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OurHealth Names Co-Medical Directors

OurHealth Names Co-Medical Directors

OurHealth Inc. in Indianapolis has named Dr. Brian Johnson (pictured) and Dr. Mary Beth Schueth co-medical directors. Both will continue to work at the OurHealth and MyClinic locations they already serve.

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Michael Tooley

After the Exodus

Not content to be typecast as the Dark Knight, the actor Christian Bale is taking on an even more iconic role (played in a previous generation by Charlton Heston) in a movie just released called Exodus: Gods and Kings. If you have seen the original movie (or, perhaps, read the book on which it is based), you know that the Exodus story is about an inspired leader of old who led his team on a glorious journey, only to discover that he was going to be relieved of command before reaching their ultimate destination. Fortunately, that leader had prepared for this moment by identifying and mentoring a successor from the next generation his lieutenant Joshua who was able to lead the team to victory after taking over.

This classic example of succession planning leads to two questions every organization should consider as part of their strategic planning: who are your Joshua's, and what do you need to do to prepare them to succeed you?

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