According to a June 2018 survey conduc...
  • What the Fit!?

    Good fit in our work, relationships, and, yes, shoes – brings energy and joy into our lives! I recently bought a new pair of shoes. They were very snug, the salesman assured me they would stretch because of the material. I was a little skeptical, but I bought them anyway. This made me think about how shoes also provide some fun clues to assess good “fit” in work and relationships. Even stellar communication and conflict skills won’t make a bad fit feel good.

  • Raquel Richardson is a practice lead with Centric Consulting.

    How to Raise The Bar on Your Customer Experience With an Advisory Board

    Survey after survey brings in results indicating one of the most exciting areas for revenue growth in the coming year will be done by listening to customers. The online survey side of listening is usually where most companies begin. To me, that misses the mark. To really hone-in on how your customer can help you thrive in the coming year, start with an advisory board. Having your customers weigh in on your company strategy is one of the most valuable assets to any organization. Most ...
  • Five Ways Great Companies Build Customer Loyalty

    One of the most powerful tools for building a successful business is a loyal customer base that freely advocates for the services or products you provide. Even the smallest businesses can become a giant when the word gets out that they’ll go the extra mile to build positive relationships with their customers. But that kind of loyalty isn’t created overnight. In fact, according to research from Yotpo, “37% of consumers say it takes five or more purchases before they...

  • The 5-Stage Journey to Enterprise AI

    We’ve all read the reports about artificial intelligence and its impact helping large organizations improve customer experiences, bolster security and tighten compliance. As business leaders consider AI remember putting cognitive computing to work is a process. Don't jump ahead or take short cuts. Before you dive in, make sure you understand where AI produces the best outcomes through this five-stage journey. A 2018 Harvard Business Review survey of 250 executives who are...

  • Retirement Changes Are on the Horizon

    Are you frustrated with the current environment regarding retirement accounts?  While some individuals do not have access to certain types of accounts, others are frustrated with the current rules around contributions and distributions. Relief may soon be on the way via a significant piece of retirement legislation aiming to make sweeping changes. The Political Environment To help tackle issues like these, the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bipartisan bill...

  • Pet-Friendly Workplaces Rewarding, But Require Thoughtful Policies

    Silicon Valley startups have long touted pet-friendly workplaces, but PetFirst Pet Insurance has been pet-friendly long before most startups were even sketches on a napkin. Over the years, we’ve come to recognize that a pet-friendly workplace is valuable for morale and a favorite perk for new hires – but it also takes good planning and policies. When we were founded in 2004 as a small team, bringing pets to the office was pretty easy. But now we have more than...

  • The Key Drivers to a Successful Company Culture

    In today’s world, a thriving company culture has become a new standard in today’s evolving workforce. Company culture serves as the personality of your brand and defines the environment that employees work. More than 50 percent of executives believe maintaining a positive company culture is vital to running a successful business as it positively influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates. Culture has the power to turn employees into a...
  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: It Is All About Leadership

    Leadership is a characteristic many people already possess. It is also something many people wish they could develop. Regardless of where people are on the leadership spectrum, there is always something new they can learn. One thing is certain, since the beginning of time, leadership has been held in high esteem. While leadership styles have evolved over eons and leadership skills have been continually developed, leadership itself has always been an intriguing subject to many...

  • The Evolution of Mobile Phone Usage

    Fifteen years ago, we owned several different gadgets to help us through the day, each offering a separate function. An iPod for music on the way into work, a GPS system to navigate our travels, a calculator to solve our problems, a computer to search the web, a television to watch the big game and a chunky mobile phone or landline to verbally communicate with the outside world. Today, we aren’t carrying several gadgets with us at all times. Instead, we now only need one device...

  • Maximizing Your Pension Payout Options

    Pension plans can offer retirees great security, whether they are used in conjunction with Social Security benefits or as a supplement to other retirement income streams. If you are lucky enough to have a pension in your future, you have a big decision to make. How do you want your pension distributed? It can make a difference! You can elect to receive your benefits in a variety of annuity payout options or as a lump-sum distribution. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Addressing The Hidden Healthcare Costs in Your Workforce

    I see this issue pop up in the workplace in a thousand subtle ways. Maybe someone leaves early regularly to meet with their high schooler's principal. Maybe an employee is consistently late to work. Or increasing absenteeism. Or worse, presenteeism where your employee is physically at work, but not "mentally there" or very productive. These can be signs that employees may be facing behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety or substance use. Or that their...

  • Benefits of Corporate Volunteer Programs are Widespread

    For many groups of co-workers, the holiday season is when they think about giving back to the community and supporting local nonprofits in the neighborhoods where they do business. However, corporations are integral parts of their community year-round and the volunteer experience and the positive impact it has are indicators it should become a recurring habit, not a one-time goal. More than 63 million Americans — a fourth of the population — volunteer each year and...

  • Josh Ross is the co-founder and CEO of Kerauno.

    City and State Have Created an Incubator for Tech Success

    When it comes to education, atmosphere and climate matter. That includes everything from a well-lit classroom, engaging learning material and, most important, a teacher who is both a thought leader and coach, determined to set his or her students up for success. I know this because I’ve had great teachers in school and at home--both of my parents were educators; teachers who helped countless students in the classroom and, at home, set my brother Jason and I up for success in...

  • Steer Your Finances into the Winner's Circle

    The Indy 500 is over for another year! Whether you celebrated with a backyard cookout or on the track’s third turn, thinking about your financial plan probably wasn’t top of mind.  However, the way the race teams develop and execute a race-day game plan is actually similar to preparing a winning financial strategy for your family. In the same way a race plan relies on each member of the team to do their part to prepare for the big race, your financial plan and...

  • Mitigating Your Company’s Cybersecurity Risk

    Frequently, I encounter people who think that a software developer understands all languages and can “fix” anything tech related. While that may be true for a few, areas of expertise within tech evolve as rapidly as the technology itself. For instance, there was a time (not long ago) when operating in the cloud was revolutionary. Today, it is considered best practices for some or all of an organization to function within a cloud. Managed information technology began with...

  • Startup Spirit Fuels Growth

    As the South Bend - Elkhart Region celebrates a $42.4 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., we know that the work to make the best investment with it is really just beginning. The spirit of entrepreneurship has been a vibrant part of our region for decades and the story of our family company could be somewhat of a guidebook for the region as it ventures forward. ITAMCO began as a dream of my uncle Donald Neidig and my father Noble Neidig to have their own business.

  • Five Frequently Missed Marketing Opportunities For Professional Service Providers

    All of us are guilty of missing significant marketing opportunities - even those of us in the business of marketing. But the problem seems especially acute in professional services. The issue is seldom the lack of good intentions. We get busy. We feel pressure to focus on billable hours. Or amid our day-to-day responsibilities, we temporarily lose sight of the fact that marketing needs to be a sustained and nurtured process. With that in mind, let me share with you my list...

  • 3 Ways to Hire For a Cultural Fit

    While the vast majority of companies long for a strong work culture, not all are willing to put in the extra effort that it requires. Instilling culture in new team members isn’t a task that can simply be checked off a list. Rather, it’s a series of things company leadership must do that begins with the hiring process. It doesn’t end there either, though. Companies must be devoted to protecting their culture at all costs. Culture doesn’t happen on it's..

  • A New Narrative For Climate Action In The Midwest

    In recently celebrating the 49th Earth Day, our collective response to climate change and its impacts is evolving in a region where such change is not often expected: in the heart of the Midwest. Consider the results of a new survey in Indiana. Eight out of 10 Hoosiers believe climate change is happening in some form. Seventy-five percent of Hoosiers support efforts to address its impact. What’s more, 65 percent of Hoosiers said they think that climate change is happening more...

  • The Race for a Winning Credit Score

    It’s May in Indy and the sound of revving racecar engines signals good times to come. But try to keep your spending under the yellow flag. Overspending on credit cards during the festivities could turn that May engine roar into a dreaded credit score “dent” come June. That’s not a great way to kick off summer. Here’s what to watch out for so your credit score will be a winner! FICO Credit-Scoring System The FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) is the most...
  • When The Lights Go Out For Large Retail Spaces, How Do You Create a New Land of Opportunity?

    Another day, another retail giant is closing their stores.  As of early April 2019, over 5,900 store closures in the United States were announced according to Coresight Research. 2018 saw over 5,500 closures with 2017 setting the record with 8,139 closures. Debate abounds on what brought down the once popular shopping mall. The internet and ecommerce?  Millennial buying habits? The resurgence of downtown living and re-urbanization?

  • Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand.

    How To Prevent Customer Turnover

    The other day, I was talking to a business owner who shared a problem they were having in the business. He said the company was spending a lot of time, money and resources on customer acquisition, and the conversion process was going well. The problem started after customers came on board. Customers seemed to like the company’s products, but customer turnover numbers were higher than expected. After all the effort to win customers, they weren’t staying, and this business...

  • Self-Imposed Barriers Job Seekers Need to Overcome

    Many jobseekers spend hours every day filling out job applications online. In today’s world, would-be-employees need to treat the job search itself like a part-time job to get the position of their dreams. But even though a position might be perfect for them, some job seekers get scared off by hefty job requirements. There’s something in that job description they don’t feel confident about. It could be the years of experience required, level of education, or a...

  • (Image courtesy of Bedel Financial Consulting Inc.)

    Think Your Student Loan Will Be Forgiven? Maybe Not!

    With the 2020 election in sight, there’s a hot new topic for potential candidates to rally around—the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Thousands of college graduates who thought they were on track to have their student loans forgiven are now learning they don’t meet the requirements. Should the program be eliminated, revised, or allow to stand as a harsh lesson to pay attention to the details? The Program The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program was...

  • Hot-Button Compensation Rules Take Center Stage

    After varying periods of waiting in the wings, several big regulatory issues – from controversial topics just gaining traction to updated regulations moving rapidly toward adoption – stand to significantly impact U.S. employers. These rules affect employee compensation, pay equality, rights to privacy, and even the very boundaries of the employer/employee relationship. Here is a summary of three of these issues, including their statuses and trajectories (current as of this...
  • Cigarette Tax Hike Goes Up In Smoke – For Now

    As Indiana legislators passed a two-year, $34.6 billion budget last week, supporters of raising the state’s cigarette tax watched their work snuffed out for another session. Lawmakers had to adjust their final calculations to account for lower predicted sales and income taxes and higher-than-anticipated Medicaid costs. They looked to broaden the sales tax base by targeting online transactions through ‘market facilitators’ and hotel booking sites, and passed a...

  • How to Win Business and Influence People Part 3: Invest with More Focus and Less Diversification

    Very few local businesses have enough of an advertising budget to purchase effective amounts of advertising — or develop effective creative — in more than one type of media. Intelligent Investors know diversifying their stock portfolio spreads risk among many asset classes, but it also reduces returns in bull markets. Intelligent Advertisers must realize a focused approach will lead to the greatest return on investment, with little risk of any bear market.

  • 5 Essential Steps to Launching A New Brand

    When you take a look at successful, seasoned organizations like Apple or newer upstarts like Warby Parker, it’s clear that innovation sets them apart from the competition. Beyond their innovative products and ideas, these companies stand out because they have an effective branding strategy that excites their customers long after their initial purchase.  Whether your company is in the beginning stages of building its brand or considering a rebrand, setting a solid...

  • O-Zone Investing

    The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 created a new type of tax benefit that Forbes dubbed "the most unbelievable tax break ever?" It's all about investing in "Opportunity Zones" (O-Zones). Could this be opportunity knocking on your door? A question asked by many is “why was this tax benefit created”.  It is estimated that US taxpayers have trillions of dollars in unrealized capital gains or paper profits. The Opportunity Zone...

  • Trucking CEO: Employees Don't Have to Love Trucking

    When considering joining an organization, it’s likely that you’ll be asked what about the industry attracts you during the interview process. This is not a question I advocate for. Why? Because my organization is a tech company dedicated to the trucking industry. I understand that the industry we work in doesn’t necessarily inspire everyone. And that’s okay. The industry that a prospective employee is joining is far less important than the passion they have...

  • Driving Business Through Public Art Collaboration

    Society works best when each of us plays our part to the best of our ability. Just like every part on a car has an important role to play, the same is true for employees, their families, customers and the communities in which we operate. Recognizing that “Every Part Matters” has played an important role in growing our company and talent through the years.   For many businesses, success is predicated on the ability to attract a motivated, energetic, passionate and...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: Job Losses Could Create Other Opportunities

    The decade of the 60s were turbulent times, for many reasons. Computers were rapidly advancing in many sectors of the economy. They were replacing jobs. They were putting people out of work. They were going to be the downfall of the country. Some people even thought computers were a communist plot to destroy our economy. Of all the issues stated in the previous paragraph, only a few were true. Computers were putting people out of work and they were eliminating jobs. In hindsight...

  • 8 (Financial) Tips for Sleeping Through a Storm

    According to an NBCnews.com article, 65 percent of Americans lose sleep worrying over finances. So, how well do you sleep at night? Are you the “farmer” or the “farmhand” in Mitch Albom’s book, “Have a Little Faith?”  If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the story. A farmer hired a helper who had only one personal reference: “He sleeps in a storm.” The farmer never understood this until one stormy night...

  • Encouraging our New Tech Workforce

    For the past ten years, I’ve worked at the same tech company and I joke that this might be some sort of record for a Millennial. In that time, I have watched Indiana’s tech landscape become more robust. In fact, across our state, there are thousands of tech jobs available right now. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if the forty thousand students graduating from high school in the next month, were to stay in Indiana and fill these tech jobs? Like many developers, I was...

  • Indiana's Rural Digital Divide is Real, But There Are Solutions

    While the digital divide may be shrinking in the United States, it is getting wider in our nation’s rural communities, and this is costing these communities $47 billion a year, according to a recent study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Amazon. With a rural population of roughly 22 percent, Indiana has reason to be concerned. The digital divide—a gap in access to information and communications technology— was generally seen as shrinking in recent years with the...

  • Two Time-Sensitive Opportunities for Civic Action this Earth Month

    Hiking through a natural area with a reusable bottle of fresh, clean drinking water is likely an image that you can relate to during springtime in Indiana.  But neither achieving clean drinking water nor having easy access to nature happens spontaneously: It occurs because of decisions we make as families and as citizens.  As we enter the final stretch of Earth Month and the 2019 Indiana General Assembly, we have -- as citizens -- incredible and time-sensitive opportunities...

  • Owe Taxes? What Went Wrong in 2018 and How to Survive It

    The 2018 tax filing deadline came and went. Whew! But for some Americans, the tax headache has just begun. This year was the first filing under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and while some taxpayers saw larger refunds others received a rude awakening. If you’re reeling from a large tax burden, this article is for you. The Root of the Problem Remember how excited you were when you received your first paycheck—followed by dismay when you saw how much was taken out for taxes.

  • Regional Investment Proposal Could be a Game Changer for Quality of Place Initiatives in Indiana

    While quality of place may be defined differently by people, a growing number of Hoosiers recognize the importance of this issue. In particular, the impact of quality of place on talent attraction and retention in a geographic area cannot be ignored. The future of every community is dependent on quality of place. Like many Midwestern states, Indiana is not growing at the same pace as areas in the southern and western regions of the United States.

  • Chris Watts is president of the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute.

    Revenue Forecast Shapes State Spending – And Surplus - Negotiations

    This week, the State Budget Committee heard an updated revenue forecast that could best be described as overcast but not stormy – yet.  Sales taxes, the largest source of state revenue, fared well from the December forecast – down a modest $15 million over the 2020-21 budget (and likely to be buoyed by new policies for online hotel and retail sales taxes moving through the legislature).  Individual income taxes showed a more dramatic decline, continuing a...

  • How Employers Can Successfully Handle Salary Negotiations

    Most of the time hiring managers send an offer letter to the potential candidate in what is often considered the final step in a long and trying hiring process. While hiring managers hope a candidate will simply sign the offer and send it back, there is another situation which will often arise, a salary negotiation. Counter offers are commonly faced by employers and it’s important to be adequately prepared for this situation. While it’s often assumed that this is only a...

  • It’s Tax Season: Don’t Fear the Audit

    The 2019 tax-filing season continues, and for a good measure of folks, so has that niggling knot in the gut. Not that you’ve done or intend to do anything underhanded, but right on time the annual anxiety arrives. It shouldn’t. Don’t fear the audit. Read on to learn why. When it comes to tax preparation, the second biggest mistake many business owners make is nearly as important as the first, and that’s fearing rather than respecting the Internal Revenue...

  • Spin-Offs: A Rude Surprise or Fantastic Opportunity?

    On Tuesday, April 2nd, DowDuPont (DWDP) dropped more than 30 percent! In this case, the drop resulted from DWDP’s calculated creation of a spin-off, Dow, Inc. (DOW).  What would induce a company to split itself? And if you’re a shareholder, what might that mean for your portfolio going forward? What are Spin-Offs? First of all, let’s define “spin-off.” A spin-off occurs when a company creates a new stand-alone entity for an existing business or...

  • Integrated Healthcare a Boon for Employees, and Employers

    You may have heard the phrase "Integrated Healthcare" tossed around, but don’t know exactly what it means. It’s a term used within the healthcare industry for a paradigm shift in how we deliver care: treating the entire person rather than just a set of separate symptoms or challenges. It’s a global trend that has also been referred to as “coordinated care” or “comprehensive care.” But in practice, it means associating disciplin...
  • Why Mission Always Reigns Supreme

    Think for a moment about starting a restaurant. As an owner, you have to worry about borrowing money from a bank, hiring employees, creating a menu, setting prices, paying bills and an endless list of other tasks.  But if the food doesn’t taste great and the experience isn’t enjoyable, then the restaurant is never going to make it. Nonprofits follow a similar trajectory. There are so many important aspects: fundraising, board governance, succession planning, fraud...

  • Wojtowicz founded Indianapolis-based Cambridge Capital Management Corp. in 1983.

    Gaining in The Short Term vs. Winning in The Long Run

    For any business owner, increasing sales is always a goal in plans for the next quarter, six months or year. New business is important to any company's survival. A company that fails to generate new activity will — sooner or later — disappear. But long-term relationships with clients or customers is also at the heart of a company’s continuity. We want customers who are loyal to us (this is why advertisers frequently target the 18-39 age groups in the hope of...

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    The Curse of Education

    I'd like to thank higher education and big business for my career success. Not because they taught me how to write clearly and effectively, but because they’ve rendered so many people unable to do the same, creating plenty of work for me. Economists and psychologists have given the name "curse of knowledge" to a phenomenon I’ve long observed. In simple terms, it’s what happens when we fail to recognize that others may not know the same things that we...

  • Today’s Housing Market: Finance Options for Buying Before Selling

    The home-buying season is kicking off and Indiana Business Review projects Indiana’s housing market will remain strong, with a low inventory and rising prices. This means buyers may need to act quickly to consummate a deal. What if you need to sell a house before you buy? There are options. Perfection versus Reality In a perfect world, you’d sell your existing home and buy a new home simultaneously. You can then use the funds from the sale for the down payment on...

  • Caught in an Emotional Storm

    Picture yourself on the highway. As you drive further along your route you see a storm coming but underestimate how powerful it could be. Perhaps you continue onward hoping for it to pass or end quickly. As you press forward it becomes very difficult to see even inches in front of your car. You are forced to pull off to the shoulder on the side of the road. There is nothing to do but wait. As you look around, other cars are doing the same. You may also notice that your passenger is...

  • National Volunteer Month Marks an Opportunity to Make a Big Impact

    For over 97 years, members of the Junior League of Indianapolis (JLI) have rolled up their sleeves and worked hard to build a better community. We strive to be a catalyst for lasting change in the lives of children and their families. We know we can’t accomplish this goal alone, and that’s why we support and partner with other community organizations doing good work in central Indiana. Since 2000, JLI has given more than $2 million in grants to organizations around the...

  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Business Growth: Obstacles in the Path

    This time of year, surveys regarding business growth or decline continue to pour out from governmental agencies, academic institutions, and various think tanks from around the country. While there are several well-respected entities who regularly publish relevant statistics on our economy, some recently published information is more disturbing with regard to small business. Most polls and surveys indicate and support small business as one of the main drivers of our economy. Yet, in a...
  • The Importance of Leveraging Grant Opportunities for School Success

    The importance of education is obvious when you see the many successes from schools and students across the nation, but what ensures that innovative ideas can become realities? One word - Funding. Unfortunately, school districts cannot rely solely on general fund dollars to fully support all of the programming and opportunities necessary to meet the academic, behavioral, college/career, and social/emotional needs of the students, teachers, families, and community.

  • What To Do When DIY Is No Longer Strategic

    Want to fix a kitchen sink, restore a broken dryer to health, or create the perfect crème brulee? A quick trip to YouTube will give you dozens of do-it-yourself videos. People like the DIY approach because they feel it empowers them and saves money. Entrepreneurs in particular love to boast about “bootstrap” approaches to their business needs, taking pride in handling every aspect right down to cleaning the office toilets themselves. While DIY approaches may make...

  • (Image courtesy of Bedel Financial Consulting Inc.)

    Are You FIRE-d Up?!

    Have you heard of the FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) movement?  It’s beginning to make headlines nationwide. In its purest form, “firing” is aggressively saving with the intention to retire from Corporate America ASAP. Is this a recipe for success or a very bad ending?  Do You Have What It Takes? Want to learn how to retire early? The key to becoming an early retiree is to have a solid financial plan in place. The meat and potatoes of that is...
  • Ensuring Safety At Your Big Events

    Companies, schools, and community organizations put a great deal of thought and planning into large-scale events. It's important that they also concentrate on protecting the safety of attendees. Whether it’s a big celebration for employees, a holiday festival in a park, or an athletic tournament at a school, events bring large groups of people into a small area for a set amount of time. In the past, thoughts about security were focused more on dealing with someone who might...

  • It’s Decided: Leaders Need More Love

    Making big decisions is hard. Sometimes it’s paralyzing. Leaders are expected to make the right call, but that can be a tall order in times of crisis. And lately, most everything feels like a crisis. These are times where so much of what we value – as a nation, as states and as citizens – feels like it’s up for grabs. We desperately need servant leaders who can thoughtfully sift through all the messiness and choose the best path. But, most Americans are...

  • What Being a Colts Cheerleader Taught Me About Running a Business

    Dance has been a lifelong passion of mine, spending much of my youth in and out of dance studios and recitals. To keep this passion alive after graduation, I auditioned for a spot with the Colts Cheerleaders. Over the course of four seasons with the team, I was awarded countless, unforgettable experiences and gained lifelong friends. But, eventually, it was time for a new chapter in my career. Dancing and cheerleading for that long takes a toll on your body, both mentally and...

  • (photo courtesy of Bosma Enterprises)

    Making a Difference Through Meaningful Employment

    Imagine facing a 70 percent unemployment rate. That is the challenge people who are blind or visually impaired are up against when trying to find employment. And it is why Bosma Enterprises' mission to create opportunities is so important. The Governor’s Council designates each March as Disability Awareness Month to promote independence, integration and inclusion of all people who have disabilities. As the state’s largest employer of people who are blind or...

  • Sink or Swim: How to Stop Sabotaging New Hires

    You've jumped through the hiring hoops and emerged with some transformational talent. Before joining your company, Joe slashed costs and doubled revenue at his previous job, and Sue is known for building record-breaking teams and product launches. It should take them no time to produce similar results in your organization, right? In reality, Joe and Sue’s performances will hinge heavily on how you manage their post-hire assimilation: a cycle all new hires experience, lasting...

  • It's Time For The U.S. to Adopt a Presidential Regional Primary and Caucus System

    As a high school senior at North Central High School in Indianapolis, Martin Moore, one of the best teachers that I ever had, challenged our Accelerated American Government class to think about how we nominate presidential candidates in the United States. Little did I know at the time that our conversations about changing the presidential primary/caucus structure would ring so true a few decades later. In response to Mr. Moore’s challenge, I wrote a paper outlining...

  • Why HR Should Embrace AI

    With the increased introduction of artificial intelligence, many companies worry about its long-term effects. Although AI has been adopted by many industries, the common fear remains: Will AI eventually take over our jobs? Contrary to this belief, AI can be extremely beneficial in helping humans improve productivity at work,make their day-to-day tasks easier and allow more time for creative tasks only humans can perform. One department that can especially benefit from jumping on the...

  • Market Caps: What's in Your Portfolio?

    Investors understand the importance of having a proper balance of large-, mid-, and small-cap companies in their stock portfolios. Unfortunately, there are no strict rules followed by index funds when categorizing by company size. When you "check under the hood" of your portfolio, you may discover you’re taking more (or less) risk than you intended! What Is Market Cap? Market capitalization, or market cap, is a term used to represent the size of a company.

  • The Importance of Music Education in Our Schools

    With March being Music In Our Schools month, a month dedicated to supporting school music, now is a great time to recognize this importance and take a look at why schools need to have music education programs. As school districts continue to face increased demands with limited resources, they are often forced to eliminate music and arts programs first to keep up with costs. However, research continues to...

  • AUDIT Your Customer Service

    Imagine waiting in line for service for 12 minutes and then just as you reach the window the employee leaves for lunch without explanation. Surprisingly, events like these happen too often, in fact I had such an experience the other day. Could it have been at your place of business? I've worked in service businesses for more than three decades and now as a consultant to them I often hear familiar verbiage. "Our customer conversion numbers have reached...

  • How Indiana Can Become a Leader in Inclusion

    Diversity has always been a hot topic among HR professionals. While race and gender have historically been front and center in discussions on diversity, disability and culture are picking up speed as businesses are increasingly focused on how diversity in their workforces supports their bottom line goals. Through disability inclusion consultation and training, Tangram Business Resourcing empowers businesses to be intentional with inclusion strategies. There are many companies...

  • Wojtowicz founded Indianapolis-based Cambridge Capital Management Corp. in 1983.

    Small-Business Financing Helps Hoosier Sock Maker Step to Success

    The recent sale of Martinsville-based For Bare Feet to a New York private equity firm is a success story. It was Sharon Rivenbark’s idea. She started For Bare Feet more than 30 years ago with nothing but an antique sock-knitting machine and help from her son and, eventually, four daughters. They were in a tiny building in just-as-tiny Helmsburg in Brown County. Beginning with a sale to Indiana University’s book store, they slowly found markets for their creative, brightly...

  • Are You Making the Most of Your HSA?

    The increase in high-deductible health plans is contributing to the rising popularity of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). As of mid-year 2018, according to Morningstar, HSA assets reached $51 billion!  Can you invest the funds in your HSA? Yes, but here’s what you need to consider.  First, a quick refresher on health savings accounts is in order. HSAs are only available to those covered by a qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP). The minimum deductible...

  • Robby Slaughter

    Tips for Productive Presentations in the Workplace

    You should be making presentations at work. There is no more powerful method for communicating ideas, building value, earning respect and gaining support than standing in front of a group and speaking with passion. Nevertheless, most of us have been the victim of terrible experiences in the conference room. 

  • Social Media Marketing: Get To The Point

    I'm a writer at heart, and I tend towards longer form pieces like essays and blog posts. Put another way, I’m not always great at communicating with brevity. There are many topics that absolutely need longer form context to adequately communicate a more substantive message. But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, there are just as many topics where a good editor would make the communication far more fluid. This is one of the reasons I have a love/hate relationship with...
  • Dan Arens is an Indiana-based business growth advisor.

    Grow Your Business: Do Not Delay

    Everyone has done it. Put things off. It is also known as procrastination, delaying things until tomorrow, when you could do them today. But tomorrow never comes. In a recent article for Entrepreneur, writer Aytekin Tank makes a compelling argument on how to stop putting things off. While much research has been compiled over the past several decades, procrastination comes down to each individual and how they deal with it, since everyone is confronted with it at one time or another...

  • Credit Card Balance Transfers: Worth the Hassle?

    There’s no denying it. Americans love their credit cards. They’re convenient to carry and come in handy for unexpected expenses. Some even reward you with cash/points/travel miles just for using them. But far too many Americans face out-of-control credit card debt. Are you one? If so, isn’t it time to get out of the rat race? Let’s look at the overall picture. According to Fortune.com, Americans have about $974.2 billion in credit card debt. That’s an...

  • Businesses Rely on General Aviation

    The business community in Dubois County is dominated by a niche industry: furniture. Some of the county’s largest employers are furniture manufacturers, like Best Home Furnishings, Masterbrand Cabinets, Kimball International, and my business, OFS. Though our businesses have locations across the country, we all take advantage of Indiana’s manufacturing tradition. By basing large plants in smaller towns like Huntingburg, Jasper and Ferdinand, we promote economic development...

  • How to Win Business and Influence People Part 2: Be a Better Merchandiser

    If your goal is to show a positive return on your invested marketing dollars, there are three key elements of your strategy that must work in harmony — the math, the merchandising, and the messaging.   In part one I emphasized how important it is to create a unique selling point or compelling offer (the message), so you can generate immediate response and track your advertising. In part two I'll focus on how important it is to maximize opportunities created by your...

  • An Overlooked Workforce: How to Develop Employees Who Are Too Often Underserved

    When it comes to employee professional development programs, most companies seem to have it all figured out - on the surface, at least. Maybe they offer leadership development training to young professionals or perhaps they allow individuals to participate in growth-focused special projects. In turn, the employees participating in these types of programs are often the ones selected for internal promotions and advancement opportunities. It seems like a win-win for everyone.

  • Scott Flood is the owner of Scott Flood Writing.

    Better Ways to Prufrede

    I've witnessed many changes in my career, and one of the most disturbing is a dramatic increase in the number of typos and other mistakes in materials produced by companies and organizations. I believe it’s the result of three factors: an emphasis on haste, a reliance on spellcheckers in software, and creeping ignorance about spelling and language. So are mistakes really a big deal? They can be. I remember when NASA lost a $125 million spacecraft because one of the teams...

  • Do Reverse Mortgages Deserve Their Bad Rap?

    Many preconceived notions surround the term "reverse mortgage," And, a lot of them are negative. In fact, it’s practically become taboo to broach the topic within the context of financial planning. But why is that? What is a reverse mortgage and how does it work? Simply put, a reverse mortgage allows borrowers to tap into their home’s equity (similar to a home equity loan) without having to make a monthly payment. To qualify, the following requirements must...

  • Indiana's Regrettable Struggle to Pass Hate Crime Legislation

    It shouldn’t be this hard. The Senate’s Public Policy Committee voted 9-1 in favor of SB-12 this week, a bill that would have codified (as written) hate crime bias to include protections for race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, and age. SB-12 then made its way to the full Senate. Preceded by a lengthy deliberation by the Senate’s Republican caucus, the Senate voted 33-16 in favor of a watered-down...

  • Using The Police as a Viable Resource

    Your local law enforcement agency exists to safeguard the community, and that includes your organization's facilities. To protect your places and people effectively, officers need you to play an active role. First, the police want you to call if something isn’t right. There’s a common misconception that officers will be angry if a call they receive turns out to be unfounded, or that they’ll make light of the situation or caller. The reality is that police...

  • A Pro Photographer Can Be Your Best Friend

    It's no surprise that an estimated 8.8 trillion photos were taken worldwide during 2018, given that most of us carry high-quality cameras in our phones. But shooting all those photos doesn't make us photographers. Digital technology has become a powerful equalizer in so many ways. Everyday people have access to tools that are far more sophisticated than what professionals had at their disposal a couple decades ago. High-school-age musicians can craft 24-track studio recordings in the...
  • Deducing Deductions For The Home Office

    It's tax season. Knowing that the gig worker is often at home working hard, it's important to understand how your workspace affects your tax return. The home office expense still elicits occasional eye rolls from tax professionals who are well aware of its historical misuse and abuse. And some taxpayers avoid claiming legitimate home office expenses, for fear of getting audited. Certified number crunchers often did little to allay their worries. (Maybe they thought avoiding the line...

  • Perspectives: INPower

    • King Coal

      Many a man down in these here hills made a living off that old black gold. Now there ain't nothing but welfare and pills and the wind never felt so cold.  They come from the city to lend a hand carrying signs saying, shut the mines down. We ain't looking for pity and you don't understand.  So, go back to your city now cause this ain't your town. --Sturgill Simpson – "Old King Coal" Chills still run down my spine every time I hear the eerily prescient, outla...

    • Sustain IU: Energy and Climate Work On and Off Campus

      Indiana University is committed to sustainability within and beyond the Sample Gates. Our Bicentennial Strategic plan identifies “sustainability, stewardship and accountability for natural, human, and economic resources” as a core value of the University. This commitment reflects an understanding of the environmental changes we are experiencing and can expect in the future. To put it into perspective, the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment suggests that under a...

    • Educating New and Current Workforce to Fulfill Advancing Energy Sector Needs

      As entire industries begin moving toward hybrid, electrified, and advanced power sources, a new set of talent and expertise is required in the workforce. In 2018, advanced clean energy jobs outnumbered fossil fuel jobs by four to one in the Midwest. Today, Asia and Europe are ahead of the U.S., as the needs for advanced power and batteries have grown exponentially. The state of Indiana is now well on its way to leading a new job growth with projects in the electrification of private...

  • Perspectives: Manufacturing & Logistics

    • Businesses Rely on General Aviation

      The business community in Dubois County is dominated by a niche industry: furniture. Some of the county’s largest employers are furniture manufacturers, like Best Home Furnishings, Masterbrand Cabinets, Kimball International, and my business, OFS. Though our businesses have locations across the country, we all take advantage of Indiana’s manufacturing tradition. By basing large plants in smaller towns like Huntingburg, Jasper and Ferdinand, we promote economic development...

    • New Emissions Regulations to Hit The Bottom Line

      Starting Jan. 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization will require all fuels used by container ships to contain no more than 0.5 percent sulfur. The cap is a significant reduction from the existing sulfur limit, which is 3.5 percent, and is well below the industry average of 2.7 percent sulfur content. The new regulation is a year away, but the impact will hit the bottom line in 2019 for companies that import or export goods.

    • How VR and AR Can Help Keep Engineers Safe and Manufacturing Strong

      The 2018 Indiana Manufacturing Survey, published by accounting firm Katz, Sapper & Miller, found that 91 percent of Hoosier manufacturers expected to see increases in revenue in 2018. After years of uncertainty, the local manufacturing industry remains a competitive force in the state, in part because of the availability of smart, connected and often automated technology. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are no exception, and the application of these technologies...

  • Perspectives: Life Sciences

    • Promoting university-based research targeting intractable medical challenges

      Scientists work incessantly for years to discover solutions that pertain to the most vexing global challenges. While the slow and uneven pace in scientific advances can test personal commitment, it is the genuine love for what we do that propels us forward. 

    • Indiana’s life sciences legacy - something to celebrate and to keep striving for more

      Indiana's life sciences industry is uniquely collaborative and innovative. Much of this is due to a more than 100-year long history of life sciences entrepreneurs and innovation -- from Colonel Eli Lilly to Revra DePuy, who started DePuy Orthopedics by crafting the first fiber split; to Bill Cook who innovated catheters and other cardiac devices out of his apartment in the 1960s.

    • Local Scientists Make Connections Inside and Outside of the Lab

      Five years ago, a brainstorming session among Eli Lilly and Company scientists and me turned in to Indy Science Connect, a group linking scientists in the academic and corporate communities. The group has monthly forums where hundreds of life sciences professionals regularly meet to share experiences and exchange business cards. 

  • Perspectives: Ag INnovation

    • Rural Nonprofits Lack Planning Expertise

      There have been several efforts targeting the advancement of rural communities and their welfare. However, the nonprofits that play a pivotal role in providing service to these same areas are struggling to operate efficiently. A recent survey conducted puts the focus on their plight. Our firm appealed to over 100 organizations in a 20-county area focused in southeastern Indiana, bordered primarily by Interstates 65 and 70. The results were not surprising.

    • Avoiding Accidental Franchise Pitfalls

      Most people think they know a “franchise” when they see one—McDonald’s, Subway, 7-Eleven, Anytime Fitness, to name a few. However, there are some franchise relationships that are not so obvious. Many business relationships, including those in manufacturing and distribution, could easily become “accidental” franchises if companies are not careful. 

    • Innovate, Collaborate and Take Indiana to the Next Level

      When I think about what makes Indiana so great, many things come to mind: our stellar business climate, our world-class life sciences industry, our cutting-edge technology scene, and our enviable agriculture sector.  

  • Perspectives: BigWigs & New Gigs

    • Kevin Eikenberry

      Five Ways to Reduce Your Distractions at Work

      You know that distractions at work are a productivity problem, and yet they persist. Perhaps the number of distractions you face may be growing. Let’s take a proactive approach to reducing the number of distractions and improving your productivity, starting today.  

    • Roger Engelau

      Creating Accountability in Your Small Business

      Ever feel like you’re the only one with a sense of accountability for the success of your business? At West Point, an early and clear lesson I learned is that a leader is accountable for everything that happens or fails to happen in his unit. For me, that’s the ultimate statement of accountability. 

    • Dr. Matthew Chodkowski and Dr. Terry Schindler

      Rethinking Leadership – A Call to Action

      In our first article published in July 2018, we began our journey of discovery together by establishing that leadership is something much more than what leaders do and the situations in which leaders find themselves. We further proposed that the industrial leadership theories of the 20th century provided a fundamentally flawed understanding of leadership—one that is hierarchical, managerial, male-dominated, and leader-centric. 



  • Most Popular Stories

    • (Industrial hemp photo courtesy of Purdue University)

      Hemp Processor Announces Expansion

      Indianapolis-based BDX Indiana has announced plans to bring more than 100 new jobs to central Indiana, with about a third of those going to a planned hemp extraction facility in Westfield. BDX extracts CBD oil from Indiana-grown hemp and is a sister company of Biodynamic Ventures, the largest hemp grower in Indiana. The city says the phase one build-out of the overall $50 million project is expected to begin this month with production to start in December. 

    • Butler Blue III is retiring next spring as the school's mascot. (photo courtesy Butler University)

      Butler Mascot Set to Retire

      One of the best-known ambassadors for Butler University is stepping down, all four legs of him, at the end of the current academic year. The university says their furry mascot, Butler Blue III, is ready to retire after nearly eight years of greeting visitors, students and staff. 

    • (photo courtesy of Indianapolis International Airport)

      Indy Airport Showcases New Retail Offerings

      Indianapolis International Airport is celebrating the opening of the first wave of new retail offerings. The new stores are part of the airport's multi-year Concessions Refresh initiative, which aims to bring a greater mix of nationally-known brands, such as FAO Schwarz and Vineyard Vines, with more local offerings, including Natalie's Candy Jar and Fountain Square Market. In all, nine new retail stores opened Tuesday morning. In an interview with Inside INdiana Business...

    • (image courtesy of Pixabay/VIN JD)

      Cyber Security Battalion to be Located in Indiana

      Indiana’s growing defense industry is further expanding into the digital battlefield. Governor Eric Holcomb has announced a National Guard cyber battalion will be located in the Hoosier state. The 127th Cyber Protection Battalion will be made up of nearly 100 soldiers focused on cybersecurity and cyber warfare. 

    • CEO of Knox County Development Corp. Steps Down

      The president and chief executive officer of the Knox County Development Corp. has resigned. Kent Utt had held the position for five years. Officials say Utt will continue to work with the corporation’s leadership to ensure a smooth transition going forward.