Recognizing Indiana's Future: The Governor's Award For Tomorrow's Leaders

The Governor's Award for Tomorrow's Leaders is a prestigious, statewide program of the Indiana Humanities Council and the Office of the Governor designed to recognize and honor a diverse group of outstanding young leaders from across Indiana. These young leaders serve as role models and inspiration to their peers and to all citizens of Indiana.

Award recipients will be recognized formally in a ceremony hosted by the IHC in Indianapolis in October. The award will be presented by the IHC in conjunction with the Office of the Governor and the award's sponsors.

Award recipients will be given the opportunity to meet with various members Indiana's established leadership including members of the Selection Committee, the Jury and previous award winners. The twelve recipients will also be given a monetary award in the amount of $1,000 to be used as an educational scholarship for the recipient or donated to one or two charities of the recipient's choice.

One firm that has partnered with the IHC since the program's inception is Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). NIPSCO Communications & Public Affairs Director Colleen Reilly says the company has been involved for several years. “NIPSCO has a long history of supporting individuals who are doing exciting things to make Indiana a better place to live and work,” she says. “One of the exciting things about the Governor’s Award is that it does identify young leaders from a wide cross-section of disciplines.” Listen

Reilly says NIPSCO is proud to provide that $1,000 cash award that can be used to support charities of the recipient's choice. “If you look at the individuals who have been identified as winners of this award, they have a strong social conscience.” Listen

She says the Governor's Award for Tomorrow's Leaders is an important tool to keep young professionals in Indiana. “We always talk about a brain drain and we lament the fact that we have these fabulous young leaders and we see them leave our state,” Reilly says. “This is just one element of a comprehensive approach of keeping young, talented people within the state of Indiana to do great things for the residents here.” Listen

IHC is now accepting nominations for the 2008 Governor's Awards for Tomorrow's Leaders that will recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to Indiana communities in the areas of entrepreneurship, academics and/or civic leadership. Nominations opened on January 1 and will close on June 2. Finalists will be announced in mid-August.

-- Nominee must be between the ages of 19-29 when awards are given in mid-October of 2008
-- Nominee must be a resident of the state of Indiana
-- If the nominee is currently living outside of Indiana (because of school or other temporary commitment), nominee must show intent to return to the state
-- Nominee will demonstrate the desire and ability to use the humanities to excel in the areas of entrepreneurship, community leadership, and and/or academic endeavors.

Nominators must also provide:
-- a resume of the nominee detailing their work history, volunteer activities, public service, and educational background
-- a narrative which summarizes the nominee's leadership and achievements in at least one of the three awards categories: Entrepreneurial, Community, and Academic
-- two letters of recommendation from the nominee's mentors or other non-related individuals who can attest to some aspect of leadership and achievement outlined in the narrative.

Awards Criteria
Recipients will be selected from among a pool of nominated candidates who are Indiana residents, ages 19-29. Selection will be based on the recipients’ demonstrated ability to incorporate the humanities to enhance entrepreneurship, community leadership, and/or academic endeavors.

Entrepreneurship includes but is not limited to formal employment. Entrepreneurial achievement may be demonstrated in business, education, government, and nonprofit areas, including such ventures as starting a new business, governmental innovation, creating trademarks or patents, starting new learning programs, or initiating a nonprofit enterprise to serve the needs of others in novel ways.

Community Leadership encompasses a broad range of volunteer activities that benefit the public good and surrounding environment of the nominee’s place of residence, whether a campus, city, or beyond.

Academic Endeavors means achievement in the classroom and/or creation of intellectual property, together with extracurricular leadership and/or service. The Indiana Humanities Council is particularly interested in rewarding activities that encourage extending humanities-based scholarship to a broader or more general audience.

Although it is not a requirement of the award, the IHC is actively seeking nominees whose work is consistent with the council's 2008 theme of immigration.

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